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These gift cards can only be redeemed in the country they are purchased for. Therefore, please make sure to select the correct country.

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This code is redeemable in:
United States


With a League of Legends Gift Card you can top up your Riot Games LoL account with Riot Points worth $10 in just a few minutes. The LoL Gift Card code will be instantly delivered by email. Once redeemed, Riot Points never expire and can be used to by champion packs or skins. Make an impression with the unique appearance of your champions and win your battles in style!

How it works?

Please follow the next steps to redeem your League of Legends code:

  • Open League of Legends
  • Click on the Store button
  • In the top right of the store, click on the Account button
  • Select “Redeem codes”
  • Enter your code and that’s it. Start downloading some amazing new content!