Dundle (US) Privacy Statement

Korsit B.V. serving under the name Dundle (hereinafter: Dundle) attaches great value to the protection of your personal data. In this Privacy Statement, we want to provide clear and transparent information about how we handle personal data.

We do everything we can to guarantee your privacy and therefore handle personal data with care. Dundle (US) complies in all cases with applicable laws and regulations, including the General Data Protection Regulation (hereinafter GDPR). This means that we:

●      Process your personal data in accordance with the purpose for which it was provided, these goals and types of personal data are described in this Privacy Statement;

●      Processing of your personal data is limited to only those that are minimally necessary for the purposes for which they are processed;

●      Appropriate technical and organizational measures are taken to ensure the security of your personal data;

As Dundle (US), we are responsible for the processing of any personal data you share with us. If you have questions about this privacy statement or in general and wish to contact us, you can do so via https://dundle.com/support/contact/.


The personal data provided by customers is processed by Dundle (US) for the following purposes:

●      Execution of a purchase agreement, delivery and payment settlement;

●      Administrative purposes;

●      Verification purposes to prevent theft, fraud, money laundering and terrorist financing and to secure Dundle (US)'s systems.


The personal data is processed on the following grounds:

●      The processing is necessary for the performance of the relevant concluded agreement, namely the concluded purchase agreement;

●      The processing is necessary to comply with a legal obligation;

●      The processing is necessary for the protection of the legitimate interests of Dundle (US);

●      The data subject has given permission to receive newsletters.

Nature of personal data

For the above purposes, Dundle (US) may request the following personal data from you:

●      Name

●      Address

●      Telephone number

●      Email address

●      IP address and MAC address

●      Copy of telephone bill

●      Copy of passport or ID card

●      Copy of a bank statement

●      Bank details 

Retaining period

Dundle (US) will retain your personal data for the aforementioned processing for the following periods of time:

●      7 years after the execution of the purchase agreement - exclusively for financial administration.

●      For the period that an interested party has signed up for the newsletter.

Disclosure to third parties

We may provide the data you provide to us to third parties if this is necessary for carrying out the purposes described above. We share data with the parties with whom we have a working relationship in the production of the product you have purchased.

In the processing agreement, we make agreements on the security of your personal data. Furthermore, we will not provide the data you provide to other parties unless this is permitted.

Use of Third-Party Cookies

Dundle utilizes third-party services, such as Google Ads Conversion Tracking, Google Privacy Policy, Facebook, and Microsoft Advertising, to enhance our website's functionality and user experience. These services use cookies to track conversions, personalize ads, and measure the effectiveness of our advertising campaigns.

Google Ads Conversion Tracking - Google's Partner Sites Policy

For more information on how Google uses your personal data when you consent to cookies on our site, please visit Google’s Privacy & Terms.

Facebook - Facebook Privacy Policy

Microsoft Advertising - Microsoft Privacy Statement

Sift - Privacy Policy

We respect your right to privacy and provide options for you to manage or decline the use of such cookies through our website's cookie consent banner and settings. Our data transfer and storage comply with GDPR, ensuring your data's security and integrity. For more information or to raise concerns, please contact us via our support contact page.

Inside/outside the EEA

In some cases, we may transfer personal data to third parties outside or within the European Economic Area. Naturally, the security of your data remains a priority. We will consult the adequacy decision of the European Commission or provide other safeguards or arrangements, such as standard model clauses.

Countries with adequacy decisions can be found on the European Commission's website.

Rights regarding your data

●      The right to information about processing operations

●      The right to access your data

●      The right to correct the data if it is incorrect

●      The right to the erasure of data and 'the right to be forgotten’

●      The right to restriction of data processing

●      The right to object to data processing

●      The right to transfer your data (data portability)

●      The right not to be subject to automated decision-making

If you wish to implement your rights, please contact us by using our contact form https://dundle.com/support/contact/.

We may ask you to identify yourself before we can attempt to grant your request.

Even if we process your personal data on the basis of consent given by you to this effect, you maintain the right to withdraw this consent.


We take reasonable precautions to protect our website and information automatically collected by www.dundle.com or voluntarily provided to www.dundle.com or an official page of www.dundle.com on a third-party website.

We also use commonly used practices and technical controls to protect the information in our possession or control.

We regularly review our processes and systems to verify that they meet industry best practices and to pursue sound security levels for our website. 


If you have a complaint about how your personal data is processed, we kindly ask that you contact us directly about it by using our contact form at https://dundle.com/support/contact/.

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