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MAY 16 2022

League of Legends: How to Buy Riot Points Safely Online

Are you one of the 180 million of League of Legends players? Since its launch in 2009, by Riot Games, League of Legends only increased in popularity and is still one of the most played multiplayer games in the world. And if you're joining the Riot family or a seasoned player, you'll definitely want to purchase new game content to set yourself apart from your opponents. And for that, you need to purchase the in-game currency, Riot Points (RP).

But here's the situation. Many players, especially younger ones, don’t have access to a credit card. Or maybe you’re a parent who does not want to link it to another online account, either way, there is an easy way around it. Get an LoL Gift Card to play League of Legends with more RP. You may have a lot of questions before you take the plunge. Can I use this code for all Riot Games? How many RP will I get? Does the price of RP differ for each game? We've got you covered. Whether you want to buy them for your own account or gift them to another player, we’ve got all the information you need to acquire more Riot Points safely and conveniently.

What Can I Get With Riot Points?

Riot Points are the main currency in the most popular Riot Game, League of Legends. Unlike Blue Essence (BE), which is the second currency in LoL that you earn “naturally” in-game, Riot Points are exclusively gained through real-money transactions. Furthermore, they do not affect your game performance. In other words, you will not win more or any faster with an account full of RP. But you can win in style. This currency is intended for players who want to obtain certain cosmetic items or who want to get their accounts sorted out when it comes to transferring servers or account names. Players can get skins, various champions, and other exclusive items to take your gameplay to the next level.

In Which Games Can I Use My Riot Points Gift Card?

In League of Legends of course, but what about other Riot games like VALORANT, Legends of Runeterra and Teamfight Tactics? We’ve got good news. If you live in Europe, you will be able to use your LoL Gifts Cards and exchange your RP to get these other gaming currencies! Actually, these games have their own individual currencies: Valorant Points (VP) for VALORANT, LoR Coins for Legends of Runeterra, and TFT Coins (or TC) for Teamfight Tactics. And the last mobile Riot Game “League of legends Wild Rift”? Well, this title uses Wild Cores as a currency, and you won’t be able to exchange your RP to get them.

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6 Benefits of Getting Riot Points With an LoL Gift Card

Every gamer wants those new items or bonuses their favorite games but getting them can be tricky. Especially with the different in-game currencies out there. But with RP, you’ve got options. Of course, you can buy them directly from the Riot Store, but you'll need to use a credit card or a PayPal account. Luckily, you can also easily buy a League of Legends Gift Card online or in-store.

We highly recommend you purchase an LoL eGift Card to get more RP.
Here’s why:

1. Buy your Riot Points safely online with secure prepaid credit.

2. Control your budget without linking a credit card to your account.

3. Pay with your favorite payment method to get your LoL Gift Card.

4. Redeem your pin directly with an instant code for faster Riot Points.

5. Use your RP Card whenever you want, it has no validity date.

6. Exchange your RP for LoR Coins, TFT Coins or Valorant Points (compatible with VALORANT in Europe only).

Tip: LoL Gift Cards are region-restricted. So just make sure that the currency of your League of Legends Gift Card matches with your Riot Game account.

How to Redeem a Riot Pin

So you’ve got an LoL Code, but now what? Well, it changes a little bit depending on which game you want to use them in. Let’s break it down for you. Just follow the instructions below depending on the game you want to use your code on.

For League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics:

  1. Go to the store and click on “Purchase RP.”

  2. Select “Prepaid Cards” as a payment method.

  3. Enter the Riot Pin you received with no spaces.

  4. Click on “Submit” to complete the transaction.

For Legends of Runeterra:

  1. Go to the store and click on the “+” icon.

  2. Select “Prepaid Cards” as a payment method.

  3. Enter the Riot Pin you received with no spaces.

  4. Click on “Submit” to complete the transaction.

For Valorant Points (in Europe only):

  1. Log into your VALORANT game client.

  2. Click on the VALORANT icon located to the right corner of the Store tab.

  3. Select “Prepaid Cards & Codes.”

  4. Enter the Riot Pin you received with no spaces.

  5. Press “Submit.”

Upon completion of these steps, you will get your points/coins directly on your account. You’ll be playing in style in no time.

Be aware, though it is not possible to combine currencies at the moment. You will receive Riot Points, LoR Coins, Valorant Points or TFT Coins. That said, anything you buy on one platform can be used on the other as long as you are logged in to the same account on both games.

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How Many Riot Points Will I Get?

“How many Riot Points is 25 dollars worth?” This is the most common question when it comes to the price of Riot Points. It can get confusing and there is no single answer. Due to the unique content of each Riot Game, prices and exchange rates differ per currency.

Indeed, the price of Riot Game currencies depends on 3 factors:

  1. The REGION where you bought them.

  2. The GAME you want to use them for.

  3. The PAYMENT METHOD you use to buy them in the Riot Store.

Check the prices and values per region of your favorite in-game currency on the official Riot Games website of the game you play:

Now that you know that eGift Cards are the best way to get Riot Points, you can buy your League of Legends Gift Card hassle-free. It's safe, fast and convenient! It's also a great idea to give it to any LoL fan you know. For parents who are short on time: this is the perfect last-minute gift for your children! So take our advice, get an LoL eGift Card, redeem it using the tips above and prepare your champion for battle. Enemy bases are waiting, and now you can get prepared to battle above the rest. Good luck!