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AUG 21 2023

Where to Buy Steam Gift Cards

Want to keep track of your expenses, gift someone with gaming credit, or pay conveniently on Steam using your favorite payment method? Meet the Steam Gift Card, your new best friend, which allows you to buy countless PC games, DLC, and other exciting content on the Steam Store exactly the way you want it. In this article, you will learn all about where the best places to get Steam Vouchers are, what types there are and what advantages they have.

Physical card or digital voucher?

Holding a physical Steam Gift Card in your hands can feel great, but maybe you live in the countryside, it's already late in the evening, or you simply don't have time to look for a gift at a gas station. A digital Steam Card offers speed and convenience as well as an easy to buy gift, ideal as a last-minute gift. They're even more environmentally friendly, as digital codes don't produce any waste and you also don't have to think about transportation and the associated CO₂ emissions. For some recipients, however, a virtual gift may feel rather impersonal. The right answer, of course, depends on your own situation, and attitude - but the result is the same: a happy gamer. Read on to find out where you could buy your Steam Card.

Steam Voucher from retail stores

The most common way to encounter Steam Vouchers is right when shopping at your local supermarket, electronics store, or even gas station. Quite old school, but where there is a checkout or game department in most cases there is a Steam Gift Card. It's simple and quick to do on the side while shopping. However, stores have specific opening hours, meaning they're not the most useful when you need the Steam Card instantly. Some stores can also be far away, meaning you may have to drive, cycle or worse …, use your legs. That's why many people have turned to online shopping instead.

Gift card directly from the Steam website

Why not go straight to the source? The official Steam website offers the option to purchase Steam Gift Cards directly online. Just visit the Steam Store page and look for the "Gift Cards" category. You can choose between different credit amounts and either buy them for yourself or give them to friends. All you need is a Steam account to do this.

Steam Card from resellers

Can't find the right payment method or don't have a Steam account? Then distribution partners come to your rescue. Many websites like dundle, mobiletopup or Eneba allow you to buy Steam Vouchers without creating a Steam account. With dundle, you don't even need a user account on the website itself. The ordering process takes seconds and you will receive your digital code simply by email. You don't need a credit card, nor do you have to disclose your personal information or bank details. You pay the way you prefer with PayPal, phone call, CASHlib or many other safe and secure payment methods. Resellers therefore give you a lot of flexibility, and some of them even offer an app where you can buy Steam codes directly on your phone. But be aware that this convenience may include its costs in the form of service fees, depending on the website.

A screenshot showing the online search results for Steam Gift Cards.

What types of Steam cards are there?

Steam Vouchers are available in many amounts and currencies. For UK users, it starts at £5 and ends at £100. Some websites may offer cheaper cards, but in the worst case, they may not be redeemable in your region. Therefore, make sure that the currency of the Steam Gift Card you choose is the same as the currency of your Steam account.

Sending a gift card directly in Steam

If you have a Steam account, you can send Steam Gift Cards directly to friends in your friends list - even with a personal message and at a time of your choosing. However, if you want to give someone a gift, you must be friends on Steam for at least 3 days before you can give that person the digital prepaid voucher

Give away Steam Cards without Steam account

Are you not registered on Steam? Then you can use a website like dundle to turn your voucher into a printable gift card during the order process. With various design templates and a personal message you can add, a customizable gift awaits you for that special someone in no time at all. Conveniently sent to your email inbox, ideal for printing or even forwarding.

Now you know where to get Steam Gift Cards

Whether you chose a physical or digital gift card doesn't matter in the end. The joy is genuine with either option, and that's what it's all about. Gifting is easy with a physical card - but it's just as simple online. Always make sure you buy the card from a trusted merchant to avoid any potential issues. Now that you know where to get a Steam Voucher, why not learn how to buy Steam Codes online. And, now you can do it in the most cost-effective way Check out when the next Steam sale is to find out how you can save big to get the most out of your Steam credit. Happy gaming!

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Tiago Mestre
Written by Tiago Mestre