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SEP 27 2023

How to Buy a Steam Gift Card Online

These days, everything is becoming more and more digital. The gaming marketplace Steam, celebrated among gamers, has long lived in the digital era. Still, every now and then you can find physical Steam Gift Cards at the checkout or at game stores. But surely, there must be an easier way than leaving one’s gaming setup? In this article, you'll learn how to buy and gift Steam Gift Cards, only digital, in a convenient and accessible way.

How to buy a Steam Gift Card directly on Steam

As a Steam user, this is quite simple:

  1. Choose the Steam gift card with your desired amount.

  2. Sign in with your Steam account.

  3. Select the Steam friend you want to gift the amount to.

  4. Enter their name or nickname and personalize your message as you please.

  5. Select your preferred payment method and enter the appropriate data.

And that's it!

Can I buy a Steam Gift Card on Steam for myself?

You may be thinking, but wait! Can I buy a Steam Gift Card for myself? Well through Steam you can only give gift cards to friends. Is then the only Steam Gift Card you can have for yourself the physical version? Well, not quite. There are plenty of trusted resellers online that provide digital Steam Gift Cards so you can pay prepaid, for yourself, the way you like it! As an added bonus, you can also give it to someone else without having to be registered with Steam.

What do you need to consider when buying on Steam?

If you want to buy a digital gift card on Steam, then you need to have a Steam account. Additionally, you are not buying a digital code, but are actually buying Steam funds, thereby effectively giving money as a gift.

Can you use a Visa Gift Card on Steam?

Yes, using a Visa Gift Card on Steam is definitely possible and easy to do. Simply select Visa as payment method, fill in the payment details as well as your current address. That’s it! It’s really as simple as that. Considering there is no address or name associated with your Visa Gift Card, it can be confusing when you get confronted with text fields asking for those details. But those are there for legal and billing purposes, basically. The same applies for Mastercard and American Express.

Screen capture of Steam Gift Cards at dundle.

How to buy a Steam Card without a Steam account?

Don't have a Steam account? Then resellers like dundle or recharge are a convenient and secure alternative for you. In just a few clicks, you can buy your digital code and receive it directly by email afterwards. It can be redeemed immediately upon receival. This is how you buy your Steam Card from us, for example:

  1. Visit the product page of the Steam card on dundle.

  2. Choose the desired amount for your voucher.

  3. Make sure once more that the currency of the selected product matches the currency of your Steam account, as there are regional restrictions.

  4. Tap "Checkout" when you are satisfied with your shopping cart.

  5. Enter the email address you want the code to be sent to.

  6. Select your preferred payment method to make the purchase.

  7. Follow the remaining instructions.

It is as simple as that! Afterwards, the code of your digital Steam Card will be displayed in your browser as well as in the email you received from us. You can then easily redeem it on your Steam account or give it to someone else. Of course, we have conveniently taken dundle as an example, but you will be able to benefit from a similar experience with other resellers. What stands out with dundle is the flexibility of being able to choose between 70+ payment methods, as well as not requiring an account.

What can you do with a Steam Voucher?

Why are we talking about a Steam eVoucher when we should be talking about a Steam gateway? One to the almost infinite world of gaming. You will find tens of thousands of PC games, as well as DLCs, content and subscriptions. But also included are some PlayStation games like Ratchet and Clank, God of War or Uncharted. From Xbox you'll find some games from the Forza series, as well as the Halo series. And you can play them comfortably on your office chair, on the couch or on the go. The Steam Deck can also be paid for with Steam Vouchers - just redeem several codes and you'll soon have a gaming computer with you wherever you go!

How to gift a Steam Gift Card

Steam Git Cards are not only digital credits, but also great gifts. They allow you to gift a variety of games and expansions to gaming enthusiasts. An ideal gift idea for any occasion.

Make a gift to a Steam friend

To send a gift card to a Steam friend through Steam, you can follow the steps above at "How to buy a Steam Gift Card on Steam". Since you cannot buy a gift card for yourself, it is the same process. You can only give this gift to Steam friends that you have been friends with on Steam for at least 3 days. If the gift is accepted, the gift will automatically be converted to Steam credit.

Gift without Steam account

Of course, you can give a fantastic gift to a gaming fan without having to be a gamer yourself and therefore be registered on Steam. To do this, you can simply tap on "Make it a printable gift" in the shopping cart on dundle. This way you can turn your voucher into a gift card that you can design and print out yourself! Learn more about this in our article "How to Create Custom Printable Gift Cards."

Now your Voucher is steaming

Now that you know all about buying Steam Cards online easily and conveniently, the door to a world of exciting gaming opportunities is wide open. You can learn how to buy Steam Vouchers with Mobile Credit. Whether you're looking for a gift for a friend or want to reward yourself with digital Steam Cards, the possibilities are endless. Find out where you can buy Steam Cards in our article. And, in our Steam Sales article, you can read all about how you can score yourself thousands of great deals.

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