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NOV 15 2022

Top Christmas Gift Cards for Gamers

Running out of time and Christmas is fast approaching? Get your hands on some of the last-minute gift ideas for gamers: gaming gift cards! This list of gift cards for gamers will surely make their Christmas a memorable one, affording them the gift of choice: what game they want, DLC, skins and many more types of entertainment and media, made possible with your gift.

You are sure to be the favorite family member this holiday when you give digital gift cards to the gamers Among Us (pun intended). Kids and adults alike enjoy playing video games and a gift card for gamers is a great way to give them something they will love. Get ready for a bunch of tips for PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, PC and mobile games!

PlayStation 5 standing in a bright room

Christmas Gift Cards for PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo

The three big console companies PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo all offer gift cards for their platforms. Read on to get all the information you need about the PSN Gift Card, Xbox Gift Card and the Nintendo eShop Card.

PlayStation credit ‘for the players’

PlayStation Gift Cards make a versatile gift for any gamer. In addition to being able to use the gift card for downloadable games, DLC, in-game content and more on their PlayStation console, like the PS5 and PS4, these cards also need to be used to buy a PlayStation Plus subscription (Essential, Extra or Premium). If you are shopping for a PlayStation lover, then these PSN Gift Cards offer a great gift option, giving the ultimate choice to the recipient. Even if they want some game titles from earlier in the year, like Elden Ring, Horizon Forbidden West, Stray or The Quarry, or even older, this gift card affords the gamer in your life flexibility. If they manage to get rid of their backlog, they can easily use this credit to pre-order or buy new games as well, like God of War Ragnarök and Hogwarts Legacy. Or when they look forward to buying some PS VR2 games, for the new PlayStation VR2. Endless possibilities!

Xbox Gift Cards for anything Microsoft

Xbox Gift Cards can be used at the Microsoft Store online either from Windows or directly from the player’s Xbox Series X/S or Xbox One. Recipients receive a digital code that can be spent on (pre-ordering) their beloved games like Halo Infinite, Forza Motorsport, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II or Gotham Knights. They are not limited to buying games though, they can also grab some DLC, apps, devices, game accessories or the Xbox Game Pass. Xbox Cards come in a variety of denominations. So if you fancy giving the gift of choice, the Xbox Game Pass is your last-minute go-to-fail safe present.

Tip: The Xbox Game Pass, a subscription that contains a full library of video games, is a top-rated service for gamers who want to try out a bunch of different titles.

Xbox Series X close up in a green room

Nintendo Gift Card for you and it’s a me… Marioooo

And for the Nintendo lovers who can’t wait to jump into one of the new Pokémon games, Scarlet or Violet, want to fight their way through Bayonetta 3, or dream about The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, there is the Nintendo eShop Card. With this Nintendo Gift Card you can easily buy games in the eShop, as well as DLC, season passes and old (S)NES titles. Want to play online with their friends? They can top up a Nintendo Switch Online subscription with the same credit and profit from all the benefits!

Upgrade the holidays with Gaming Gift Cards for PC

No console gamer in your circle? You can always get a last-minute gift card for the PC gamers this Christmas season. Steam, for example, has a huge library of games with sales quite often, especially during Christmas. So bring the Christmas spirit and spread some joy with Steam credit to build up their collection.

If they use other platforms or play specific games, then there are a lot of other choices. Lovers of The Sims, FIFA and Battlefield are happy with an Origin Gift Card, while World of Warcraft-, Call of Duty- or Overwatch-veterans will appreciate Blizzard credit.

Besides that, in-game credit is an option too and every title has their own gift card. If Apex Legends sounds familiar, they never stop talking about VALORANT or endlessly play user-created levels in Roblox, then don’t look further. There is something for everyone!

A character standing from VALORANT in the middle with the back to the viewer, looking sideways to us, with a red background.

Best Gift Cards for on-the-go Mobile Gamers

Don’t forget mobile games, by the way, a huge market with easy on-the-go games while traveling, commuting or even when sitting on the toilet. I mean who doesn’t have a mobile phone these days, so if you’re really struggling for a last-minute gift, you really cannot go wrong with some prepaid credit. There is a lot to find and we give some game card tips to make it a bit easier for you. With multiple mobile gift cards available, we scale it down to the most important ones.

iPhone owners would love an Apple Gift Card, while people with Android can top up their account with a Google Play Card. Need something for specific games, then you can go for the extremely popular Free Fire Diamonds, the forever ongoing title Mobile Legends, or the Battle Royale for mobile, PUBG Mobile UC.

Enjoy Christmas with these Gift Cards

The best part is that all of Dundle’s gift cards are digital and can be delivered instantly by email, so even if it is Christmas Eve and you’re without a present, we can help! Choose from a variety of festive gift papers that will add a special touch to your gift this holiday season. Make it personal for your beloved ones and have a warm winter together!