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JUN 1 2021

Father’s Day Gift Guide

We love our dads, and Father’s Day is the time to celebrate them and let them know just how much we appreciate all they do for us. Whether your dad is a chef, a sports fan or a comedian, you’ll want to get him something that will make him smile. So, if you are looking for the best Father’s Day gift ideas to let your dad know you care, our Father’s Day Gift Guide will help you find the perfect gift for any type of dad.

5 Tech Gifts For Dads

Wireless Charger

Many dads have tons of gadgets that need charging. With a wireless charger, Dad can charge his iPhone, tablet, smartwatch and more. The best part is, he won’t have to hunt around the house for annoying wires and cables anymore.

If your dad is still walking around with wired earbuds, it’s time to catch him up with the times. Whether he uses them for workouts, podcasts, or business calls, he will wonder why he didn’t go wireless sooner when he experiences Apple Airpods Pro. These super sleek and convenient earbuds offer a comfortable, customizable fit and, better yet, noise cancellation - so he can tune out whatever he wants.

Does your dad need some help balancing his busy schedule? A smartwatch is the ideal present for any busy dad who wants to stay fit and organized right from his wrist. Popular models from Fitbit and Apple allow users to track heart rate, stress levels and sleep, as well as make touchless payments and receive texts and emails.

Smart Speaker
A bluetooth speaker that can do a lot more than play music is just what any gadget-loving dad needs. Popular smart speakers like the Amazon Echo, Google Nest Audio, and the Apple Homepod give Dad complete control. They allow him to stream music, news and audiobooks, turn lights and appliances on and off, set reminders, and so much more.

If your dad is a kid at heart, a drone will be his new favorite toy to show off to his friends and family. With the DJI Mini 2, he can capture high-quality videos and pics of his flights and reach altitudes of up to 4,000 meters. You and dad are sure to enjoy hours of fun and entertainment with this exciting gadget!

5 Gifts For Foodie Dads

Barbeque Gift Set
If your dad is a grilling aficionado, he will love this deluxe BBQ Set from Uncommon Goods. These unique grilling tools are made from repurposed hockey sticks. The set includes a spatula, tongs, fork, and bottle opener. Throw in a bottle of his favorite barbeque sauce or hot sauce for a bonus, and he might even feel like grilling you some delicious burgers or steaks.

Beer of the Month Club
If your dad loves to try new beers, a subscription to the Beer of the Month Club from Craft Beer Club is sure to make him smile. Dad will thank you each month when he receives his carefully curated selection of craft beers from the finest breweries in the US. Choose from 1-12 month subscriptions that arrive monthly, every other month, or quarterly. Is your dad not in the US? There are plenty of monthly subscriptions in other countries, too.

Every dad loves to snack, a Sugarwish is sure to satisfy their cravings. Sugarwish is a super fun way to gift anyone you care about with delicious treats that are delivered right to their home or office. Just select the size you want to send and choose cookies, candy or popcorn. When your recipient receives their Sugarwish email, they can go directly to the website and choose the exact treats that they want, so they are sure to get all of their favorites.

UberEats Gift Card
Dads get cravings just like the rest of us, so the next time yours wants his favorite donuts on a Saturday morning, he can have them delivered with an Uber Eats Gift Card. Whatever type of cuisine your dad likes, Uber Eats lets him order delivery from all of his favorite local restaurants. The convenient Uber Eats App makes it easy to order and track delivery all in one place.

Whiskey Making Kit
Whiskey-loving dads will be amazed to see how easy it is to make their own delicious whiskey with a Personalized Whiskey Making Kit. The attractive, personalized whiskey barrel comes with everything you need, plus step-by-step instructions that make the process super simple.

5 Useful Gifts For Dads

Minimalist Wallet
A minimalist leather wallet is a perfect gift for those dads that have been carrying around an outdated filing cabinet in their back pocket for far too long. We love this wallet because it is super slim but still has plenty of storage for cards and bills. Plus, it fits easily into front or back pockets without adding bulk.

Comfy Slippers
Every dad’s at-home uniform should include a pair of comfy slippers that are perfect for evenings in front of the TV or trips to the mailbox. These stylish slippers are 100% vegan with rubber soles for durability and traction, plus, 1/3 of the profits from sales go to funding grassroots community efforts around the world. Might as well help out a worthy cause while keeping your feet warm.

Whether your dad loves camping, tinkering with his toys, or tackling DIY projects around the house, a multitool will be his new go-to gadget. Leatherman carries a huge selection of different multitools to suit any type of user. The coolest part? They can be customized with a monogram or custom images for a personalized gift.

Shaving Kit
Let’s face it, most dads don’t give a second thought to their shaving routine. That’s why a quality shaving kit is the gift they didn’t know they needed but will thank you for later. When dad sees how smooth and comfortable a shave can be, his skincare routine will be forever changed.

The Dad Hoodie

The Dad Hoodie makes a great Father’s Day gift for new dads. This comfy sweatshirt is perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to carry around a bulky diaper bag while chasing their little ones. The Dad Hoodie has enough interior pockets to conveniently fit all the essentials like diapers, wipes, baby bottles and more.

5 Fail-Proof Gifts For Dads

Hulu Gift Card
The perfect gift for Dad that the whole family will enjoy, a Hulu Gift Card allows you to choose the amount you want to gift, no strings attached. The gift card is delivered straight to your inbox so that you can print it or forward it right to Dad’s email. Stream thousands of TV and movie titles for endless hours of entertainment. Pop some popcorn and have fun deciding what to watch on family movie night.

Photo Gift
What dad wouldn’t love a gift that includes pics of his favorite kids? Sites like Etsy and Shutterfly have tons of customizable gifts, so Dad can proudly display family photos. Whether you choose a piece of art or something practical like a mug or keychain, photos are always a good idea when you are looking for a thoughtful gift.

A Book of Dad Jokes
There’s nothing wrong with a dad who likes to crack a joke. Give him some new material for his repertoire with a book of dad jokes that are so bad you can’t help but laugh. With these jokes, your dad will be sure to have your family and friends rolling their eyes and cracking a smile at the next barbeque.

Amazon Gift Card
What do you get for the dad who has everything? An Amazon Gift Card! Everyone knows that you can find pretty much anything on Amazon, and shipping is fast and convenient. So whether your dad has his eye on a new power tool or some swimming trunks, he will appreciate the freedom to pick exactly what he wants this Father’s Day.

Personalized Book
A personalized book is a perfect Father’s Day gift from young kids. We like this one from Wonderbly for its fun superhero dad theme and because it can include the names of up to four kiddos. Dad will love reading this book to his little ones at bedtime again and again.

5 Gifts To Help Dad Relax

If your dad likes lounging after a long day, he will appreciate this super comfortable hammock that’s made from ultra-durable, heavy-duty material but lightweight enough to take anywhere. Give dad one in his favorite color, and you will know exactly where to find him on a Sunday afternoon.

Chipping Net
For avid golfers, this collapsible chipping net will help him improve his game without even having to leave the backyard. Three baskets provide a challenge for any level, and since the net is collapsible, it won’t take up a lot of storage space.

Game Key
Got a gamer dad? Then gift him with the hottest new game for his favorite gaming platform. Purchase games online and send a game key straight to Dad’s email so that he can start playing right away. If you want to enhance his current gaming experience, gaming credits can be used to purchase points, subscriptions, in-game credits and more.

Sun Hat
For dads who love the outdoors, a wide-brimmed sun hat will keep them comfortable and prevent sunburns on hot summer days. Whether your dad is out there fishing, gardening, or hiking, he will be glad you thought of him when the sun is high in the sky and he is feeling cool as a cucumber.

Stainless Steel Tumbler
Dad can keep his beverages hot or cold for hours with a double-wall vacuum-insulated tumbler from Yeti. This brand has a cult following for good reason; their products really do work, and they last forever. They also carry loads of other gear that Dad would love, like coolers, water bottles, and luggage.

From gadgets to gift cards, we’ve got you covered this year with our Father’s Day Gift Guide. No matter what your dad is into, there is sure to be something on this list that he will love. And if you can’t be there to celebrate him this year, don’t worry, there are plenty of gifts here that are perfect for a virtual celebration. Happy shopping and Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!