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Last-Minute Gifts For Father's Day: 25 Amazing Ideas

We love our dads, and Father’s Day is the time to celebrate them and let them know just how much we appreciate all they do for us. What better way to show your love than a thoughtful gift? Even if you’re running out of time or looking for something specific, we have gathered last-minute gift ideas that will be perfect for any dad. Whether they are gamers, gadget enthusiasts or outdoorsy types, we have gift ideas perfect for every budget! So, explore our selection of the best Father's Day gift ideas and make his day unforgettable.

Our top picks for Father’s Day gift ideas

So it’s almost Father’s Day and you just realized? No worries, it can happen to anyone! Luckily, you came to the right place. We prepared an ultimate list of last-minute Father’s Day gift ideas that will help you to choose the perfect gift for your father figure. All the items can be bought on Amazon so that you can receive them with next-day delivery! However, if you really (and we mean: really!) don’t have that much time, we also gathered some of the best gift cards for Father's Day. After all, there isn't a faster delivery than the immediate one, right? Read more to discover our Father’s Day Gift Guide for last-minute ideas!

Father's Day gift ideas for a tech dads

1. Smart speaker

A Bluetooth speaker that can do a lot more than play music is just what any gadget-loving dad needs. But that’s not all! The speaker will also allow him news and audiobooks, turn lights & appliances on and off, set reminders, and so much more!

2. Wireless charger

Many dads have tons of gadgets that need charging. With a wireless charger, your dad can charge his iPhone, tablet, smartwatch and more. The best part is, he won’t have to hunt around the house for annoying wires and cables anymore!

3. Wireless headphones

Yes, we are #TeamWireless in case you haven’t noticed! If your dad is still walking around with wired earphones, it’s time to catch him up with the times. Whether he uses them for workouts, podcasts, or business calls, he will wonder why he didn’t go wireless sooner when he experiences Apple Airpods, JBL Airpods or any other brand that you like. The choice is yours!

4. Virtual reality mobile phone headsets

Experiencing VR using your smartphone is something that will bring a smile to your dad’s face! After all, what’s more exciting than stepping into a world beyond your imagination? We guarantee you that once your dad tries VR Mobile Headsets, it will be hard to bring him back to reality!

5. Smartwatch

Does your dad need some help balancing his busy schedule, or is he getting older and needing to keep track of his activity? A smartwatch is an ideal present for any busy dad who wants to stay fit and organized right from his wrist. Popular models from Fitbit and Apple allow users to track heart rate, stress levels and sleep, as well as make touchless payments and receive texts and emails.

Man’s wrist with a smartwatch that shows the time

Father's Day gift ideas that any foodie dad will love

6. BBQ gift set

If your dad is a grilling aficionado, he will love a deluxe BBQ Set! These sets usually include a spatula, tongs, fork, and bottle opener... Throw in a bottle of his favourite barbecue sauce or hot sauce for a bonus, and he might even feel like grilling you some delicious burgers or steaks. And, all right in time for the summer BBQ season!

7. Portable mini fridge

Whether you are camping, travelling by car or just having a barbecue in your garden - a portable mini fridge can be a lifesaver. Perfect for storing not only your dad’s favourite snacks but also to keep his beer cold during summer days at the pool!

8. Pasta maker machine

A pasta maker machine is a no-brainer! I mean, who doesn't like pasta? Bring Italy to your home and enjoy homemade pasta for the whole family, perfect for those dads who like to spend their time in the kitchen. You get extra points for adding some recipes to try! Buon appetito!

 A pasta maker machine with pasta inside

Practical Father’s Day gifts

9. Kindle

Is your dad a book lover? Then a Kindle e-reader will definitely serve as a great gift for any avid reader! This portable, light device can be carried easily in his briefcase, and thanks to the paper-like display, he will be able to read comfortably. A huge selection in their catalogue will definitely keep your father busy for hours and hours!

10. Comfy slippers

Every dad’s at-home uniform should include a pair of comfy slippers that are perfect for evenings in front of the TV or trips to the mailbox. Might as well help out a worthy cause while keeping your feet warm. The winter is not here yet, but when the time comes, your dad will thank you for such a thoughtful gift!

11. Multitool

Whether your dad loves camping, tinkering with his toys, or tackling DIY projects around the house, a multitool will be his new go-to gadget. We can guarantee that your dad will enjoy it so much, he will try to fix things that aren’t even broken yet!

12. Shaving kit

Men need to shave and a quality shaving kit can take their grooming game to the next level. When Dad sees how smooth and comfortable a shave can be, his skincare routine will be forever changed!

13. Set of elegant accessories

Is your father into going out but does not always know what to wear for the occasion? Well, you can help him out and Father’s Day is a perfect opportunity. Create a set that your dad could use for various events. Buying clothes can be tricky if you’re unsure of the size, especially online, but thankfully, there are more options. Think of a fancy tie, bow tie and cufflinks. Put it all in a stylish gifting box, and voilà! An effective, unique gift is ready.

14. Minimalist wallet

A minimalist leather wallet never goes out of style! It is a perfect gift for those dads that have been carrying around an outdated filing cabinet in their back pocket for far too long.

Man’s hands holding a black wallet with money and credit cards

Gifts for your dad to help him relax

15. Hammock

If your dad likes lounging after a long day, he will appreciate this super comfortable hammock - made from ultra-durable, heavy-duty material but lightweight enough to take anywhere. Just choose his favourite colour, and you will know exactly where to find him on a Sunday afternoon.

16. Sun hat

For dads who love the outdoors, a wide-brimmed sun hat will keep them comfortable and prevent sunburns on hot summer days. Whether your dad is out there fishing, gardening, or hiking, he will be glad you thought of him when the sun is high in the sky, and he is feeling cool as a cucumber.

17. Stainless thermal flask

Whether your dad wants to go hiking, canoeing, jogging or take your family for a picnic outdoors, he can always carry a good quality thermal flask. This will keep his favorite beverages hot or cold for hours!

18. Special edition board games

Board games are getting more and more popular… as they should! They are perfect for family nights or while hanging out with your friends. Your dad will surely appreciate such a gift even more if you put extra thought into it! For example, did you know that there are tons of different Monopoly editions? Whether your dad is a Game of Thrones or Marvel fan, getting him a themed board game will add extra fun. This personalized gift will definitely show your love!

Close-up on the Monopoly board game, showing one field, a pawn and two cubes in the background.

19. Memory foam pillow

We all know how important a good night's sleep is. A memory foam pillow adapts to the shape of the head and neck, while also supporting the sleeping position. This gift will improve the quality of your dad’s sleep, and he surely deserves it!

Last-minute Father's Day - gift cards ideas

And last, but not least, a good old eGift card is suitable for any and every father! As ultimate gift card lovers, we must include some of our favourites on this list as well, especially while talking about last-minute gifts! Here at Dundle, we know exactly which cards are most likely to make Dad happy. You can choose from a range of denominations and even add a personal message for a beloved family member. Curious? Here are our top pics for the best digital gift card ideas that will be perfect for Father’s Day.

Best gift cards for Father's Day

20. Game credits

Got a gamer Dad? Then a gaming gift is a way to go! If you want to enhance his current gaming experience, these vouchers can be used to purchase points, subscriptions, in-game credits and more. Whether he's a console player who likes Xbox or PlayStation, a computer gamer who prefers Steam, or a Mobile Gamer that could benefit from some Google Play Credit, he is sure to be one happy camper with some prepaid credit to elevate his gaming experience.

21. Amazon Gift Card

We tried our best to list the most interesting propositions for Father’s Day gift ideas on Amazon, but this huge online retailer has so much more to offer than the highlights we have listed here! With the Amazon Gift Card, your dad will be able to explore various options, from home decor to books and fitness gadgets. So if you didn’t know which of the ideas above is the best one, let your dad decide!

22. Spotify Gift Card

From Metallica to Queens, from podcasts to classic audiobooks… With a Spotify Gift Card, you just can’t go wrong! And why not make it a unique gift and design your very own playlist personalized to his tastes?

23. Netflix Gift Card

The perfect gift for Dad that the whole family will enjoy, a Netflix Card allows you to choose the amount you want to give, no strings attached. Whether your dad prefers to binge-watch some of the best sitcoms, watch good-old classics or discover documentaries; with Netflix, he can have it all! And the best part? You can bond even more while deciding what to watch on family film night!

24. IKEA Gift Card

No one knows how to decode those IKEA instructions like Dad, but let him choose something more fun for himself this holiday. From home decor to kitchen appliances; IKEA is one of the largest retailers in the world, so surely with an Ikea Gift Card your dad will find something that he likes!

25. Zalando Gift Card

Zalando, one of the biggest online fashion retailers, definitely has a wide range of everything a guy can wish for! Hoodies, elegant blazers, fun t-shirts… Well, the closet knows what it wants… Or your dad knows what he wants! A Zalando Gift Card will serve all his needs, as he can explore the catalogue to find the best fits!

A hand holding a blue, square gift alongside a purple card

Gifts for Father's Day to make this day special

We already know that gifting is better than receiving, and we’re happy for sharing our favourite last-minute present ideas! From gadgets to gift cards, we’ve got you covered this year with our Father’s Day Gift Guide. No matter what your dad is into, there is sure to be something on this list that he will love. If you need more inspiration, you can also check our ideas for 50 affordable gifts for men. Happy shopping and Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!

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