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OCT 10 2022

Top 10 Best Audiobooks on Spotify

Just like podcasts, audiobooks are a great alternative for busy people who love listening to great stories: Listen to them on the go, while commuting to work, or doing the dishes. While Spotify might not be your normal go-to platform for audiobooks, it may just have a few great gems that are worth checking out. Spotify is an excellent source for the most entertaining titles that classic literature has to offer but in audiobook form. So why not use your Spotify Premium subscription for the better and brush up your English literature knowledge in the most pleasant way possible with these 10 recommendations for your literary playlist?

3 iconic Gothic novels for spooky nights

Monsters, vampires, mysteries… What’s a better way to spend your rainy evenings with some dark stories? If you are a fan of horror or fantasy, these novels will surely fit your must-listen-to list of audiobooks.

“Frankenstein,” 1818, by Mary Shelley

It’s hard to find someone who has never heard of Frankenstein, but how familiar are you with the original novel? This audiobook is quite the discovery, as it is being read by the famous YouTube star David Dobrik. He brings to life Victor Frankenstein, the young scientist who creates the monster, Igor. You may be surprised to find that most Hollywood productions differ from Shelley’s original story. Find out just how remarkable the original story is and “relive the masterpiece so many know,” as the introduction to this audiobook suggests.

→ Listen to Frankenstein on Spotify

“Dracula,” 1897, by Bram Stoker

What better example is there of Gothic literature than “Dracula?" At the end of the 19th century, when fantasy and horror novels were immensely popular, Stoker managed to bring the topic of vampires to the top. Even today, the storytelling is fascinating and the characters of Dracula and Van Helsing remain thrilling.

→ Listen to Dracula on Spotify

“The strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde,” 1886, by Robert Louis Stevenson

Another Gothic novella on our list that is definitely worth knowing is the story of Gabriel John Utterson. The name might not tell you anything at first, but wait until you hear that he investigates the strange connection between his old friend Dr. Jekyll and a murderer, Edward Hyde. His discovery is chilling…

→ Listen to The strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde on Spotify

2 of the greatest classic novels to listen to on Spotify

If you have always wanted to catch up with some of English literature’s greatest titles but never found the time to, here is your chance. Get your headphones ready for:

“The Great Gatsby,” 1925, by Francis Scott Fitzgerald

Fitzgerald’s book was published nearly a hundred years before Leonardo DiCaprio performed the iconic role of Jay Gatsby in 2013. In this audiobook version, you can listen to the story of the eccentric millionaire and his love interest, set in the Jazz Age and narrated by the actor Michael Shannon. This enticing narration will make you listen to the whole book in one go.

→ Listen to The Great Gatsby on Spotify

“Little Women,” 1868, by Louisa May Alcott

A beautiful coming-of-age story that is considered one of the best American literature classics. Loosely based on real events from Alcott’s life, the book follows the March family, who once had a luxurious life, but today face poverty since Mr. March left home to fight in the Civil War. His daughters, Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy are trying their best to spread their optimism and enthusiasm. The story perfectly shows the struggle between women’s personal growth and family responsibilities.

→ Listen to Little Women on Spotify

3 classic children’s books to love as an adult

You may know these titles from their widely succesful film adaptations, but the original novels have a double meaning that not everyone sees at first glance. Discover what’s hidden underneath these well-known stories.

“Peter Pan,” 1911, by J.M. Barrie

Do you ever feel like you would like to be a kid again? So does Peter, the boy who wouldn’t grow old. Join him and Wendy in Neverland and fight against Captain Hook! This amazing, classic story symbolizes youth and escapism and will let you instantly dive into the adventure.

→ Listen to Peter Pan on Spotify

“Alice's Adventures in Wonderland,” 1865, by Lewis Carroll

Lewis Carroll’s masterpiece is one of the most complex and interpreted novels ever. It’s a book with multiple layers – one for kids and another for adults. It’s full of nuances, metaphors and symbolism.

→ Listen to Alice's Adventures in Wonderland on Spotify

“The Secret Garden,” 1911, by Frances Hodgson Burnett

Who doesn’t love this slightly spooky but beautiful children’s classic that was published the same year as Peter Pan? Mary Lennox is a spoiled child living in India with her wealthy family. But everything changes when her parents die, and she is sent to England to live with her uncle. Follow the newly orphaned girl into the hidden side of her new home and discover its secrets with her.

→ Listen to The Secret Garden on Spotify

2 modern classics to satisfy your hunger for magic

Blue-covered “Harry Potter” book on a colorful background

Now, let’s move on to more modern times. Classic books of our era can also be listened to as audiobooks on Spotify. These two are highly recommended if you loved the movie versions but haven’t read the books yet:

“Hunger Games,” 2008, by Suzanne Collins

Twenty-four teenagers in one deadly competition, only one can survive. The series quickly became a world phenomenon; Katniss Everdeen became an icon and millions of young adults became inspired. The audiobook is read by actress Tatiana Maslany who will take you on a journey through Capitol’s deadliest event.

→ Listen to Hunger Games on Spotify

“Harry Potter,” 1997, by J.K. Rowling

If you are looking to escape the Muggle world, Rowling’s books are a perfect way to do so. Even more, in this audiobook version that is read by actor and writer Stephen Fry. Discover the magical school of Hogwarts with him and let him take you on a ride on the broomstick alongside all the beloved characters of the wizarding world!

→ Listen to Harry Potter on Spotify

Discover your own favorite audiobooks on Spotify

Feel free to use our top picks of Spotify’s best audiobooks to create your own playlist of favorites. Check out our how to find audiobooks on Spotify article to help you get started! And if you haven’t yet, try out the Premium Subscription to stream music, podcasts and audiobooks also offline and ad-free. Whatever you choose, enjoy spending quality time with the best literature classics!

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