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MAY 18 2020

50 Affordable Gifts for Men: We Asked What They Really Want

Shopping for men can be a challenge. Many men don’t share what they really want, so it can be hard to pick out just the right thing. We surveyed men around the country to find out what kinds of gifts they would really like to receive. Whether you are looking for a gift for a birthday, Father’s Day, an anniversary, shopping for a spouse, boyfriend, or guy friend - we have the perfect gift for you on this list. From gifts for the techy guy, the man who loves to cook, or the guy who isn’t afraid of a little self-care, we rounded up 50 affordable gifts for men that will definitely bring a smile to their face.

50 Affordable Gifts for Men Broken Down By Category

Gift For The Foodie

Let’s face it, most guys love to eat. If you have a man on your list that loves to snack, cook, or just grill & chill, you will find him the perfect gift right here. The best part of this list is that none of these items will break the bank, but your foodie will surely love unwrapping these gifts just the same.

Beef Jerky - When he is looking to grab a snack, beef jerky is just the thing to satisfy his manly cravings. If health and fitness are also hobbies, this gluten-free jerky will offer a satisfying snack that is full of protein and flavor. This jerky is made in the USA with no nitrates or nitrites added and comes in a variety of sizes.

Breakfast Sandwich Maker - Breakfast anyone? This gift is the perfect idea for the guy who loves to cook breakfast but is always on the go. He can put together his favorite breakfast sandwich in a snap with this breakfast sandwich maker from Hamilton Beach. Simply stack all of the ingredients into the sandwich maker, close and let the machine do the rest. The perfect breakfast is ready to take to-go for his morning commute.

Indoor S’mores Maker - Does he reminisce about his former campout days as a Boy Scout? This gift will bring the campfire home no matter where he lives. With an indoor s’mores maker, he can toast up a gooey and tasty treat without ever leaving the house. Maybe if you are lucky, he will share one with you too.

Cheese & Tapas Board - For the man with a more distinguished palette, this swiveling cheese and tapas board will allow him to build the perfect charcuterie to pair with a lovely glass of wine. The board swivels for easy sharing, so it is the perfect gift to support his wine and cheese parties.

Himalayan Salt BBQ Plank - When he is ready to grill and chill, he can add a little flavor to whatever he is throwing on with this BBQ grilling plank made entirely of Himalayan Sea Salt. You can place the plank directly on the grill and it will add delectable flavor to meats and seafood.

Wireless Meat Thermometer - He will never burn what he has cooking on the grill with this wireless meat thermometer. The sleek design pairs with his smart phone so he can have food cooking on the grill and watch the game at the same time without forgetting about dinner. This handy gadget also comes with a stylish wooden storage case.

Snack Crate Subscription - Maybe cooking isn’t his thing, but snacking sure is? He will love a monthly subscription from Snack Crate. Each month they deliver a new box of assorted snacks for him to tempt his taste buds with. This gift is also perfect for guys on the go who need to grab a few snacks for their travels.

Bottle Hangers - Whether he is into home brewing or just a bit of a beer guy, these magnetic bottle hangers will help him store his beer for easy access without taking up room in the pantry. The racks hang from any solid surface and strong magnetic strips hold bottles tightly upright from the caps.

**Whiskey Stones**If he loves whiskey, he will love whiskey stones. Keep them in the fridge or freezer and they will gently cool his barrel-aged evening drink without watering it down. It adds a whole new meaning to the term “on the rocks”.

For The Techy Guy In Your Life

If you know a man who loves tech, this next gift roundup is for you. This list is the perfect match up of the latest technology and useful gadgets. Any gift on this list is sure to be a hit with your techy.

Phone Soap Sanitizer - You will never need to worry again about just where his phone has been. This phone soap sanitizer case uses blue light to kill germs that may be residing on his phone in just minutes. With a small and sleek design, he can keep it on his desk or bedside table for easy access to a quick phone cleanup.

Tile Mate Key & Item Finder - If he is often searching for his keys on his way out the door, the Tile Mate will save him time and sanity. These handy little chips are actually micro tracking devices that sync with an app on his phone. The next time he can’t find his keys or any other small item, all he has to do is open the app and it will lead him right to them.

Crypto Voucher - Is your guy into crypto currency? A Crypto Voucher is an easy, safe and secure way to buy and trade Bitcoin. This gift is perfect for both the tech-lover and the investor. Your gift will come with a wallet code that he simply enters on a secure site to access and trade his currency.

Charging Wallet - He’ll never run out of battery life again with this stylish charging wallet. Despite looking like other wallets, this version comes with a convenient embedded charging cable so he can always be ready to charge up his phone on the go. When he gets to the office, he can recharge the wallet using his desktop or laptop computer.

Smart Mug - There is no doubt that coffee will wake you up in the morning, but his coffee is about to get a lot smarter with this app controlled self-heating mug. Now he can keep his coffee warm all morning, even when he gets pulled into that last minute conference call or meeting.

Cyber Clean - Fun and practical. You can’t go wrong with this cleaning compound, that may remind him a little bit of all the fun he used to have playing with slime, but instead this goo is designed to get into the cracks and crevices of his keyboards and more to clean out any dust and debris. He can keep his technology clean and have fun doing it.

Gifts For The Gamer

If there is a man on your gift list that loves gaming, we’ve rounded up the perfect gift ideas that are sure to keep him entertained. Whether he wants to kick it old school with retro gaming devices or score game credits and online gaming store funds, this list has everything you need for the gamer in your life.

Gamestop Gift Card - His one-stop shop for all things gaming. A Gamestop gift card will offer him the chance to pick up a gaming gift he has been eyeing. Gamestop can be used for anything sold online or in stores. He can shop the latest games or gaming consoles.

Nintendo Universal Super NES Classic Edition - Time for some throw-back play. Wait until he sets his eyes on this revamped, portable gaming system modeled after the original Super Nintendo gaming console. The Nintendo Universal Super NES Classic Edition comes pre-loaded with a slew of his favorite throwback games.

PSN Gift Card - If he has a PlayStation, a PSN gift card is the way to go. PSN gift cards can be used towards any purchases in the PlayStation online store.

XBOX Gift Card - Calling all XBOX fans. The XBOX gift card can be used towards anything he might want to purchase from XBOX or Microsoft online.

WoW Game Time Card - If the guy on your list likes to play World of Warcraft, a WoW Game Time Card will offer him 60 days of playing time. He could binge play or spread out his game time over several weeks.

Nintendo Switch Online - Nintendo Switch Online allows players to download or subscribe to all of their favorite games. Get him a Nintendo Switch Online gift card to use towards the download or subscription of his choice.

SWTOR Cartel Coins - Help him restock on Cartel Coins with a SWTOR gift card. Gift cards are good for the equivalent of 2400 Cartel Coins or more.

Gifts You Might Want To Splurge On

These gifts come at a slightly higher price point, but are sure to be a hit with every man on your shopping list. Check out these gifts when you want to treat him to something a little extra.

Portable YETI Cooler - Whether he is on the hunt, off for a day of fishing, or just relaxing by the pool, a portable cooler from YETI will keep his drinks cold all day long. This popular brand is designed with outdoors in mind. The cooler comes with a convenient carrying strap and waterproof nylon outer shell so it is functional and always in style.

Kindle E-Reader - If you know a man who loves to read, a Kindle E-Reader could be a great investment. Kindle designs their E-Readers to offer the experience of reading a paper book, with the portability and function of a small tablet. He can also get a monthly subscription to download new titles so he can be completely immersed in literature.

Airfryer - An Airfryer is a great gift for the health conscious guy that still loves food. Give him the satisfying crispy texture of indulgent fried food without the calories.

Paddle Board - Stand up paddle boarding or SUP as it is called is a fantastic outdoor activity that offers both fitness and relaxation. This is the perfect gift for the guy who loves the water and could be an excellent couples gift as well.

Gifts For The Genealogist

If you have someone on your list that has a love for history and researching his family tree, a genetic testing kit might be just the gift to give this year. These testing kits help discover links to your family history and possibly even clues to future health concerns that he should be aware of.

Ancestry DNA - Ancestry DNA is the perfect gift for someone who has already been using Ancestry.com to find clues about their past and family history. This kit helps tie loose ends together and find missing puzzle pieces to his family tree.

Genetic Test Service Kit - 23 And Me genetic test kits will help him learn more about his past and possibly even clues about his health that he was not aware of.

Fun and Thoughtful Gifts For Any Man

These gift ideas are perfect for guys with a wide range of interests. If you are shopping for a dad, a man who likes to play games, loves sports, or has a good sense of humor, this list is for you.

Ticket Stub Organizer - Is the man you are shopping for a concert goer? Help him keep and organize all of his ticket stubs with a convenient ticket stub organizer. He can reminisce while he hums tunes of days gone by as he flips through his life in ticket stubs.

Spouse Convo Starters - Remember what it was like to chat with your husband before kids and jobs tired you out every day? Get to know each other again with these fun spouse conversation starter cards. Each card offers a question prompt to help you get the conversation going.

Baseball Stadium BluePrints - Take him out to the ballgame with the stadium blueprint for his favorite Major League park.

Tee Toss Game - The Tee Toss Game from Uncommon Goods is a fun way to unwind or kill some time. He can set it up in the garage or outside on the patio to test his skill at getting the ball to land on the tee.

eBay Gift Card - Has he been searching for that old vinyl album from his glory days? eBay is sure to have it. With an eBay gift card he can search and bid or buy thousands of hard to find items.

Choose Your Breed Necktie - If you have a dog lover in the house, this favorite breed necktie is a must have. Get him a tie decorated with his favorite pooch.

Dad Jokes Book - Everybody loves a good dad joke. If you have kids that are looking for a few good gift ideas for dad, the dad jokes book is a fun affordable gift that they can enjoy together.

Uber Gift Card - Give him the gift of a ride with a gift card from Uber. Whether he travels often or just deserves a night out on the town, an Uber gift card is a thoughtful, safe way for him to travel.

The Outdoorsman

If he likes to adventure into the great outdoors, consider a gift that he can take along on his journey.

LifeStraw - The LifeStraw is designed to provide hydration even in the most dire of situations. If he sometimes goes out into the wilderness, packing a LifeStraw will ensure that he has access to clean drinking water. The straw acts as a filter, so if he is ever unable to get to clean water, he can still stay hydrated from a pond or puddle.

Pocket Tool Kit - A new take on the old pocket knife. This handy multi-tool fits conveniently in his pocket so it is ready to pull out any moment.

The Music and Movies Lover

If you are shopping for a media buff, you can’t go wrong with any of the gifts on this next list. Gift cards are a great way to go when shopping for music and movies because it will allow him to make his own personal selections.

Google Play - Google Play gives him access to all kinds of digital media. He can play, watch, store and download. He will love a Google Play gift card to use towards any media item he desires.

Netflix Gift Card - Does he love watching TV shows and movies? You can’t go wrong with a gift card to Netflix. With thousands of streaming titles to choose from, he can “Netflix and chill” whenever he would like.

Pandora Gift Card - Pandora serves up the music that he loves. With a gift card to Pandora, you can buy him hours of ad-free listening.

Spotify Gift Card - Spotify is one stop for music, podcasts and more. He can build and share his favorite playlists and with a gift card to Spotify, he will be able to treat himself to an ad-free subscription.

For The Guy Who Loves Style

If the man on your list is into fashion, treat him to something that will send him out in style.

A New Hat - Huckberry specializes in menswear and they offer a huge selection of hats for any style. Whether he wants a classic trucker cap, a beanie, or perhaps something with a more discerning brim, you are sure to find a hat that will top off his day.

New Backpack - Whether he is off to school or off to work, a new backpack will help him carry everything he needs to face the day and look good doing it.

Minimalist Wallet - This wallet is all about function without the unsightly wallet bump. It cleverly holds cards and bills in a sleek design that also helps protect cards from identity theft.

For The Man Who Loves Self Care

If you know a guy who isn’t afraid of a little pampering, get him a gift that is all about treating him to a little self-care.

BirchBox Men - A BirchBox for Men subscription will deliver him the latest products to try each month to keep him sweet-smelling and well-groomed.

Shower Steamers - Help him take his morning shower up a notch with aromatherapy shower steamers. These steamers are designed to slowly melt away when mixed with heat and water. They release relaxing or invigorating scents into the shower so he can start his day at a home spa.

Still Can’t Decide On A Great Gift For A Man?

If you have scrolled through this entire list and are still not quite sure what to get for the man in your life, it might be time to consider a gift card. Don’t worry though, gift cards can still be a really great gift and one that says “I want you to treat yourself to something nice.” Consider getting him an AMEX Gift Card, Amazon Gift Card, or Visa Gift Card. Each option will offer him the ability to shop at his favorite places.

Happy shopping!

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