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NOV 15 2022

Top Christmas Gift Cards for Kids

When the holidays roll around and you find yourself staring blankly at words like “Robux,” “V-Bucks,” or “Minecoins” on Christmas lists, don’t stress! All hope is not lost. While many of us grew up with board games and just a handful of video games or consoles to keep us entertained, today, the gaming world is drastically different. There are countless virtual worlds to explore, adventures to be had and puzzles to solve. Children start gaming younger than ever before, and with the plethora of gaming consoles and games, it can feel impossible for caretakers or relatives to keep up. Allow us to break it down for you with this gift guide to discover 6 video game-related last-minute Christmas gift cards to keep them entertained – and you sane – this holiday season.

Top 6 parent-approved gift cards that all young gamers love

Video games help improve reading skills, problem-solving skills and even improve social connections. So helping your kids level up in their favorite games is helping them in more ways than one. And even better, it helps cut down on that eternal nagging or begging for more gaming credit, or, even worse - your credit card. So give your child an eGift card this Christmas and enable them to make in-game purchases, play online with friends and even buy the games they are eyeing up. Added bonus: Once the prepaid credit is up, so is the spending. Teaching your child how to budget while protecting your bank account is a smart way to guarantee some peace and quiet for you. Not only this, but they are sure to be happy now that their creative imagination is being stimulated while playing their favorite game. Sounds great right? So let’s get started with some of the best gift cards to get for your children!

Christmas gift cards for kids from 6 - 12 years old

Minecraft Gift Card for an open-world experience like no other

A scene from Minecraft game build with a house, windmill and church visible.

Minecraft is perfect for ages: 7 years old and older.

Minecraft is mostly played on: Game consoles but is available for all platforms (Windows 10 PCs, PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4, Xbox Series S/X and Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS and iPadOS devices, and Android devices).

Minecraft is huge - literally. The game’s popularity and the game itself are massive. It even had 141 million active users in August 2021. Since the maps are seemingly endless, kids can play for hours, days, even years without running out of inspiration. It may surprise you to know that this game was originally released back in 2011, and the fact that it is still beyond popular speaks volumes. The creative gameplay allows players to build, battle, gather and explore the open world and its ever-changing environments. It is no surprise that Minecraft is even being used in the classroom to teach kids about engineering at an early age.

So if your child loves to imagine and create, and you want them to develop develop technical and problem-solving skills at an early age, giving them this game is a great gift idea. You can get it for almost any platform and console. But for PC players, you need to get the java version which you can do with a Minecraft Card. Do they already play but want to go even further in this virtual world? Then treat them to the opportunity for new skins, textures, mini-games, realms or even new maps with some extra Minecoins. They will have lots of new gameplay possibilities to spend them on and thus be happy to receive this as a Christmas gift card.

Get Robux with a Roblox Gift Card and become a game creator

Roblox game still with tons of creative characters all in unique skins.

Roblix is perfect for ages: 7+ and for children who express an interest in programming, and who are curious about the world and solving complex problems.

Roblox is mostly played on: Mobile phones, but also available for Xbox One, PC, Mac and Amazon devices.

Is your child one of the 43 million daily players that just cannot get enough of Roblox? We wouldn’t be surprised! But still, you may not know exactly what Roblox entails. Roblox is a go-to online platform for many kid gamers. It is one of the most successful video games out there, but what makes it so popular?

Well, the colorful worlds and countless games to play keep kids coming back for more. Additionally, they can choose from games created by players just like them, or even build their own! Theme parks, races, fashion shows - you name it, a Roblox game has or can be built. Good to know for parents: the parental guidance options in that game are top-notch.

And, Roblox can be an environment in which children can really learn and enjoy their hobbies. It is a great game to teach children how to create their own games and with courses available for parents and children alike, you can always feel connected with your child and their online gaming experience.

Get V-Bucks for that Fortnite lover

A mobile phone with the Fortnite menu screen.

Fornite is perfect for ages: 12+ (though MANY younger players love to play).

Fornite is mostly playable on: PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One Series X|S, Xbox One, Xbox One S, and Xbox One S All-Digital Edition, Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite.

Kids of all ages, as well as more and more grown-ups around the world, are obsessed with this game! It has nearly 350 million players making it one of the most popular online games for kids. Players can team up or go solo in the battle royale challenge. Their goal? Be the last one standing. Fortnite also has a strong and unique social element not found on many other platforms. Besides the battle and creative modes, players can also watch movies together, stream concerts by famous artists and generally, just hang out. It makes it perfect for kids who love to game with friends or are stuck inside.

If there is someone on your Christmas list that loves to play Fortnite, a V-Bucks Card is the way to go. And it does not matter which console they play on because Fortnite allows players to team up from all different platforms, meaning, you can’t go wrong with this one size fits all gift card!

Nintendo eShop Credit to make any Switch owner happy

Nintendo Switch with Mario Kart menu screen.

The Nintendo eShop Card is suitable for: All age groups. This makes it a great choice to get all gamers, provided they possess a Nintendo Switch console.

The Nintendo eShop Card is used for: The Nintendo Switch to buy games, in-game purchases, DLCs and much more.

A perfect gift for kids of all ages. Instead of buying prepaid credit for a specific game, you can also gift it to their favorite console or device! A Nintendo eShop Card does just that. Your child will not be limited to one specific game as their card can be applied to a variety of Nintendo in-game content and even for games themselves! Zelda, Mario, Pokémon - all the favorites are there. You can even head over to the eShop and grab a Switch Online Subscription so your child can play various games in online mode with their friends.

If your kid is like most kids these days and absolutely obsessed with Pokémon, they would definitely enjoy a Nintendo eShop Card in their stocking this year. There are tons of games to choose from in the eShop like Pokémon Scarlet, Pokémon Violet and Arceus Legends! To help your little one get the most out of these games and more, you could give them a Nintendo Switch Membership with access to online gaming and tons of exclusive downloadable content.

Christmas gift cards for teens

PlayStation Gift Card is the perfect gift for teenagers

PlayStation 4 controllers against a white background.

The PSN Gift Card is perfect for: Teenagers and tweens alike.

The PSN Gift Card is mostly used on: PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4.

A PSN Gift Card is a great Christmas gift for children from 12 years on. We all witnessed the collective PS5 mania when the new console hit shelves back in 2020. Why not run into the new year with Sonic Frontiers or manage a team to glory in FIFA 23? Give them their choice of these popular titles with PlayStation Store Credit. Whether for online gaming or gaming with family members - you are guaranteed a happy kid, no matter their age, come Christmas!

An Xbox Gift Card is among the top things to get teens for Christmas

Hands holding Xbox controller.

The Xbox Gift Card is ideal for: Teenagers who want to buy some in-game currency and/or subscriptions.

The Xbox Gift Card is used on: Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and Xbox 360.

This gift card is a good option for but you don’t want to link your Visa or Mastercard to their account. It is also excellent for younger gamers with titles like Plants vs. Zombies, The Sims 4, Minecraft, Spyro, Rocket League, Disney Adventure and more available on the Xbox console. And don’t forget the Just Dance series, perfect to get your offspring up and moving while gaming. An Xbox Gift Card gives them access to all these titles and more. Gamers can use it for all sorts of Xbox content. Games, DLCs (downloadable content), and even physical merchandise like consoles and accessories! I mean, the Xbox One is the most popular game console out there for a reason. The list of available games is massive; you can give your gamer a whole library of them! Try adding an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Gift Card for a subscription to new games every month.

All hail the mobile game revolution

An Apple Gift Card or Google Play Card is ideal for: Teenagers and young adults who spent a lot of time on their phones.

They are used on: iOS or Android mobile phones or tablets.

If the kids you want to buy presents for have access to a mobile phone (maybe their own or if they constantly ask for yours) then you are aware that more and more young gamers today prefer to game on their phones. Trending games like Pokémon Go!, PUBG Mobile, Among Us, Candy Crush Saga, Subway Surfer, Garena Free Fire and more are in the hands and on the screens of countless kids. So if you need a gift for a player on the move, Google Play Credit for Android or an Apple Gift Card for iOS is the way to go. Whether a stocking stuffer or the main present, these gift cards come in many denominations to suit every need.

Make your pick from all the Christmas gift cards and choose what your kids will love

We hope this list covers it all for you, from game credits to memberships to video game titles and platforms all kids love. So you are sure to find what you, or better – they – are looking for. Give them the games and content they actually want, while still making it personal! Just get your digital gift card on Dundle, design it, print it out and they will still have something lovely to “unwrap” come Christmas morning. So if you need the perfect last-minute gift, stocking stuffer, secret Santa gift, or gift from afar for kids of all ages - grab a gaming gift card and cross one more off the list!

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