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NOV 28 2022

Last-Minute Going-Away Gifts This Christmas

So you’re friends or family have left the nest, they have gone in search of greener pastures, and you want to get them something meaningful this Christmas. Their IG is flooded with pictures of smiles, sunsets and sunrises (tequila sunrises that is). Actually, the ex-pat life is not always as paradisiacal as it seems. Keeping in touch with them is difficult enough, but now you have to figure out the right gift to get. We believe that Gift cards if done right is a great gift for ex-pats. Not only do you show you care, but you give them the freedom of choice. Continue reading to find out some of the best going-away gift ideas that will cheer a loved one up this Christmas!

How to send a gift card internationally

Sending a digital gift card internationally is extremely easy and convenient. Buy a digital gift card online, choose an excellent design and personal message for that special someone, and that’s it! Usually, you receive the gift card code via email. It works for all sorts of gift cards like payment gift cards e.g. Visa and Mastercard, gaming gift cards and also fashion gift cards like Zalando. Your heart is probably now set on sending a digital gift card for that friend leaving the country, pick one from the list below and let them go wild!

The Amazon Gift Card - A great gift for a friend moving overseas

An Amazon Gift Card truly is a magical gift to get your family or friends in another country. They literally have everything and anything from travel wallets to home decorations, backpacks, and maybe even some Christmas decorations to add a touch of home if they cannot get back for the holidays. An Amazon Gift Card really gives the ultimate choice of freedom to your lucky recipient to buy for their needs. It is super convenient and with instant email delivery, you don’t have to worry about your package arriving on time for the big day!

A man and a woman standing outside a yellow building wearing streetwear clothing. The man has brown, braided hair wearing a white t-shirt and navy tracksuit pants. The woman has auburn curls and wears a black t-shirt tucked into black sweatpants.

Clothing gift cards so they can wrap up or dress down!

Moving abroad is tough, maybe they didn’t have enough space in their suitcase to bring ALL their clothes with them. Or, maybe they didn’t realize how cold/warm their destination would be. Just buy them a gift card to show that you care and remember their favorite go-to brands which define their style.

With so many clothing brands offering global shipping, your gift card will be well received. A Zalando Gift Card, a Patagonia Gift Card or Nike Gift Cards would be well received by most, giving them multiple styles to choose from.

A living room with a lot of natural light has beige tones throughout. From right to left, it features a standing lamp, a woven basket, a sofa and coffee table, a large plant pot, and an armchair.

IKEA - A going away gift idea to settle them in

If you’ve ever bought furniture, you are sure to have heard of IKEA. An affordable furniture store that can really help you get set up with all the essentials you need when moving to a new country. An IKEA Gift Card is a great way to help that friend or family member get settled in a foreign country while letting them choose their own style of furniture. Helpful for beds, tables, curtains, wash baskets, chairs and much, much more. You can always check if one is nearby to make sure an IKEA Gift Card will be a good gift for them.

‘All I Want For Christmas Is Food’

You can’t think of Christmas without the dinner. The two go hand-in-hand. So, a good gift to get Expats this Christmas is a food delivery gift card. With many ex-pats not making it home for the holidays, a Deliveroo Gift Card, Uber Gift Card, or Just Eat Gift Card will be noticed and well received. Don’t just take it from me, see the benefits of using food delivery gift cards for yourself. Showing that you think about them, and how it may feel to not be home for Christmas can go a long way, and with these gift cards, you will do just that.

A red/pink coffee with love heard foam placed on a wooden table next to evergreen leaves, snow-covered pine cones and red apples.

Keep it Local - Practical gifts for someone moving abroad

Keeping with the theme of food, another option at your disposal is to buy your ex-pat friend or family member a gift card to a local cafe or restaurant they’ve been telling you about for months. Many of these smaller businesses often have digital gift cards which they are sure to love. Not only do you get them a gift card for a place they know and love, but it also shows how much you have been listening. As an international team, this a gift we would like to receive from out friends and family back home! Staying connected when so far away is difficult, but this thoughtful gesture would go a long way. Leave some hints, and who knows, maybe there will be a gift card for your favorite coffee spot under the tree this year.

Where words fail, music speaks

A music subscription may not be the first thing that comes to mind, but music can be really helpful when homesickness or culture shock inevitably kicks in. In short, music can let you travel home in mind and soul. Whether you want to listen to podcasts from your favorite radio stations or artists and genres native to your home country, a music subscription can help. Whether it's for Apple Music or Spotify, a gift card for a music subscription will be a present they didn’t know they needed.

Keep your friend updated with all their favorite songs from their favorite local artists, and podcasters Even the sound of a familiar voice can be enough to get you through to the next day when you’re feeling down.

A VPN - So they can travel anywhere and everywhere

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) lets people mask their location while online. What does this mean for your friend or family member abroad? I’m glad you asked, a VPN will let your friend or family member abroad watch T.V. channels or movies for programs and films that are exclusively available on streaming platforms in their home country.

This gift is more than just gifting them more titles to watch, it keeps them connected with friends and family back home with the major talking points from territorial-bound content.

Ex-pats not Ex-pals

Expats are gone but shouldn’t be forgotten. Make sure Santa Claus is coming (to their) town! Getting a gift card for that friend or family member abroad will go a long way by warming their heart this Christmas. If these gift cards don’t tickle your fancy, fear not, we have articles about the best gifts for men, for young gamers and [the ultimate 10 gift cards for Christmas]{https://dundle.com/magazine/en/ultimate-list-of-holiday-giftcards/). So, while the weather outside might be frightful but our ultimate last-minute Christmas gift card list is delightful.

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Written by Ryan Kinlough