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MAR 10 2022

8 Benefits of Using Food Delivery Gift Cards Online

Since the first meal was ordered online in the 1990s from Pizza Hut, the food delivery market has never stopped evolving, offering more convenience, features and efficiency to the consumer. The days of ordering directly from the restaurant are behind us! Since waiter.com, the first meal delivery service, launched in 1995, many other third-party companies have followed suit around the world.

Restaurant delivery is everywhere and the global online food delivery service market has been growing 300% faster than dine-in traffic since 2014! This growth is directly linked to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, but also associated with the increase of smartphone use around the world. These days, it's almost impossible to leave the house without crossing paths with colorful delivery riders carrying large square backpacks filled with food from your favorite restaurants.

Food delivery is becoming a social norm for all generations. Recent studies show that we are not about to lose the habit of ordering online, even if the lockdown restrictions are easing up. However, you can take your online food delivery habit one step further and take advantage of all the benefits of paying with prepaid credit with a digital gift card. Read on to discover the benefits of food delivery eGift cards not only for yourself, but also why they’re great to give to your friends and loved ones as a special treat because who doesn’t enjoy the gift of food?

Here are 8 Reasons to use Food Gift Cards

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If your credit card is directly linked to your food app account, you may have already noticed how easy it is to lose control of your expenses and go crazy with ordering food every day. Paying with a prepaid food card may be the perfect solution for you. Beyond being fantastic gifts, prepaid credit works just like traditional methods in food delivery apps. In fact, they are the smartest payment option. Here are the top reasons why:

1. Pick the one you want: Most popular food delivery services accept gift cards as a payment method.

2. Pay in advance and use your food credit when you want.

3. Pay the way you want: You can choose your favorite payment method to purchase your food credit. Some online retailers, like Dundle, offer you the option to pay for eGift cards with phone credit, SMS or even cryptocurrencies.

4. No need to have a credit card to order food online.

5. Stay safe online: Not linking your credit or debit cards keep your bank details private.

6. Control your budget: You prevent overspending thanks to a prepaid balance. Decide your budget in advance and pay no more! Your figure may also appreciate the spending limit. Any remaining credit will be safely stored in your account for future delicious deliveries.

7. Treat your loved ones: Gift food delivery credit to the person you want; whether it is your foodie friend, your child, who just moved out and is not experienced in the kitchen quite yet or an elder you are looking out for!

8. Take it easy: They are super simple to use, and you don’t face the risk of losing them as with physical gift cards. Check this useful guide on how to use eGift cards if you are not familiar with them and then just enjoy your meal!

Make Sure Children & Students Eat Well With Food Delivery eGift Cards

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The digital space is nothing new for young people, right? They'll know how to use an eGift card to treat themselves. And think about the kids who don't have their own payment system yet: they'll be thrilled to order their meal online like adults! And at the same time, they’re ordering their favorite foods, they’re also learning to maintain a budget. Are you going out and want to make your teenagers' night at home unique? Then offer them prepaid credit to order their favorite meal via their smartphone. They will love you for coming up with this great idea and having the freedom to choose their desired cuisine, whether it be fast food or from their favorite local restaurant!

This is also a smart gift to give to students, whether they want to organize a special party with friends or order their meal during exams to save time. Beyond the traditional pizza and burgers, today more and more restaurants offer healthy and nutritious meals for delivery. So with this treat, you can be sure that they will eat well and have enough energy even for the longest nights in the library. Check out these 20 graduation gift ideas for more inspiration.

Treat Your Friends Abroad With the Right Food Delivery Gift Card

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Food delivery gift cards aren't just for you, kids or students. Everybody enjoys being treated to a good meal! They are the perfect gift to give to everyone you know, no matter where they live! After all, what unifies friends more than a good meal? Make your friends happy by giving them food prepaid credit that they can use in their country to order local favorites.

No idea which gift card is the best to give to someone living in the US, Australia, UK, Europe, China or India? We have you covered; with so many card options, there is something for everyone, no matter their location.. Follow this guide to the 3 most popular food delivery services in each region.

Top 3 Delivery Food Services Around the World

A table showing the 3 most popular foo delivery services in the United States, Australia, Europe, China and India

Now that you know all the possibilities that food gift cards have to offer, you only have to decide which one you want to try first! So don’t hesitate to use them to treat yourself safely, or to give them to your children and friends as a gift. Many vendors even allow you to include a personal message at checkout when you buy gift cards. Plus, now you are familiar with which are the best food delivery gift cards to give around the world. So you can’t go wrong! No matter what they’re craving and when – a food delivery gift card will hit the spot.