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DEC 1 2022

12 Creative Last-Minute Christmas Gifts For Girlfriends

Last-minute Christmas gifts for her

We don’t judge; it can happen to anyone. Even to me! Although I had it on my “to-do list” since November, somehow, I still didn’t manage to find the perfect gift for partner on time. Sounds familiar? If so, no worries! Things just happen during such a busy time as Christmas. Deadlines at work or preparing holidays can make people lose the holiday spirit and even forget about getting presents on time. That’s why we are here for the rescue with a bunch of last-minute gift ideas that you can implement even now. Dig into the ultimate gift guide for your partner to save the (Christmas) day!

A Christmas present with red bow and lights around

How to get last minute Christmas gifts for women?

Fast shipping is your best friend

The Christmas clock is ticking, and you’re trying to figure out where to get last-minute gifts? Well, luckily for you, it's a good thing many companies have fast shipping options. Amazon, for example, can deliver your goods within just a few days. And if you really need your package asap, consider getting Amazon Prime and play it safe this holiday season!

A personalized gift card is always a good idea

If you know what your loved ones like, it’s easy to make them happy with prepaid credit for their favorite stores. What’s more, you can even personalize your gift card, by adding a special message and unique template. It’s primarily a good option for those who value practical presents. Overall, giving your beloved ones an opportunity to choose whatever they want, can’t go wrong! And well, you can do it at home, without leaving bed!

Whether you prefer to go with a physical present or a digital gift card, you can surely find some ideas here. Although we focused on moms and girlfriends, for sure these ideas will be useful also for other women in your life!

Best Christmas gifts for your girlfriend

When you’re in love, you definitely want to spoil your partner with something meaningful and thoughtful. Even if you’re running out of time and lack ideas, there are still plenty of things you can get in order to make her happy this Christmas! Feel free to even combine the ideas in order to create the perfect gift set!

Digital gifts: Spotify's subscription with extra playlist

This one is definitely a go-to for all romantic souls out there! Spoil your partner with a playlist of the songs that remind you of her and the memories you share. Or maybe just a list of Christmas hits that you can enjoy during Christmas Eve? You know best what she will love and appreciate! If she doesn't have Spotify already, buy her some Spotify credit, and she can listen to how much you love her 24-7! The perfect holiday gift if you ask us!

-> Buy Spotify credit

A handing holding a phone with icons of YouTube, Spotify and Shazam displayed on the screen

Prepaid credit for her favorite apps

Nowadays, everything is digital, and we love it! If your partner does as well, she will definitely love she will definitely love some extra credit for her favorite apps! Maybe she’s all into photo or video editing? Or loves mobile games? Whatever she needs, Play Store and Apple Store have plenty of options to choose from.

-> Check Apple Store gift card

-> Check Google Play gift card

A message from her favorite celebrity

If you’re seeking last-minute Christmas gifts for your girlfriend, this one can be a perfect choice. Let’s be honest; who wouldn’t like to have a chance to see their favorite actor or signer wishing them Merry Christmas? Surprise your girlfriend with a video where the celebrity she likes most tells her some nice, personalized words! On Cameo you can find actors, singers, athletes, comedians, Tiktok creators and many more who are willing to send a short video to their fans. The prices can vary from 5$ to even a 1000$, so surly you can find something for your budget. And the best part? If you choose a fast delivery, you can receive the video in less than 24 hours!

-> Check out Cameo

An opportunity to learn something new

Maybe you heard your partner mentioning that she would like to learn a new skill. The good news is, the internet is full of opportunities! It doesn’t matter if she wants to learn a new language or how to edit photos. Many websites offer professional courses that one can take, choosing the topic, duration, and price according to their needs. t doubles up as both a practical and unique gift!

-> Check online courses on Udemy

-> Check how to gift an online Udemy course as a present

A gift card for all fashionistas

Here’s the thing. No matter their age or style, women, in general, always like to receive new clothes, accessories or shoes. The problem is choosing something she actually needs. You can either take a risk which can go terribly wrong, or simply get her a gift card to spend on her favorite shops. By recognising brands and the style she likes you will show her that you care and notice these everyday things. No matter if she needs a pair of warm gloves or is already looking for summer dresses. For example, Zalando has many stores in one place, so you there are a lot of variety. Street fashion is sorta my go to and they often have great sales! Maybe she can even save it for Black Friday next year?

-> Buy Zalando gift card

Personal lessons with experts

Udemy mentioned before is great, but if your partner prefers one-by-one approach, there is also something for her! On Fiverr you can find experts from all over the world who can share with you their profession. Even though the platform is mostly for freelancers offering their services, rather than lessons, you can still find many interesting topics. Book for your loved one a personal meeting with an actor, fashion advisor, singing teacher and many more!

-> Check out Fiverr

Last Minute Gifts For Your Girlfriend

Cozy pajamas or leggings for cold nights

Cute Christmas gifts for your girlfriend are definitely something worth looking into! And what’s better than spending cold evenings wearing fluffy, comfy leggings or pajamas that will turn every cold evening into a cozy one? We have a long winter ahead, so make sure to keep your partner warm!

-> Find best-selling pajama set

-> Find warm leggings

Romantic jewelry

They say that diamonds are forever, but thankfully, you don’t have to buy diamonds in order to give your partner something meaningful! Choose a bracelet, necklace or a pair of earrings with something that reminds you of your partner. Maybe she loves minimalistic, rose gold jewelry or, on the contrary, bright and full of zirconias? Well, you know best!

-> Find earrings

-> Find bracelets

-> Find necklaces

Woman’s hands and neck showing golden ring and a necklace

Jewelry box

Speak of jewelry… Women love to have a choice when it comes to their accessorize, but the question is, where to put all these beautiful brackets and rings? This Christmas, make sure that she will have a safe place to store her belongings. A jewelry box that will fit the aesthetic of her bedroom is something that many women would love to have! Add some extra

-> Find jewelry box

Two-in-one electronic hair device

Having one device that can do multiple things with our hair? Yes, please! Sometimes you just need a volumizer, sometimes a curler… Having two-in-one device is a very thoughtful gift if your girlfriend also values practical items that she can use, for example, while traveling.

-> Find hair dryer and straightener set

-> Find hair dryer and curler set

-> Find hair dryer and diffuser

Mini projector to create at-home cinema

Romantic movie marathons for the two of us? Girls night with the best rom-coms? Or just a solo binge-watching of the newest Netflix’s hit? Whatever she prefers, a mini projector will be a great way to convert any basic evening into a home cinema!

-> Find mini projectors

Instax mini camera

Let her bring a 90s vibe to every event and enjoy collecting memories thanks to instant photos. This compact camera gained a lot of popularity in recent years, and it’s totally understandable. You simply can’t go wrong with this one!

-> Find Instax mini

Men’s hands holding a Christmas present with golden bow, wrapped in a silver paper with cartoon Santa and deer, alongside the card with “Secret Santa” written on it

Bring a smile to her face with these last-minute Christmas gift for her

With this last-minute Christmas gifts for women you will surely bring a smile to her face! Don’t worry about lack of time and just choose whatever suits her best from our list; no matter if it’s digital, like a gift card or a membership, or a physician present. After all, what matters most is the gesture itself. And if you need more gifts ideas, check out the best last-minute gift ideas, gift ideas for men, mom, children and gamers.

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