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MAY 23 2024

How to Buy PUBG UC with Google Play Balance: A Step-by-Step Guide

As any avid PUBG Mobile player knows, having more UC (Unknown Cash) is essential for unlocking premium items, upgrading your pass, and getting those coveted skins, giving you that winning edge. If you don’t want to link a bank account, however, you could run into some problems getting UC fast. But, did you know you can easily buy UC using your Google Play balance? Here’s a friendly guide to help you do just that, along with some handy tips to ensure a smooth transaction, getting you one step closer to winner winner chicken dinner!

Can I buy PUBG UC with a Google Play Gift Card?

Yes, you can, and it’s a breeze! Here’s how to top up your PUBGM account with more UC fast using a Google Play balance instead:

1. Top Up Your Google Play Balance

  • Purchase a Google Play Gift Card from a reputable source like dundle.

  • Redeem the gift card by opening the Google Play Store app, tapping on your profile icon, and selecting “Payments & subscriptions” and then “Redeem gift code.”

  • Enter the code from your gift card and tap “Redeem.”

Note: You can also top up your Google Play Account directly from the Google Play Store itself.

2. Open PUBG Mobile

  • Launch the PUBG Mobile app on your device.

  • Log in with your Google Play Store account.

3. Go to the UC Purchase Screen

  • Tap on the UC icon located at the top of the main screen.

  • Choose the amount of UC you wish to purchase.

4. Select Google Play Balance as the Payment Method

  • When prompted to select a payment method, choose Google Play balance.

  • Confirm your purchase and complete the transaction.

Congratulations, you now have your UC and are ready to dominate the battleground!

Troubleshooting: Issues with Getting UC Using Google Play Balance

It should not, but it can occasionally happen that, players might encounter issues when trying to purchase UC with their Google Play balance. Here are four common reasons and how to resolve them:

1. Account Linking Issues: Ensure you are logged in with your Google Play Store account. Your PUBG Mobile account must be linked to a Google Play account. To link your account, go to the Settings menu in PUBG Mobile, select “Account,” then “Link Account,” and follow the instructions.

  1. Gift Card Region Mismatch: The payment profile country on your Google Play account must match the country where the gift card was purchased. If you bought a gift card from another country, it might not work.

3. Insufficient Balance: Ensure you have enough funds in your Google Play balance to cover the UC purchase. If your balance is low, add more funds by buying a Google Play Gift Card from an official reseller like dundle and redeem it.

4. Regional Restrictions: Some regions may block UC purchases due to local regulations. If you’re in a restricted region like India or Pakistan, you won’t be able to buy UC. Consider using a VPN to change your location or check for other regional policies that might affect your purchase.

dundle tip: If your Google Play balance is for any of the reasons above not usable, don’t worry, you can still buy a PUBG Gift Card online to avoid linking your credit card or Google Play balance in the mobile game.

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Benefits of Using Google Play Balance

Using Google Play balance to buy UC offers several advantages:

- Safe: Keep your credit card out of in-app purchases to avoid overspending and protect your financial information.

- Flexible: Use your balance not only for UC but also for other hobbies like music, ebooks, movies, and apps.

- Endless Validity: Your Google Play credit never expires, so you can use it whenever you want.

Unlock Endless Possibilities with Google Play Gift Cards

Using a Google Play Gift Card is a straightforward and secure way to buy UC for PUBG Mobile. Not only does it keep your credit card safe, but it also offers flexibility for various purchases across the Google Play Store. Remember, there are no service fees on Google Play Gift Cards on dundle for several specific countries, making it an even better option. Want even more tips for getting more UC? Allow us to recommend you to read the article to know more where to buy cheap UC online. Head over to dundle, get your Google Play Gift Card from 5 to 100$, and start stacking up your UC today!