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MAR 4 2024

What can I buy with a Google Play Card?

A Google Play Card is your gateway to purchasing items on the Google Play Store, where thousands of digital products are at your fingertips. But did you know that you can purchase other digital goods and services using these credits? From streaming services to audiobooks, Google Play credits offer many opportunities. Let’s dive into common questions about using Google Play Gift Cards, including what you can spend it on and where.

What is a Google Play Gift Card used for?

A Google Play Card is used to unlock thousands of hours of entertainment on the Google Play Store. Android and Apple users alike can redeem their Google Play credits online. The Google Play Store app is readily available and automatically included on Android devices, and these folks can easily use their credits on the app. While a Google Play Gift Card can only be redeemed on Android devices, thanks to the Google TV app and Google Play Books extension, iOS users can access tons of Google Play products.

What can you buy with Google Play credits?

The Google Play Store hosts thousands of apps, games, movies, TV shows, books, and audiobooks that you can purchase with Google Play credit. Redeem a Google Play Credit to your account and dive into endless entertainment. But that’s not all! Read more to see where else you can use a Google Play balance.

Where can I spend a Google Play Gift Card?

Pay for your favourite subscriptions

You can use Google Play credits to pay for subscriptions and digital services like YouTube Premium, Disney+, and Fitbit Premium. Try out a new subscription and pay with your Google Play Credit to avoid those annoying auto renewals. Whether you're looking to enjoy ad-free videos or access exclusive content, a Google Play Card provides a convenient way to cover the cost of your subscriptions.

Expert tip: Make sure that the subscription service accepts Google Play as a payment method, to get access to your entertainment hassle-free!

Mobile Apps and Games

Google Play Store is home to millions of mobile apps and games, with something for everybody to enjoy. A Google Play Card lets you easily purchase your favourite apps or games without the need for a credit or debit card. Whether you love immersive games such as Minecraft, Stardew Valley, or Terraria or if you’re looking for productivity tools, the Play Store has something for everyone.

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Digital Books and Magazines

For bookworms and magazine enthusiasts, Google Play Books offers a huge library of digital content. Whether you're into best-selling novels, academic textbooks, or the latest magazines, you can use your Google Play Card to access an extensive collection across many genres. Audiobooks and eBooks allow you to enjoy all the literature you want, without the struggle of storage space.

Movies and TV Shows

Google Play Movies & TV boasts an impressive catalogue of movies and TV shows, including the latest blockbusters, timeless classics, and popular TV series. Rent or purchase digital copies of your favourite films or download them for offline viewing. Whenever you buy a movie or TV show on the Google Play Store, you can also watch it on the Google TV App and YouTube. For Apple enthusiasts, just download the Google TV app, and you too, can purchase movies and TV shows with Google credit.

In-Game Currency and Premium Apps

Stuck on a level of your favourite game or interested in removing those pesky in-app ads? You can spend your Google Play credit on the premium version of your favourite apps to access ad-free content, buy virtual goods, or unlock levels within a game. You can even customize your gaming experience by purchasing in-game currency, power-ups, skins, and other items for popular mobile games. Use your credits on games such as MONOPOLY GO! And even use Google Play on Roblox, to enhance your gameplay today!

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