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JUN 3 2024

How to Avoid Getting Scammed in PUBG Mobile

Want to max out your PUBG Mobile account but don’t want to shell out for Unknown Cash (UC)? That is totally understandable. But, hey, you have options. So before you fall into a “too good to be true” scenario, let us lend a hand. Don’t fall for those tempting websites promising free UC – you might end up with a hacked account and all your hard-earned progress down the drain. Let’s dive into the wild world of PUBG Mobile scams and how you can dodge them like a pro!

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Typical Scams in PUBG Mobile

Scammers are after your personal information, including access to your social media accounts. A high-profile PUBG Mobile account, especially one with many friends, is a goldmine for them. Don’t allow scammers to continue their schemes within your social circle–or worse hack your banking information–stay vigilant against schemes by keeping your eyes open for these common scams.

Free UC Giveaways (the fake ones)

You’ve seen them on social media – flashy posts claiming you can win heaps of UC or epic skins. All they need is your account info or for you to visit a shady site. Spoiler alert: it’s a trap! These giveaways are a front to snag your account or sneak malware onto your device. A legit giveaway like the one’s held here on dundle, will never ask for your personal information, especially your log in or gaming account.

PUBG Imposter Scams

Not everyone online is who they say they are. Some scammers pretend to be fellow gamers, sometimes even acting flirty to gain your trust, a typical romance scam. They’ll chat you up, ask for gifts, or send you dodgy links. Stay smart – don’t share personal info or get too cozy with strangers.

Free UC Generators

Ah, the mythical UC generator. It promises endless UC at the click of a button. In reality, it’s a one-way ticket to a hacked account. Alas, there’s no magic trick for free UC – stay clear of these scams, they will only leave you empty handed.

PUBG Mods: A Trojan Horse in Disguise

Tempted by mods or cheats? Think twice. These can come bundled with nasty malware, compromising your device’s security and potentially leading to data theft. Stick to the official game version to keep your gear safe.

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How to Avoid PUBG Mobile Scams

Once you know the warning signs, it’s easy to swerve scammers. Here’s how to guarantee that your PUBG Mobile account and hard-earned money stays secure:

  • Stay in the Know: Follow the latest from official PUBG Mobile channels. If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Double-check any offer before signing up.

  • Lock Down Your Account: Use strong, unique passwords and enable two-factor authentication if you can. This gives your account an extra shield against intruders.

  • Question Unsolicited Offers: Be sceptical! Verify any partnerships and giveaways through official PUBG Mobile channels before engaging.

  • Report Suspicious Stuff: If something feels off or you encounter a scam, report it to PUBG Mobile’s support team. You’ll be helping protect yourself and your fellow players.

How to Get Unknown Cash Safely

Always get UC the legit way! We know free things are amazing, but PUBG UC is an in-game currency, which means the most legit way to get it, is to pay for it. But there is good news: you can also win UC during official PUBG Mobile events, or follow official PUBG UC retailers, like dundle for actual giveaways. Check out dundle on Instagram and you just might encounter one.

Buy UC on dundle, a Certified Seller

When you buy PUBG UC on dundle, you purchase from a certified PUBG Mobile partner. That means you’ll get 100% legit codes every time. And we’ll never ask for your personal account information, so you can rest assured your account stays locked down. You can even gift a PUBG UC Gift Card to your gamer friends. Try it today!

Don’t Freefall for “Free UC”

To keep your PUBG Mobile experience top-notch, only get UC through legit purchases, verified wins, or confirmed partnerships. Shortcuts and suspicious offers are just shortcuts to trouble. By following these tips, you’ll stay safe and keep dominating the battlegrounds.

Remember, when in doubt, check it out! Want to know more about potential scams and how to avoid them? Check out our article on 8 Tips for Avoiding Scams. You can rely on dundle Magazine for tips to stay savvy, stay safe, and stay happy while gaming!

Alayna Gill
Written by Alayna Gill