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MAY 21 2024

How to Gift UC in PUBG Mobile to Another Player

Maybe it's a birthday, or maybe you're just feeling generous. Whatever the reason, you can never go wrong with gifting your friends extra PUBG Mobile UC. With PUBG’s in-game currency, players can buy skins, costumes, crates, and other useful items in the game—the perfect gift for any passionate PUBG player! So, let's get into the world of gifting UC so you know exactly how to give that beloved Unknown Cash whenever you feel in a giving mood!

Can I gift UC directly in PUBG?

Well, that’s the thing. While you cannot send another player's UC directly through the app, it is possible to send in-game items to another player. So you send them the UC by way of valuable items. Still prefer giving UC to another player? Don’t give up because you can easily gift your friends a PUBG UC Gift Card! Find a trusted reseller where you can buy as much UC as you need. On websites like right here on dundle, you can even buy up to 40500 UC and many other denominations for the best price!

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How do I gift UC to my friends?

The most important thing is, of course, having a PUBG account! Next up, get ready to buy your gift card and gift it to your friend. It's simple:

  1. Find a trusted reseller online

  2. Choose the amount of credit you want to send

  3. Follow the steps at the check-out to pay

  4. Enter your email to get the code to give or send it straight to your friend!

What about redeeming gifted PUBG UC?

Redeeming the gift card is done on the PUBG redeem page. Here, you fill in your character ID and the code they received, and it's time to enjoy hours of fun! Be sure that you buy your gift card for a friend and not a stranger to avoid getting scammed!

Get the party going and gift PUBG UC to your friends!

Gifting your friend's UC is easy. Thanks to a gift card, you can choose how much you want to give, and it is instantly redeemable. Ready to enjoy all those extras that UC can buy? And if you are good friends, perhaps your friend will buy you some UC too! Otherwise, you can always treat yourself by buying UC on dundle for the best prices. If you want to know more about where to buy UC Cheap or other information, make sure to stay updated on everything that happens at dundle Magazine!

Mandy Meeuwsen