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JUN 9 2020

50 Cool Gift Ideas For Geeky Gamers

Gaming is a hugely popular pastime all around the world. Adults and children alike love video games. In the United States alone, the entertainment software association (esa) reported that over 164 million adults in the US play video games and three-quarters of all Americans have at least one gamer in their household. In the same study, the esa also reports that 65% of American adults play video games and of that percentage, 46% of the gamers are female, while 54% are male.

Clearly gaming is a huge part of our culture, so what kind of gift do you purchase for the gamer in your life? Whether you are personally interested in games or not, the decision of what to buy for a gamer can be daunting. With a wide range of games, devices, accessories and personal preferences, the list of potential gaming gifts is huge. To help make your decision a little easier, we have rounded up the perfect list of 50 cool gift ideas for gamers that are sure to be a hit.

50 Gift Ideas For Gamers

Nintendo Switch

1: Nintendo Switch Console & Gear: The Nintendo Switch is one of the hottest gaming consoles in the world right now. If you are looking to splurge, a switch console is a no brainer to please every gamer. If you are shopping for someone who already owns a Nintendo Switch, consider treating them to some gear to go along with their console.

Nintendo Switch Gear

This gear will be a win for any Switch lover.

2: A Nintendo Switch Carrying Case: The cool thing about the Switch is that it can be played in port or on the go. A carrying case makes it easier for Switch players to take their console and games wherever they go. It also helps protect them from accidents. You can find Nintendo Switch carrying cases on Amazon or anywhere Switch is sold.

3: An Extra Charger: If you are buying a gift for a gamer who loves to play, the odds are they are used to running the battery low. An extra charger is a great gift idea so they always have more power handy when they need it to keep playing.

4: A Pro Controller: Pro Controllers let Switch players take their play to the next level. These controllers include controls, HD rumble, built-in amiibo functionality, and more.

5: A Gift Card To Nintendo eShop: An instant gift card to the Nintendo eShop will allow your Switch lover to download new games and purchases directly from their Nintendo Switch console.

Nintendo Switch standing up in a bright room

Gifts For The Retro Gamer

Remember when video games were played on a computer keyboard before gaming consoles became a thing? Then the gaming world introduced us to games like Frogger on Atari, a spunky little guy out to save a princess with Mario on Nintendo and a hedgehog named Sonic on the Sega Genesis. Now you can purchase a little nostalgia with throwback editions of the gaming consoles you grew up on. These gifts are sure to spark memories and ensue fun times had by all.

6: Atari: Atari takes us old school with their reintroduced Atari Flashback 8 Gold DELUXE. This retro console comes preloaded with 120 Games and includes 2 Controllers and 2 Paddles. It is available from WalMart and other major retailers.

7: Nintendo: Remember when you had to blow on your game cartridges to keep playing? The NES Classic is all the original Nintendo fun, without the loss of oxygen. It comes loaded with 30 of your favorite classic NES games and a controller that will definitely bring back memories. The game system is also small and portable, so retro gamers can bring it along to be the hit of any social event. NES Class is available from Nintendo and most major retailers.

8: Sega Genesis: Calling all Sonic Hedgehog fans, the Sega Genesis Mini allows players to jump back into their favorite Sega classic games right out of the box. The Mini console comes with 2 wired control pads, a USB power adapter, power cable, HDMI cable, and 40 of your favorite Genesis games. Find it at Best Buy and other major retailers.

Gaming Memorabilia

Gamers love games. That extends beyond just playing them too. Help the gamers in your life celebrate their love for gaming with memorabilia they can use to decorate their spaces, sip their coffee from or even wear. This list of gaming memorabilia is perfect for the gamers on your shopping list.

9: Amiibos: Amiibo brings toys-to-life with Nintendo. Wireless communications connect these figurines to Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, and Nintendo Switch video game consoles. Look for them anywhere Nintendo is sold.

10: Video Game Figures: Video game lovers will love to receive the action figures from their video games. Many video game figures are also collectible so this could be one gift that will gain value down the road.

11: Limited Edition Items: Limited edition video game gear is an awesome gift to receive. Not only will it earn the receiver bragging rights within their gaming community, they can also increase in value over time. From gaming pcs, limited run games, to limited edition gaming consoles, any gamer would be thrilled to receive one of these gifts.

12: Apparel: Gaming gear that you can wear? Yes, please! Gamers will love to receive t-shirts, hats, hoodies and more.

13: Mugs: What gamer wouldn’t want to sip their favorite coffee or tea from a mug that supports their favorite game or maybe shares a little fun, gamer slang? Check out Etsy for some fun gaming mug options.

14: Nightlights: Kids and adults alike will appreciate a game related nightlight as a gift. Whether Mario & Luigi are helping ward off Kupa Troopers from under the bed, or your favorite Pokémon is helping you find the bathroom at night, this practical gift will be a hit.

15: Comics: Comics and video games kind of go hand in hand. Afterall, video games are essentially comics that have come to life on the screen. Treat your favorite gamer to a really cool comic book or special collection.

16: Posters/Wall Hangs: Whether they are decorating their bedroom, game room, or apartment. Game related posters and wall hangs are just the thing to add that finishing touch to a gamer’s space. Amazon and Etsy both offer great selections of gaming wall decor.

17: Vinyl Stickers: Stickers are a huge hit, no matter the age. Kids always love stickers and adults love to plaster them on their laptops, travel coffee mugs, water tumblers and more. How about a vinyl sticker pack from their favorite video game? This is an idea that will definitely stick.

18: Jewelry: Both guys and gals will love receiving a little gaming bling as a gift for any occasion. Word of Warcraft fans will love a pendant necklace that shows their alliance. You can also find lots of fun earrings and more.

A collection of colorful comicbooks

Gaming Accessories

There are also loads of accessories that gamers would love to receive as a gift. These gift ideas offer cool options to support and facilitate enhanced game play. From headsets to state-of-the-art gaming desks, this list covers everything.

19: New Headset: Headsets make it easy to communicate when you play games online with other players. If you are buying for someone who really likes to game, the odds are, they wear their headsets out pretty quick, so replacements are always welcome.

20: Mechanical Keyboards: Mechanical keyboards are built to be high quality and lasting. They usually have spring activated key switches that can handle frequent and heavy usage.

21: High-End Graphics Cards: High-end graphics cards are designed to be built into your gaming PC so you can experience high quality graphics during game play. These would be a welcomed gift for any gamer. Just be sure they have a gaming PC before you shop!

22: Gaming Mouse: A gaming mouse is built for speed, control and comfort. Not your typical computer mouse, these are built for enhanced play. Many light up with a variety of colors for a more unique gaming experience.

23: VR Headsets: Virtually reality allows gamers to go inside the game and experience it like they are actually living it. If you need help shopping, PCMag created a list of the best VR headsets for 2020.

24: Larger Hard Drive / External Hard Drive: Frequent game playing can take up a lot of space on your computer. Giving the gift of a larger external hard drive or new external hard drive will ensure that game play can go on!

25: Laptop Cooling Pad: Laptops are great for portable game play, but they can actually get quite warm when running on battery power, which then drains the battery more. A laptop cooling pad helps keep things cool for extended hours of play. Amazon carries a wide selection of cooling pads to choose from.

26: New Controllers: Serious gamers know that controllers can wear out quickly. The gift of new controllers is always a welcomed one.

27: Wireless Headsets: Wireless headsets are great because they mean that you do not have to be tethered to your gaming console while you play. Consider purchasing a wireless headset so that the gamer you are shopping for can sit back and relax while playing.

28: Console Skins: Console skins allow gamers to deck out their gaming consoles in a variety of designs. You can choose from something game related, or perhaps a more subtle design that blends in with their home decor. Check out SkinIt.com for a big selection.

29: Battery Charging Station: All gamers know that you need to keep extra batteries on hand so that your play never gets interrupted. A battery charging station will ensure that they always have access to a freshly charged battery.

30: Wireless Battery Packs: Nothing is worse than being in the middle of a game and realizing that you left your battery or charging cable at home. A wireless battery pack allows gamers to take extra power with them on the go.

31: Customized Controllers: Customized controllers are a great gift for any gamer. You can even create your own design on sites like Evil Controllers.

32: Gaming Chair: You know how having a comfortable office desk chair makes all the difference? The same is true for gaming. A chair that is specifically designed with gaming in mind offers comfortable seating, as well as plenty of other features like adjustable arm rests and built-in speakers make game play relaxing and enjoyable.

33: Gaming Desk: Gaming desks are desks that - you guessed it, are designed with gamers in mind. With shapes and screen areas that are crafted for players to have optimal comfort and vision, a gaming desk is a homerun gift. Check out EvoDesk.

34: Gaming Glasses: Serious gamers can get some serious eye strain. That’s where gaming glasses come in. These glasses are designed to limit eye strain, dry eye and help you sleep better after a binge session on your favorite game. Gunnar has a great selection.

35: LED Display Case: An LED display case for games and memorabilia will allow them to display the favorite collections proudly. These protective cases also come with cool LED backlighting for an extra dramatic effect.

36: Payment Gift Card: If you are not sure what accessories to pick, you can also always get an AMEX or Visa gift card so your gamer can pick out their own favorite accessory.

Gaming mouse


37: Surround Sound: Allow them to feel the action and the rumble when they play when you upgrade their game setup with surround sound.

38: Large Screen: If your gamer has been extra good this year, how about a large screen tv to really size up the way they play. We polled a select group of gamers and according to them, when shopping big, you also want to think about getting a tv with high resolution (4k+), low latency, high refresh rate, curved screen, and LED gaming lights for a little extra effect.

Streaming Game Accessories

If the gamer you are shopping for likes to play streaming games online, there are a few gifts that will definitely enhance their online gaming experience.

39: Wifi Extender: Wifi extenders help the wifi signals in your home reach more areas evenly. Better wifi signals = better game play.

40: Professional Mic: Sound quality is everything so a professional mic allows the gamer’s voice to be crystal clear when they are playing online with friends.

41: Gaming Camera: Gaming cameras are great for online play because they allow players to virtually interact with each other no matter where they might be playing.

42: Green Screen: They’re not just for reporting the weather. Green screens let players transpose themselves onto any background. It enhances the online playing experience and makes games more interactive. Screens vary in price and are widely available on sites like Amazon.

43: Capture Card: Capture cards help you stream and record your online games. Companies like Elgato make it easy to choose the right capture card for every gamer.

44: Stream Deck/Keypad: A stream deck helps you broadcast gaming on sites like Twitch and YouTube. For gamers who like to record and share their play, a stream deck is the ultimate gift.

Streaming setup with a chair, computer, screens, camera and photos on the wall


Gaming subscriptions are the gifts that keep on giving. If the gamer you are shopping for likes to play online, a subscription to their favorite streaming site might be the way to go. You can also buy gaming credits that convert into subscription time.

45: Switch Online: Switch Online memberships come in a variety of different levels. Sites like Dundle (US) offer instant Switch Online gift cards in increments of 3-12 months worth of play.

46: Playstation: PSN cards keep your online play and your data under control. You can purchase PSN gift cards in dollar amounts or get Playstation Plus subscriptions in 3 or 12 month timeframes.

47: XBox Game Pass Ultimate: When you buy an Xbox Game Pass online, you or the recipient receives it instantly via email. Enjoy all the advantages of XBox Live Gold combined with the Game Pass for a better price.

48: Roblox Gift Card: Roblox is a hugely popular game right now for ages 12+. Get instant delivery when you purchase Robux with a Roblox eGift Card that is good toward in-game currency or a premium subscription.

49: WoW Game Time Card: How about 60 days of play for the gamer that likes World of Warcraft? The WoW Game Time Card has been downloaded by over 5.5 million players. Clearly this will be a popular gift choice.

50: Fortnite V-Bucks: Know a Fortnite fan? They will love to receive a Fortnite Gift Card. This gift gives them V-Bucks to top up their account and buy battlepasses, skins and more awesome gear!

With over fifty great gift ideas for gamers to choose from, you are sure to find something for that geeky gamer in your life. Still not sure what to get? Check out sites like Dundle (US) that offer dozens of instant eGift card options for gamers.

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