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SEP 9 2022

How to Pre-Order FIFA 23 With a Gift Card

FIFA 23 is almost here! Are you excited? Well, you should be! A ton of great new features have been added to the game, making this edition of FIFA even more realistic than ever. But if you didn’t pre-order the game yet, now is definitely the time to dive back into the franchise. Why? Because you can pre-order FIFA 23 at a discount! Read on to find out how!

Get a FIFA 23 pre-order with these step​​s

Have you checked out our article on everything FIFA 23 yet? It’s got all the exciting details about the release date, new features and everything you can expect from the game. As we said, now is the perfect time to get the game in advance. Pre-ordering FIFA 23 is not difficult at all. Digital copies will be available via your platform’s online marketplace. For example, PlayStation users can pre-order their digital copy in the PlayStation Store, Xbox players through the Microsoft Store and so on. First, you need to decide which edition you want: Standard Edition or Ultimate Edition, and for which platform. Both are priced differently, as well as for the platform you pick.

We made it easy for you with a list how to pre-order one of these FIFA 23 editions:

  1. Go to Dundle and pick your platform: PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo or Steam.

  2. Select a gift card that covers the price of the edition you want.

  3. Pay with your favorite payment method and receive your digital code.

  4. Login to the online marketplace of your preferred platform.

  5. Redeem the code to top-up your wallet on the system you chose.

  6. Search for “FIFA 23” and select the pre-order button.

  7. Follow the instructions to place your pre-order.

All you have to do now is (not so) patiently wait for that September 30th FIFA 23 release date, or September 27th if you pre-ordered the Ultimate Edition!

Three editions of FIFA 23 next to each other, detailed with all the extra content and prices.

Buy FIFA 23 with a discount

So that’s how to pre-order, but even better, you can pre-order it at a discount! Right here on Dundle you can find the gift card for the platform of your choice at some excellent discounts and in multiple regions, like the US, Germany, France, The Netherlands and Spain. Surrounding the release, PlayStation Cards are even more on sale, so grab your gift card and show your best tricks on the field!

FIFA 23 Standard or Ultimate - Pick your best edition!

And now, choose wisely! Because FIFA 23 will have three versions available. All the platforms, except Nintendo Switch, offer the Standard and Ultimate Edition. The Switch only has one option, the Legacy Edition. The first two editions are shown in the image above with all the content they contain, like FUT items, FIFA Points and early access. The FIFA 23 Legacy Edition doesn’t have any extra content, as the actual game even offers less content than on the other platforms.

Found your perfect edition for the platform you own? Then check the prices in both USD and EUR below:

Standard Edition:

  • $59.99 - PS4, XOne | $69.99 - PS5, XSX, PC
  • €69,99 - PS4, XOne | €79,99 - PS5, XSX, PC

Ultimate Edition:

  • $89.99 - Steam, Origin | $99.99 - PS5, XSX, PS4, XOne
  • €89,99 - Steam, Origin | €99,99 - PS5, XSX, PS4, XOne

Legacy Edition:

  • $39.99 - Nintendo Switch
  • €39,99 - Nintendo Switch

Now you can pick a gift card with the right amount to cover the price of the version you choose. Pro Tip: check which gift card values have discounts to benefit to the fullest!

Football player Mbappé staring into the distance, pointing a finger into the sky, with a light and dark gray background and gray triangle. With FIFA 23 Legacy Edition text next to it.

How to play FIFA 23 early?

Playing FIFA 23 earlier is possible if you just can’t wait for September 30th. There are two ways for you to play the game 3 days early. If you choose to pre-order the FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition, you automatically have early access to play it on September 27th. The other option is to get an EA Play Pro subscription to play the game 3 days before the official release date as well, with an additional 10 percent discount.

Pre-Order FIFA 23 now

Hope this helps get you ready for the release of FIFA 23! The wait is on, but not that much longer now. If you want to learn more, keep an eye on our socials for upcoming posts, enjoy that extra discount and we'll be waiting with you for the big day.