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MAR 5 2024

How to Buy Google Play Credit with PayPal?

Ready for a more convenient way to buy your Google Play credit? Then PayPal is your best friend. Whether you’re familiar with or new to the wondrous world of Google Play credit: the convenience is unmatched. Add prepaid credit to your account and easily shop for a wide range of digital content from the Google Play Store. It’s time to combine two conveniences and discover how to buy a Google Play gift card with PayPal.

Read more to find out how you can pay for Google Play gift cards with PayPal quickly!

Why use PayPal to buy your Google Play Credit?

With a Google Play gift card, you can buy a wide range of digital content from the Google Play Store. This digital prepaid credit is added to your Google Play account and can be used for entertainment on both Android Apple devices. Choose from apps, games, movies, books, and more all in one place. To simplify things, you can buy your Google Play gift card with PayPal to top-up your account. No credit card needed and it’s done in just a few steps!

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Buying Google Play Store credit with PayPal

If you shop online, you want it to be swift. You don’t want to waste time navigating through a long checkout process or dealing with a missing payment method. Instead with a few clicks, your transaction could be done and your digital code safely in your digital pocket! That’s where PayPal is the true hero in online payment. Whether you are already a PayPal user or new to the payment provider, setting up your account is easy. You can create your account for free on the PayPal website. Then buying Google Play credit online with PayPal is easy! Here’s how it's done:

- Find a trusted reseller online: Always buy your prepaid codes from a trusted online reseller. How do you know? Just check the Google Play merchant page.

- Choose the amount of credit you need: This ranges from €5 to €100 in multiple currencies.

- Select PayPal as your payment method: Choose PayPal out of the payment choice options. Some stores also offer a quick checkout with PayPal.

- Redeem your credit: Depending on your device, you can redeem your credit on the Google Play app or play.google.com. You can also read about how to use your Google Play Gift Card!

If you want to pay no fees, buy your Google Play credit from dundle! This applies to Germany, Austria, The Netherlands, Belgium, France, and Italy, with more countries coming soon!

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What are the benefits of buying Google Play credit with PayPal?


  • Transactions are easy, smooth, and quick.
  • Strong security measures include fraud protection, data encryption, and more.


  • Additional fees may apply when you use PayPal as a payment method.
  • Google Play and PayPal can be used by scammers. You can easily avoid this by buying vouchers for yourself rather than for someone else.

Better safe than sorry with prepaid credit from dundle

We hope you learned how to pay smart online using PayPal to purchase your Google Play credit. If you want to know more about staying safe online, paying securely, or other news related to prepaid credit solutions, dundle Magazine is your friend. To help you get started, also check out what you can buy with Google Play Credit and where and how to buy a Google Play Gift Card.

Mandy Meeuwsen