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JUL 15 2022

How PS Plus Cards Convert to the New Subscriptions

If you are a Playstation owner and love streaming games, you are probably well aware of Sony's recent change in the subscription model. PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now have merged into one service of PlayStation Plus, which now consists of 3 tiers. PlayStation Plus Premium, Extra and Essential replace the old subscription model. With this shift came a slight change in payment methods, too: the PS Plus Gift Card will no longer be issued for the new PS Plus tiers. Instead, regular PSN Cards can be used to top up your account before you can pay for your membership with prepaid credit. So the question is, are PS Plus Cards still valid for the new PlayStation Plus Subscriptions?

The answer is, yes: existing digital codes and PS Plus cards can still be used to buy the new PS Plus Premium, Essential or Extra. So you can still buy a PS Plus digital code and use it for the new subscription you want. The value of the card will simply be converted into the new membership of your choice. So keep reading to find out how many days of PS Premium you will get with a PlayStation Plus digital code for 1, 3, or 12 months!

How to use PS Plus Cards for the new PS Plus tiers

Did you use gift cards to top up your PlayStation Plus subscription in the past? Then you must have been doing so because it conveniently prevented your membership from renewing automatically. While that will sadly not be possible in the future, it still is possible to recharge your subscription with prepaid credit. After all, you still want to enjoy the added benefit of streaming games on your PC. Sony’s introduction of cloud streaming is only one of the many benefits the new subscription model offers. There are a host of other benefits of the new PS Plus tiers. But let’s cut to the chase and have a look at how the old PS Plus gift cards convert into the new membership forms.

Table that shows how PS Plus Gift Cards convert to PlayStation Plus Premium, Essential and Extra.

As you can see in the table above, the previous PS Plus Gift Card now pretty much gives you access to the same amount of subscription length for PS Plus Essential. It gives you about three-quarters of the time for Extra, but only about half the time for premium. Not a bad thing if you want to check out the new flagship Premium subscription before you subscribe for a longer time.

What happens to an existing PlayStation subscription?

If you already have a PS Plus or PS Now subscription, you might have questions about how the new tiers impact your membership. To make a long story short: active subscriptions will automatically transition to the new services at no extra cost. Are you still curious about the new PS Plus prices? We explain the costs for multiple countries.

  • Active PlayStation Plus users automatically become PlayStation Plus Essential subscribers.

  • Active PlayStation Now users will automatically become PlayStation Premium subscribers.

  • PlayStation Now users who still had an active membership when PlayStation Now changed will automatically transition to Playstation Plus Premium.

How do I change my Sony PlayStation membership level with a prepaid card?

Whether you have a PS3, PS4, or even PS5, you may decide to choose an alternative membership plan to suit your needs. If you opt to upgrade or downgrade your membership, it will take place at the end of your current prepaid subscription period. After, you will get access to all the exclusive benefits of the new membership. Ready to change your membership plan? Visit the PlayStation Support Page for further information on how to redeem your code.

PlayStation controller against a blue/purple background.

What benefits come with the new PlayStation subscriptions?

PlayStation Extra and Premium tiers are higher types of membership that are more expensive and offer alternative features to Essential. Extra and Premium offer access to a more extensive game catalog, including, but not limited to, many retro games, cloud streaming, and many more cool features. The New PlayStation Plus Subscription 2022 highlights the volume of games you can expect to have in your new membership.

Make the most out of the new PlayStation Plus

Knowing how the conversion of prepaid cards works for the PlayStation Plus Premium, Extra, and Essential you can enjoy even the new subscriptions with prepaid credit! Get easy access to blockbuster game titles, such as Red Dead Redemption 2, Spiderman: Miles Morales, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, and many more! Quite a nice subscription bonus with the PS Plus tier of your choice! Remember, while the PS Plus Card will no longer be issued for a certain amount of months for the new PS Plus tiers; you can still buy regular PSN Cards to recharge your account with prepaid credit to avoid linking any payment method to your PlayStation Store account. Enjoy all the benefits of game streaming on your Sony console or PC in the safest way!

Ryan Kinlough
Written by Ryan Kinlough