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DEC 27 2021

Games to Play With a Hangover After New Year's Eve

So, you made it through New Year's Eve? Congrats! How are you feeling? Tired? No worries! Most of us are…And what better way to recharge and recover than grabbing that controller and shutting the world out for a bit? You’re not short on options. Like the new Halo Infinite or Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy - The Definitive Edition we've written about in our Game Releases December 2021. Maybe you’re not in the mood for complex and challenging gameplay? In that case, you need some relaxed video games, which give you enough challenge without being too intense. And you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got some games that are perfect for a cozy New Year’s hangover game sesh. Trust us, we've been there.

Take A Gaming Chill Pill After Rockin’ New Year’s Eve

We have quite the range for today's game suggestion list, which can give you a nice mix of choices you can enjoy straight from your couch. No matter the level of “partied out” you may be, you will find a game suitable for even the most hungover of days. If you happened to spend the last night of the year with that special someone, you might be interested in this game for couples, called It Takes Two.

If you decide to play alone, and just want to get lost in a magical world for hours, we have No Man's Sky and New Pokémon Snap for you. Want some more glorious worlds with a bit more action? Solar Ash is what you need. And if you want to go for a little more narrative-driven, cinematic and spooky adventure, we have Until Dawn, Little Nightmares and Limbo on the menu. For a mellow, story-driven experience, we have two games for your weary soul: Unravel and Spiritfarer. And at last, we have an RPG-farming game, called Stardew Valley, where you are in full control of how you play this beautiful and serene game. Let’s get into it and find you the right game to start off your New Year right.

Couples For Better Or For Worse In It Takes Two

The game we will dive into first is one that must be played in two-player mode. It Takes Two blends platforming games and cooperation perfectly in a cute story about a struggling marriage. The wife and husband are sent to an imaginary land, to fight through their problems. Every character you’ll encounter is cute, funny, and has unique abilities along with a tongue-in-cheek dialogue. What we really love about It Takes Two, is how the gameplay actually forces you to talk and cooperate with the other player, while perfectly syncing your actions. It is truly a one-of-a-kind 3D platformer game from the creators of A Way Out not to be missed, whether you have a PS5, Xbox One or PC. Perfect for couples to unwind from that New Year’s kiss.

Journey Through The Unknown In No Man’s Sky and New Pokémon Snap

Space exploration is one of the best settings for a video game. It takes you into the unknown with unseen flora and fauna. No Man's Sky is one of the pioneers of procedurally generated space exploration, where you can literally play on an infinite number of unknown planets, with unique creatures, flowers and weather. Just sit back, relax, gather resources, and get to know more about the center of the galaxy, which is your only destination given to you by the game. After the original release on PS4, the experience on PS5, Xbox Series X and PC is even better. Especially with the updated gameplay, which is full of new experiences with vehicles, trainable animals, a thorough building mode, and many more.

Another exploration game to try out, you may recognize as it comes from a nostalgic franchise. It's New Pokémon Snap, a Nintendo Switch version of the original for the Nintendo 64. It's a playful twist on the franchise - in this rail shooter type game, you go on a virtual safari to faraway lands, where you take photos of all kinds of Pokémon. While doing so, you meet these lovely creatures in their natural habitat and try to complete your PokéDex by snapping away with your camera. Take a laid-back scenic tour through the scenery of our childhoods and look out for your favorite characters!

Swap Dimensions In Solar Ash

Solar Ash is the new game from the creators of the successful Hyper Light Drifter. The game itself is categorized as an action-adventure, but rollerblading exploration through dimensions would be a much better title for it. It's the high-speed traversal through the highly-stylized world which makes it a no-brainer choice for a perfect afternoon. Need a boost? The devs put high-paced action in it, so if you decide to go for a little rampage, you have a choice to do so. The perfect “pick-me-up” game.

Spookiness And Chill With Little Nightmares And More

These three amazing video games will quench your thirst with a little dose of horror. Little Nightmares is a spooky little tale of a mysterious girl trapped in a not-so-friendly place. Gruesome enemies and gnomes cross her way through this one-of-a-kind visual horror platformer, which will definitely distract you from your hangover headache.

Avid players probably already know about Until Dawn for PS4. But for those who don't, it's an interactive, story-driven survival horror, with AAA-actor Rami Malek as the lead. It starts as a typical American teen horror: a couple of 20-somethings spend their weekend in a faraway resort during the winter. Your aim is to guide the different characters by selecting their choices of the story. Every choice affects the plot, which gives several endings of the game. Perfect on a cold winter night.

Limbo has been out a while now, but it is still one of the best puzzle platformers out there. What separates the game from similar categories are the eerie atmosphere and ambiance. You guide your way through a place that seems like limbo - a place you go right after death before your final departure. One where almost everything tries to kill you… it's a must-have for a unique gaming experience and will definitely wake you out of your groggy drowsiness.

Spiritfarer vs. Unravel: Spiritual Guidance

Continuing with the spiritual, limbo theme, the multi-platform Spiritfarer is a 2D adventure sandbox game, where you have to meet and guide lost souls to the afterlife. The game focuses on the theme of loss and death in a playful and creative, tool management type of way. Unravel however is a bit more mellow if you need some relaxation. Its beautiful graphics reveal an even more amazing story about bonding with family. Your character, Yarny, is a lovable character which you have to guide through the beautiful stages. Your tool is your body, the yarn of which you can use to lasso yourself through obstacles or to tie yourself to objects. Beautiful, deep, and chill - a great way to recharge your batteries.

Freedom Farmer With the Ultimate Zen-game Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is an RPG-style farming game in which you choose how to approach the game. Starting as a small project on PC, the game’s popularity grew enormously, gained a huge fan base and was eventually released on other platforms as well. You can get lost for hours as you raise crops or take care of the animals around the farm. Or you can decide to spend your precious time in the village meeting new people and completing small quests. Want to go rogue, and slay monsters in the caverns? You got it! It's up to you how you approach the game, and how to claim the Stardew Hero title, which is the ultimate goal of Stardew Valley. Sit back, relax and enjoy the calming music and gameplay of one of the most popular games of the previous year.

Fix your Hangover and a Happy New Year

So there it is. The perfect balance of chill and challenging to help you get over your New Year’s dip and start off the year strong. No hangover is a match for the games on this list. We hope with these recommendations, you can re-energize yourself for 2022 and gear up for the incoming games about to hit our screens in the coming year. So buckle up, and make sure you’re ready with a PlayStation Gift Card, Xbox Gift Card, Nintendo eShop Card or Steam Gift Card so you won’t miss out. See you next year!

Mark Hanyecz
Written by Mark Hanyecz