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AUG 18 2023

Best Back-to-School Deals for 2023

Do you hear that? The familiar and sometimes dreaded sound of the school bell means class is back in session. It's that time of year again when students and parents are busy preparing for the back-to-school season. Besides the usual school supplies lists, eGift cards have become a popular back-to-school gift for students and parents of students of all ages. Here's your guide to the best deals, discounts, and gift cards for the whole family to make it a great year.

When do back-to-school sales start?

Usually, back-to-school deals start popping up at the end of July. Shops start saying goodbye to Summer and shifting to the school year. You can find more and more discounts on school items from July to early September, depending on where you live. So get ready!

A macbook, notebook and backpack against a wooden table background.

Get the best back-to-school deals

Gone are the days of rushing to the store to clear out the school supply aisle. Online shopping, thankfully, takes the hassle out of crossing items off your school checklist. Webshops make it easy to get the bang for your buck on those school necessities. We have a list of gift cards that will give you better deals at your favorite stores during the school year. And a few that are just certain to make that first day special.

Top 6 gift cards for students

1. Apple Gift Card

Apple Gift Card is a perfect choice for students, especially college students. Apple technology is as necessary for a classroom these days, if not more, than that trusty number 2 pencil. Whether students need a new laptop, phone, or accessories, an Apple Gift Card lets them choose exactly the tech they need for their studies. And for younger kids, an Apple Gift Card is great for educational apps or a new tablet to keep learning fun!

2. Amazon Gift Card

Forget tackling that eternal school list while elbowing your way through a sea of panicked parents. Get an Amazon Gift Card instead. Students can use it to purchase textbooks, school supplies, or even dorm room decorations, all in their own style. Amazon has all the basics like notebooks, pencils and even that fancy graphing calculator (what does that thing even do anyway?). But you can also get the fun stuff like a cool new backpack, some personalized dorm decor and even trendy back-to-school clothes and shoes! Skip the checkout line and get literally everything you need for the first day of school online in just a few clicks.

Amazon Prime Student discount

And don't forget about Amazon Prime Student. Users get free shipping and exclusive deals, free 2-day shipping, Prime Video, Prime member-only deals, and more. Amazon Prime Student costs $69/year, half of what a standard Prime membership costs! There is even a $7.49/month option.

3. DoorDash Gift Card

We all know that life as a student can be busy, and too often, cooking takes a back seat to studying. So make sure your student has access to better food than that dining hall with a DoorDash Gift Card. With a food delivery gift card, the options are endless. From local favourites to fine cuisine, DoorDash gets a proper meal to your student fast.

4. Spotify Gift Card

Young woman studying on the floor in front of her laptop wearing headphones and listening to music.

Music is a great way to relax and focus. A Spotify Gift Card gives students access to millions of songs, podcasts, and playlists, perfect as the soundtrack to their studying. Make their study breaks or trips to the campus gym exciting with their favourite music.

5. Netflix Gift Card

Help your student unwind with wildly popular TV shows or movies after a long day of classes. A Netflix Gift Card is great for students, giving them a nice break during classes or weekend relaxing with their favourite shows.

6. Walmart Gift Card

Just like Amazon, this megastore has it all. The whole family can get what they need with a Walmart Gift Card. It is a family favourite for back-to-school clothes shopping and they always have those beloved "everyday low prices" on school essentials. The school supplies section in-store is raided quickly. So shopping online with a digital gift card is even more useful to avoid leaving the store empty-handed! Students who have to commute can even use it for gas at Walmart tanks, also at a great low price.

A macbook, notebook and backpack against a wooden table background.

Gift Cards: back-to-school must-haves

Online shopping makes stress-free school shopping a reality for parents and students heading into the new year. So whether your student is starting school or going to university, one of these cards will help make the transition easier. If you’re hesitant whether or not a gift card makes a good gift, check out our guide to eGift cards. Make the most of that first day of school and grab an eGift card right here on dundle and rest assured you are ready for a great year ahead!

Amelia Whittle