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OCT 3 2022

3 Things to Look Out for in Overwatch 2

As promised in our October game release article, here is a whole article dedicated to Overwatch 2. The release date is fast approaching so we want to provide you with the three must-knows before playing Overwatch 2.

More impact in Overwatch 2

When we play video games, we for sure want to have an impact. We want to leave our mark in some way. Whether it's a high Kill/Death (KD) ratio or a clip-worthy piece of play for your friends to marvel at, impact is key. In Overwatch 2, there will be more room for marking your territory.

The new 5v5 combat format allows for more influence with fewer players per game and more responsibility on each individual player. Now, there will be two damage and two support heroes, with one tank hero. There is no room to be caught slacking as your team will count on you for big performances.

The new game mode “Push," based on the Payload mode from Team Fortress 2, will also demand strategic insights from you. The player vs. environment (PvE) game mode allows players to team up and battle through symmetrical maps to gain control of a central robot. The aim of the game: push the robot towards the opponent’s base. We expect this won’t be as easy as it sounds. Players will have to learn and strategize on the go.

An evening sunset gives a pink dooms-day-like background color and tone with a futuristic hovercraft in the sky dropping balls of fire next to two robot soldiers with white and black armor.

New heroes means new action

Look forward to new heroes in Overwatch 2. There are three new heroes coming to a screen near you as soon as the game launches.

Sojourn - What players should know is that Sojourn comes equipped with an impressive Railgun. Delivering single powerful blasts of this weapon can do some major damage. The primary fire for this weapon is a pellet spread. The more damage they inflict, the more the gun charges for bigger and better blasts. Finally, her Ultimate, known as Overclock, adds a steady charge to the weapon removing the need to deal damage to charge those high-powered shots.

Junker Queen - She is scrapyard royalty and is the newest tank hero to be added to Overwatch 2. Her passive ability ‘Adrenaline Rush’ heals her from all damage over time dealt by wounds. If that wasn’t impressive enough, her majesty can apply wounds that slowly drain enemies' health. Junker Queen’s primary fire Scattergun is a pump-action shotgun designed for up close and personal combat. You can also use her axe Carnage to... create carnage. Junker Queen was designed for the 5v5 combat and so should be one for players to test out. We expect she will have a smooth transition to the new format.

Kiriko - Kiriko helps her teammates with healing. Her primary Healing Ofuda can heal her teammates. Her secondary fire, known as Kunai, are leaf-shaped knives that she throws one at a time. Some other perks include Kiriko’s Swift Step ability. Frequent game players will have a lot of fun with this ability as they can teleport directly to allies in need of support. You can even teleport through walls!

Perhaps best of all is Kiriko’s ultimate ‘Kitsune Rush.’ That’s right! She summons a fox that rushes forward, leaving a glowing path in her wake. Teammates can use this pathway to get a buff which increases the speed of allies' actions.

A camera shot from above Rome as reimagined in Overwatch 2 depicts classical Roman buildings with a modern twist with a large temple in the background looming over the city.

New Overwatch 2 maps

With a bunch of new maps to choose from, players will need to get accustomed quickly and find the best spots to attack opponents from. Some of the new Overwatch 2 maps are based on real locations like New York City, Rio de Janeiro, Toronto, Monte Carlo and Gothenburg. For any Formula One fans out there, Monte Carlo draws inspiration in its design from the Monaco Grand Prix, so enjoy zipping around the map. New York and Rio have been confirmed as hybrid maps. Keep an eye out for the NYC map, as it looks more like the city from the 1950s than present-day.

Toronto, Esperança, and Rome will focus on "Push." The map set in Rome, officially named Colosseo, will really bring some of the older, classical buildings to life with the hustle and bustle of Push gameplay. These are just a few of the exciting, cool features coming to the maps in Overwatch 2, but there is much more to discover.

Ready for the change?

We sure are excited about the new Overwatch 2. While it does step away from certain features we know and love, like the 6v6 combat, change is always a teething process. It takes time to adjust. But with new maps based on real locations, the new game modes and new characters, we are ready to get our Overwatch 2 battle pass and experience something new, are you?

Ryan Kinlough
Written by Ryan Kinlough