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NOV 11 2022

3 Biggest Features Coming With Valkyrie Elysium

If you read our November game release article, you will know that we took a deeper dive into God of War Ragnarök. Well, the end of times appears to be a common theme this November with the Valkyrie Elysium release date for PC (Windows) on November 11, 2022.

The All-Father Odin created the emissaries of redemption, known as The Valkyrie, to save the doomed world, that is to save us from Ragnarök. The question remains, can you, as the Valkyrie Nora, save us?

1. First time action for Valkyrie

Valkyrie Elysium is the first action JRPG (role-playing game) in the series. In this installment, you will control the Valkyrie Nora battling through a collapsing Midgard. As the fifth installment of the Valkyrie series, Elysium will see battles being more intuitive and three-dimensional. Not a bad addition if you ask us. Paying more attention to the immersion of gamers into the experience will only add to the enjoyment of this title.

If you are a loyal fan of the Valkyrie franchise, this may not be what you’re hoping for. Valkyrie Elysium acts as an almost stand-alone game with a fresh, new identity being instilled. Loyal fans may have been waiting some 3 years for this release, only for the title not to be what they expected. As such, we think this is maybe an ideal game for the newcomer who isn’t expecting something that Valkyrie Elysium isn’t. Alas, this game has many qualities that may scratch the itch of gamers this November. Continue reading to find out!

The Valkyrie Nora, with the sunshine beaming down on her, points at an unidentifiable character who is facing away from her. Both characters are wearing pink/purple armor.

2. A spiritual journey through Elysium

In Valkyrie Elysium you can summon various spirits known as Einherjar which you can use to deal damage. When you complete major parts of the game, you are rewarded with spirits to summon. Your Valkyrie does not have to be endangered to use the Einherjar making it an effective way to draw the attention away from you in a heated battle, not to mention appealing to the eye to see the Einherjar in action.

The Einherjar aren't just good for the battles, they also enhance the storyline quite a lot. As you play through the game, you unlock memories of their past. Understanding their place in the former world adds a level of situational awareness making the Einherjar unique from one another, but an added layer to the storyline. Just by speaking to them alone, you will open up various new quests.

The Valkyrie Nora is battling a large red dragon in a dark gray dungeon. The Dragon protects a small green egg while Valkyrie fights off the fire.

3. It’s all in the gameplay

Hands down the best part of Valkyrie Elysium for us is the gameplay. All may not love it, but here’s a glimpse as to why we think it will be a hit for some. This game has a somber tone from start to finish, which is to be expected when the end of the world is looming. Traveling through the rubble of cities searching for blue flowers, the last memories of those who passed.

At HQ there is a training ground. This is a great way for newcomers to ease their way into the action. Although, if you are anything like me, you’ll want to get right into it from the offset. Having said that, the training ground allows you to summon dozens of dark, mysterious creatures to fight off as you get familiar with Valkyrie’s abilities. Even when you unlock a new move for a weapon, you can always practice with it immediately. Practice makes perfect and you’ll for sure want to master Valkyrie’s abilities sooner rather than later.

Valkyrie Nora and a companion fighting purple glowed demon-like enemies in a teared down city.

So much already and we have not even begun to talk about the fight sequences. To sum it up in a few words; graceful, tasteful and poised. You delicately escape thy enemies with style, perhaps calling upon magic to deal damage in fast-paced action sequences. You’re already familiar with the Einherjar by now. But other magical abilities, like using spells that can perform different functions, add depth to Valkyrie Elysium.

If you like certain parts of Valkyrie Elysium, you can always relive them with the vast amount of save slot opportunities. Save spots from their favorite moments in the game and play them over and over again. Replay your favorite missions as you hack and slash your enemies, pirouetting away from hordes of enemies approaching and utilizing spells and grappling by hooking on and racing toward enemies.

Do you want to prevent Ragnarök?

Play as the Valkyrie in this action RPG and help the All-Father Odin prevent Ragnarök. While this artistic game has gotten mixed reviews since its initial console release in September of this year, a critical gaze will tell you not to overlook this title. Different from your mainstream game, of course, Valkyrie Elysium does have many redeemable qualities and may just be the game you didn’t know you were searching for. As we have said, we think it is a perfect game for newcomers and one that will delight players.

Ryan Kinlough
Written by Ryan Kinlough