While our verification process is in place to best protect our users, we understand these extra steps can be confusing. So, we hope we explain it a bit better by answering your most frequently asked questions.

We ask our customers to verify themselves to help prevent fraud and theft. The verification process we use contributes to greater security measures like KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti Money Laundering). These processes are integral measures to help prevent all our customers from falling victim to scams.

Please note: Always make sure to order one of our products for yourself or someone you know personally. Never use it as payment to a third party. Always use a traceable payment method for transactions on the internet.

Any documents provided are for the verification process only and are never used for anything else. Feel free to check out our privacy policy for more information.

Unfortunately, we need to check a lot of orders to prevent fraud. Checking for fraudulent actions is necessary to know that people are not misusing our website. We work very hard only to allow legitimate transactions to take place. So, when your order is flagged, it is just our way of checking to see if the transaction is legitimate. We know that genuine users with buyers' intent are sometimes asked to complete these steps. We regret that this is the case; however, this is a crucial step to ensure the overall safety of our site.

We will request certain documents if verification is required to complete your order. These documents are only used to verify the payment account used. Specific payment methods and procedures will result in different documentation being requested. You may need to provide some of the following:

- A valid ID (driver’s license, passport, or ID card).

- A current bank statement with the charged amount as proof of payment.

- A PDF file of the phone bill/invoice with your name and number used is clearly visible.

Note: these documents are strictly confidential, and we never share these documents with others.

Our trusted verification partner, Shufti can sometimes decline documents.

The most common issues are:

- The document uploaded is a picture of a picture, or it was modified differently.

- Some/all edges of the document aren’t visible.

- Document is too far away from the camera.

- The selected document type doesn’t match the uploaded document (you must first specify which type of card you want to verify - ID, passport or driving license).

- The image just shows the user and not an ID document.

- The photo of the document is too blurry.

- Document is expired.

Please, take a look at the uploaded photo and try again.

You only have 15 minutes to verify with Shufti when you complete your order. Please make sure you have your documents ready before finalizing your order.

If you missed the time slot to verify yourself, your payment information and email address will be blocked from ordering for 2 hours. Please, wait 2 hours before you try to order again. You will be asked to verify yourself again within 15 minutes after attempting the following order.

Please note: Dundle will only ask for verification once if you keep using the same e-mail address and payment account. A new verification will be required when one of these changes.

If you are still having trouble verifying with Shufti, or cannot reach the page, please contact us and we will gladly help you find a solution.

We may ask you to send us the verification documents via mail. Our security department will then check these documents. Your order will be delivered once this check has been completed. For us to accept your document, please make sure that:

- Your document(s) is valid (official, not expired).

- You send a photo of your document(s) (scans are not accepted).

- The document(s) belong to the account holder of the payment method used to place the order.

- Your phone bill or invoice is in official PDF format from the phone provider. It clearly shows your phone number used to make the purchase. Please also make sure the name of the account holder as listed on this invoice, matches the name on the provided ID document.

Should your documents be declined, don’t worry! We will always provide a reason. You also get the chance to submit the correct(ed) documents.

Sometimes people tell us that they do not have the documents we require. Whatever the reason, we recommend contacting our customer support team to see if a fitting solution can be found.

You can always contact our support team for a fitting solution if you do not wish to share any personal documents.

In the event that you want to withdraw your payment, be advised that we cannot refund money via every payment method. For some payment methods, you have a right to withdraw your payment but please note: This cannot be done with every payment method. We’re sorry for the inconvenience.

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