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SEP 1 2020

Why Isn’t It Digital?

A couple of years ago we couldn’t have imagined we’d arrive at this point.

None of us could have foreseen the impact that a simple idea would have on so many people’s lives. When an ICT student asked himself, “Why is the code on an iTunes card not available digitally?”, no one could have predicted what this would lead to. 8 years later, the side project of a handful of friends has grown into a full-blown, globally acting company.

On a larger scale now and with a bigger team, the enthusiasm, friendship, and devotion to the goal have even intensified.

With Dundle, we are spreading our wings and taking to the skies.

We believe that the common denominator of our time is technology; the universal law of binary numbers. We hail the countless possibilities that lie within the simplicity of endless combinations of 0 and 1.

Above all, we concentrate on what unites people from all over the world: the joy of playing, gifting and celebrating together. For there isn’t a culture in the world that doesn’t value any one of the three!

Make it possible - make it digital. Dundle is a done deal. It enables people from around the world to succeed in an increasingly digital world. It eliminates borders and empowers people to embrace the digital possibilities, while also staying completely safe when buying online.

Digital gift cards, all sorts of gaming credit, online payment solutions and prepaid phone credit, are all little bundles of joy that are made available with the sole priority of making people's lives less complicated, safer and more enjoyable.

Live a little, love a little, play a little! Whether you want to treat yourself to more gaming credit, enable someone to choose a gift they love or empower your children to grow into financially responsible adults - Dundle is your port of call; your safe haven from where to begin your next journey. We welcome you on this journey and are thrilled you choose to embark on it alongside us!

Monika Lechner
Written by Monika Lechner