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AUG 26 2021

Which Wargaming Game Should You Be Playing?

Wargaming: Tanks, Ships and Planes, Oh My!

Are you a fan of military history, video games or maybe you just want to crush the competition in some awesome historic heavy machinery? Whether you choose combat by land, sea or air, Wargaming has an action-packed game that is sure to get you hooked. Step into the past and experience thrilling realistic battles in the tanks, ships or planes of your choosing. Develop the perfect strategy per battle and lead your teammates to victory. Every single scenario is a new test of wits and tactics. The question still stands of course: where to start? Wargaming.net offers several massively popular free-to-play titles to choose from, so, understandably, it can be difficult to pick which to try out first. Should you be playing World of Tanks, World of Warships, or World of Warplanes? Obviously, you could try them all, but here’s our quick description of each to help you decide.

Conquer the Land in World of Tanks

World of Tanks is by far Wargaming’s most popular video game available. Join over 160 million players and man one of more than 600 mid-20th century tanks. Platoon up and get ready to roll out onto the battlefield. Compete in 15 vs 15 riveting matches and develop your strategy with every victory. Whatever your fighting style, guns blazing or stealth, there is a tank and its mechanics to suit it. Choose from destroyers, artillery, light, medium, and heavy tanks to dominate your opponents. With over 40 realistic arenas, every battle is a different experience and the tough terrain is not to be underestimated. The addictive nature of this game is sure to keep you clicking that “battle” button for hours, and keep you coming back for more to get your tankrewards! So, if ground warfare is more your style, WoT is for you. Find your favorite tank, upgrade it with some World of Tanks Gold and get out there to claim your victory!

World of Tanks gameplay screenshot showing a tank in rural landscape

Seize the Sea in World of Warships

Smooth sailing not your style? Then take to the seas and battle with your team against other players in over 350 historic war vessels. Join 28 million avid players and engage in lively naval warfare, putting your ship spotting skills to the test. Choose from destroyers, battleships, cruisers, aircraft carriers, and even submarines. Complete necessary research with every mission, challenge, campaign, or collection. Enjoy historically accurate maps and face dynamic weather changes that keep things interesting. Man your battle stations and see if you have what it takes to rule the oceans! Make sure you have enough World of Warships Doubloons to create a powerful fleet and you are guaranteed to leave an impression on your opponents.

World of Warships gameplay screenshot showing a battleship attacking an island

Battle for the Skies in World of Warplanes

Take flight and the controls of over 100 iconic aircraft in WoWp. Set in the Golden Age of military aviation, you have the option to pilot a fighter, heavy fighter, ground-attack plane, multi-role fighter, or bomber depending on your gaming style. Become a legendary war pilot and fly authentically designed warbirds. The assortment is based on planes from the USA, Japan, USSR, Germany, France, China, and Great Britain. Coordinate with your team to create the perfect strategy needed to defend or capture crucial areas on the battlefield from above. As you progress, improve and tailor your aircraft to build a collection of invincible steel fighting machines. Try your hand at aerial combat and earn your wings with World of Warplanes. Remember to grab some World of Warplanes Gold to upgrade your planes and become unstoppable!

World of Warplanes gameplay screenshot showing an aircraft in flight

So there you have it, a rundown of Wargaming’s 3 most popular titles. Take your pick, and get lost in the fast-paced action gaming! See the complete game guide on the official Wargaming website to see which ones best suit your gaming system of choice. All are available for PC, but you can also check out the console versions. Heck, there are even mobile versions for those who want to battle on the go, like World of Tanks Blitz and World of Warships Blitz. Don’t be intimidated, dive into the tutorial mode and you will be a pro in no time. With updated graphics and dedicated attention to detail, these stunning video games will have you battling it out for hours!

Amelia Whittle