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APR 13 2023

Where to Buy Flexepin?

Whether you’re new to Flexepin or an already avid user of this prepaid payment method, this article will help you locate where you can buy Flexepin Tickets with ease. Flexepin is a prepaid voucher top-up allowing users to shop online while protecting their personal identity and financial information. So say goodbye to credit and debit cards, because with Flexepin, neither is needed! It is safe to say that shopping with Flexepin has its perks. One significant advantage is that it reduces the threat of online fraud because no sensitive information is shared. Keep reading to get the low-down on all things Flexepin

Where can I get my hands on a Flexepin Voucher?

There are 2 safe and efficient ways to get your Flexepin codes: physical retail outlets or official online distributors. Let's dive into the differences between both together.

Physical Retail Outlets

Physical Flexepin Cards can be bought throughout Australia and Canada. Choose from a number of shops, petrol/gas stations and kiosks. Examples include: 7-Eleven, Canada Post and the UPS Store. Have a specific location in mind where you want to begin your search… no problem! Flexepin has a useful store locator tool so you can find Flexepin near you. While buying physical vouchers are only accessible for current residents in Australia and Canada, Flexepin has announced that thousands of physical sales points will be coming to the UK and Europe in the coming months, as per their website. So if you’re keen to get your hands on a physical voucher and in the UK or Europe, sit tight, Flexepin are on their way!

Dundle’s Tip: Ensure the card’s security seal is intact when buying a physical voucher. This will help guarantee that the code on the card has not been tampered with or used before. As added advice, activate the voucher before leaving the store to ensure the code is correct and you get value for your money.

Official Online Outlets

Using physical Flexepin Tickets is a great way to shop online, however, as you now know, the physical cards are only available in selected regions. Your best alternative to getting hold of some Flexepin Vouchers is to look online. Thankfully, Flexepin makes it really easy to shop from official, reputable sources via their website. According to your region, simply click the right “Buy Flexepin Online” tab and you’ll have a variety of options on your screen. Choose from reputable sites like offgamers, Dundle or SEAGM. You will receive a unique 16-digit code delivered by email which can then be used to top-up an account and pay directly on any website that accepts Flexepin transactions worldwide, or loaded onto prepaid cards and e-wallets

Extra Tip: If you are doubting whether or not the online seller is official or not, a good measure of legitimacy is to look for customer reviews and Trustpilot ratings.

What can I use Flexepin Vouchers for?

You can use Flexepin at a variety of online merchants such as online retailers, gaming sites and other eCommerce platforms. If in doubt, always use the Flexepin merchant checker tool before buying a Flexepin Voucher to make sure you can use your digital code where you want to.

Screenshot from Flexepin website where European customers can find official online distributors.

Flexibility with Flexepin

Enjoy total flexibility and security in all your online payments with Flexepin as they continue to help the unbanked population worldwide to purchase goods and services. You’re now all caught up on all things Flexepin. Keep your eyes peeled for more magazine articles like this one! As always, prepaid cards are a convenient way of payment, but might be subject to certain risks, including fraud. Always be careful when ordering these products and learn more about fraud and phishing risks to keep protected.

Ryan Kinlough
Written by Ryan Kinlough