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NOV 22 2022

How to Pay on Amazon With PayPal

PayPal payments are currently not a supported method of payment on Amazon, which is why customers can't find it during the Amazon checkout process. Because of this, many people think that using your PayPal account balance to purchase products through your Amazon account can’t be done. But that’s not true. There is a way to utilize this payment option! Fortunately there is a way to utilize this payment option. Turns out, you can not only use PayPal for Amazon purchases, it’s actually quick and convenient to do so. If you have a PayPal balance and you're wondering “How can I use PayPal on Amazon?”, we’ve got all the answers.

Get Amazon Gift Cards With PayPal

It turns out, the workaround to this riddle is really quite simple: gift cards. You can purchase Amazon Gift Cards with PayPal for various countries on Dundle. They are easily attainable worldwide by anyone with internet access, and delivered to your inbox within seconds 24/7. When the gift card code arrives you can instantly use it to buy goods on your country's Amazon website. There are also super helpful user-made videos out there, such as this one, which explains the whole process in detail. For all those with not enough time to watch the video, we’ve broken it down into a few easy steps:

Step 1. Buy an Amazon Gift Card With PayPal on Dundle.com

  1. Go to Dundle.com and select Amazon Gift Card from the Gift Cards menu.

  2. Be sure to select the right country in which you would like to redeem the gift card from the drop down menu as shown below. Important: Amazon Gift Cards are region-locked, so you will only be able to use them in the country they are bought for.

  3. Choose the amount you want to buy and click Buy Now.

  4. Click Checkout, and enter the email address where you would like your electronic gift card code sent.

  5. Next, choose PayPal as your payment method. Login with your PayPal username and password to complete the online payment.

  6. Check your email, and you will find your gift card code there.
    Amazon-screenshot Step 1 - IJ.png
    Screenshot above: Make sure to select the right country for your gift card.

Step 2. Use Your Electronic Gift Card on Amazon

Now that you have purchased your Amazon Gift Card and the electronic code was delivered instantly to your inbox, you are ready to shop! You can use the gift card directly at checkout. Depending on your country, the screen might look a bit different, but the steps are the same everywhere:

  1. When you are ready to checkout on Amazon, go to your email from Dundle and copy the Amazon Gift Card code you used PayPal funds to purchase.

  2. On the Amazon Checkout screen, go to Payment Method, and find the box that says Add a Gift Card or Promotion Code or Voucher. Paste the gift card code — which is the equivalent of a gift card number — where it says Enter Code. Then click Apply (shown below). Note: you can do this multiple times if you would like to apply more than one gift card balance.

  3. The gift card will now be applied toward your purchase. Enter or double check your shipping address, then click Place Your Order. If your gift card balance is more than the order you want to pay for, the remaining balance will be saved in your account.
    Amazon-screenshot Step 2 - IJ.jpg
    Screenshot above: Depending on the country, your screen might look a bit different.

Alternatively, you can also apply the gift card to your Amazon account balance directly. To do so, just go to Account & Lists, then Your Account. Click or tap on Gift Cards to be presented with the option to Redeem a Gift Card. Your balance never expires and will be applied to eligible orders upon checkout, unless you choose another payment method.

Worldwide the easiest way to use PayPal on Amazon

Granted, if you are living in the US, you could get a PayPal Cash Card. It is a debit card, which is tied to your PayPal account balance and can be used to shop online on Amazon. For the rest of the world, gift cards are the answer to solve the mystery of how to use PayPal on Amazon in 2021 in just a few easy steps.There's no credit check or need to re-enter your account number. When you buy an Amazon Gift Card with PayPal credit, a PayPal balance, or via your PayPal Business Debit Mastercard, it makes a great gift for friends, family, employees, or partners. And on Dundle, there are dozens of other types of gift cards that can be purchased with PayPal, too. Such as DoorDash, eBay, Walmart, and many more. We accept other forms of payment too, including credit cards, Apple Pay, cryptocurrency, American Express, and more. Whatever you choose: Shop smart, shop happy!