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MAR 25 2024

What is AstroPay?

Curious about AstroPay? Then dive into our article to learn more about this versatile payment solution. We’ll go through its features, benefits, uses, and why it's capturing the attention of users worldwide. Whether you're a frequent online shopper, an iGaming enjoyer, or simply seeking secure transactions, AstroPay has something for everyone.

How does AstroPay work?

In essence, AstroPay is a digital wallet. You can store, send, and receive your money on AstroPay. This is done with peer-to-peer transfers. You can also make purchases online – no matter whether it’s in your own country and local currency, or when it’s an international transaction.

AstroPay as a payment method

Some websites may even offer AstroPay as a payment method. This ensures transactions directly and comfortably from your digital wallet without any hurdles.

AstroPay VISA card or Apple Pay

However, if AstroPay is not accepted on a website, you can use it with a digital or physical VISA card. This is very convenient and allows you to pay universally where VISA payments are accepted.

Alternatively, if you live in Norway, Italy, Germany or the Netherlands you can also use Apple Pay. Simply add your AstroPay card to Apple Wallet and effortlessly make payments with your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch.

What can I do with an AstroPay Voucher?

AstroPay Vouchers contain a specific amount of money on them that you can use to fund your AstroPay wallet. On websites that accept AstroPay as a payment method, you also can pay using AstroPay Vouchers. The cost will then be deducted from the prepaid balance on your voucher. However, the vouchers themselves are not reloadable. To get the most flexibility and freedom, an AstroPay account is strongly recommended. Buy an AstroPay Voucher from dundle to top up your AstroPay Wallet comfortably.

4 Reasons why AstroPay stands out

  • Credit card alternative: AstroPay offers freedom from traditional credit constraints.
  • Secure transactions: Keep your info safe from scams with AstroPay's protection.
  • Fraud prevention: AstroPay's robust anti-fraud measures ensure peace of mind.
  • iGaming safety: AstroPay is ideal for iGaming considering its secure transactions and convenience.

Is AstroPay safe and legit?

AstroPay has been around since 2009, and the company behind the brand operates a team of over 300 people spanning more than 20 countries. Currently, the AstroPay Wallet has a user base of over 9 million people across the globe. The brand has also developed several partnerships with merchants worldwide and sports clubs.

Notably, AstroPay is one of the official sponsors of Wolverhampton Wanderer and Tottenham Hotspur from the English Premier League. So, yes – AstroPay is both safe and legit. But as always, we encourage you to read reviews about the company and check out the website to see if AstroPay is the right option for you.

Photo of three players from the football team Wolverhampton Wanderer holding a cardboard frame with AstroPay written on it. On their official team shirt, AstroPay is prominently written on the front.

Where can I use AstroPay?

AstroPay can be used anywhere where AstroPay is accepted as a payment method. Alternatively, if you have an AstroPay account and are eligible for it, you can use the AstroPay VISA card or Apple Pay to make purchases directly from your AstroPay Wallet.

AstroPay payment method for iGaming

A common use for AstroPay and AstroPay Vouchers as a payment method is within the world of iGaming. Not only can you make payments to websites, but you can also receive money that you won, and later withdraw it from your AstroPay Wallet. Be aware that this process can sometimes take multiple working days.

Online Shopping with AstroPay

Using the VISA card or Apple Pay with AstroPay, you can pay almost anywhere where VISA payments and Apple Pay are accepted. This opens up the possibility of buying any sort of goods or services online, such as from Amazon, eBay, Walmart and many more.

Travel bookings and hotels are another exciting possibility to spend money using your AstroPay Wallet. Simply take out your digital or physical AstroPay VISA card, and you’re as free as a bird. This can be further stretched to car rentals, activities and experiences.

In that sense, AstroPay can be used to pay for subscriptions to streaming services, online courses, and other digital content platforms as well.

Money transfers with AstroPay

Thanks to peer-to-peer technology, transferring funds between individuals or sending money to loved ones internationally is not only easier but also safer.

Shoot for the stars and security with AstroPay

AstroPay isn't merely about transactions—it's about facilitating seamless digital experiences. With its user-friendly interface and robust security measures, everyone will find convenience with AstroPay. Whether for online shopping, transferring money or making withdrawals. Join the community of AstroPay users and discover a new way to navigate the digital world with confidence and ease.

Tiago Mestre
Written by Tiago Mestre