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JAN 4 2020

Top Thank You Gift Cards

Practicing the art of gratitude is not just something nice to do. In fact, a recent article published by Harvard Medical School discusses the numerous positive effects of gratitude. The article notes that people who practiced gratitude regularly felt more optimistic and generally better about their lives. They even exercised more and had to visit doctors less. The same article discussed how managers who remembered to say “thank you” to employees made those team members feel more valued and motivated to do good work.

If saying thank you is good for us, why not do it more often? There are a lot of great ways to say thank you to someone, but a gift card that they can use towards something special just for them is sure to bring a smile to their faces. Fortunately, there are tons of gift cards available today that can be used for restaurants, shopping, reading, music, video games and more.

An eGift card makes saying thank you even easier. These digital gift cards are designed to be delivered to the recipient instantly via email, so they can use their gift right away. No matter who you need to say thank you to, there is a gift card to help you do it. We’ve compiled a list of the top thank you gift cards to help you spread a little joy and gratitude this year.

Appreciation Gift Cards for Anyone

There does not have to be a special occasion to send someone a gift card. Sure, a holiday such as Valentine’s Day, Christmas, or Thanksgiving is a great time to say “thank you”, but you can show your appreciation for someone anytime of year with a simple eGift and greeting. Here are some great card ideas when you simply want to brighten someone’s day by saying “thanks”.

Visa Gift Cards: Getting a Visa gift card is sure to be a fun surprise and the recipient can use their gift anywhere that Visa is accepted, so the possibilities are endless! Visa gift cards come in just about any denomination which makes a go-to choice for a small token of appreciation or even a really big gift.

Netflix Gift Cards: Nothing says thank you like the gift of relaxation. That is exactly what you will be giving with a Netflix gift card that can be redeemed for any Netflix subscription. The recipient can kick back, relax and feel appreciated.

AMEX: American Express gift cards can be used anywhere AMEX is accepted, so they are great for travel. Say thank you in a variety of denominations from large to small. The recipient is sure to feel appreciated!

Thank You Gift Cards for Teachers

Teachers work very hard, often asking nothing in return. It is so important to thank our teachers for the work that they do in our schools. No doubt teachers appreciate any gift they receive, but what better way to say “thank you” to a teacher than with a gift that will allow them to purchase something they would really like for themselves. Here are a few great gift ideas for teachers.

Amazon Gift Cards: With literally just about anything one could be looking for, Amazon gift cards make excellent teacher gifts. Gift cards for Amazon come in denominations ranging from $5 - $100, so you can purchase a gift card for every teacher on your list.

Visa Gift Cards For Teachers: Visa gift cards make the list again for teachers. With a Visa gift card, teachers can purchase whatever they would like either online. Since these online gift cards come in a choice of denominations, you can purchase one for as many teachers as you’d like.

Thank You Gift Cards for Music Lovers

If you have a music lover on your list, there are some great eGift cards out there to the major brands in music and entertainment. Check out what gift cards made our list for music and media:

Spotify: Spotify uses the tagline “music for everyone”. What better gift for the music lover on your list? With a gift card to Spotify, music lovers young and old can purchase subscriptions to listen to their favorite music and podcasts. Gift cards are available in 1-month, 3-month, or 6-month values.

iTunes Gift Cards: iTunes Gift Cards allow the music lover in your life to download or listen to music, podcasts, books, and more that are available on iTunes.com. These gift cards are perfect for the Apple or iPhone lover in your life, as they can even be used to top up their Apple App Store credit.

No matter what kind of gift card you are shopping for, Dundle.com features digital gift cards for everyone on your shopping list. Purchase gift cards for any occasion and even score deals on your favorite gift card brands!