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NOV 9 2020

The Ultimate Gift Guide for Pet Lovers

True pet lovers are a unique breed of human (pun intended). These loveable humans absolutely love their pets. While dog and cat owners tend to hold the title for those who are most obsessed with their pets, you cannot rule out those with other furry (or not-so-furry) friends. Regardless of what kind of pet they own, one thing is certain… Pet owners love to show their love for their pets, and this love can be shown in many ways. If you are shopping for a pet lover, we have rounded up the ultimate gift guide to help you find just the right pet-loving purchase.

Custom Pet T-Shirts

Everybody loves a comfortable tee, and there are plenty of t-shirt designs out there for people who love pets. Sites like Etsy offer a huge variety of different t-shirt designs for animal lovers. You will find anything from dog and cat-themed shirts to even designs about A Girl Who Loves Her Donkey. Who are we to judge? Donkeys probably have real charm.

Paw Print Keepsake Gift

We love this gift idea because it is something that pet lovers can keep for years to come, even after their beloved pet is no longer with them. Check out Amazon.com for a great variety of different pet paw print keepsakes. You might even be able to do lizard prints. Why not?

Door Mats For Pet Lovers

Now, this is a gift that reminds both humans and their pets to wipe their feet before coming into the house. Find lots of quality doormats with catchy pet lover sayings at major retailers like Bed, Bath & Beyond. If someone hasn’t created a doormat that says “Real Friends Bring Wine & Dog Treats” yet, they are missing out!

Dog Gates

Need to keep Fido contained during the day? Or perhaps he is not invited to your dinner party or play date? Regardless of the need, you can find all kinds of dog gates to fit any space on sites like Chewy.com.

Pet Calendars

Pet lovers never want to miss their beloved pet’s birthday or an important trip to the pet spa or veterinarian. Give the gift of never missing another important date with a colorful pet calendar. Zazzle.com has a fun variety of calendars featuring all kinds of different pets, or you could always opt for a gift card to an online photo site, so they can make a calendar featuring their own pet.

Pet Insurance Gift Plans

Let’s face it, being a pet owner comes with a cost. While you never want to see your loved one have to face hefty vet bills, it is always a possibility. Did you know that you treat your favorite pet lover to a pet insurance policy? These policies are great for reimbursing pet owners for pet expenses that are both planned for, as well as unexpected. What greater gift than knowing that they can make sure their furry friend is always healthy and well?

Payment Gift Cards

Speaking of pet expenses, another great gift idea for pet lovers is a payment gift card that they can use to cover any kind of pet expense or even splurge on some new gear for their cat or dog. Sites like Dundle.com offer a huge variety of different payment cards in all kinds of denominations. Find the perfect gift for your pet-loving friend and one that fits your budget too.

Fun Pet Sheets

No, these are not sheets for pets. These are adorable sheet sets for their human friends. Have a Llama lover in your life? Might we suggest these Lovely LLama sheets from The Company Store? It is like cuddling up with your favorite pet every night, even if they really have to sleep outside.

Pet Mugs

Who doesn’t want to add to their mug collection? Whether it is something fun to keep on their desk at work or to sip their morning coffee or tea with, the pet lover in your life will undoubtedly appreciate a new mug with their pet’s likeness on it. Online stores like Cuddle Clones will let you customize a mug using a photo image of your friend’s pet. Smile, Rufus!

Books About Dogs

Dog lovers will love to dive into a new book about man’s best friend. There are loads of heartwarming and humorous novels out there for canine-loving humans. A famous dog-lover herself, Oprah and her team at O Magazine have come up with a list of 16 of their favorite books for dog lovers. Do us a favor though: if you decide to go with Old Yeller, be sure to grab a box of tissues for your friend as well.

Pet-Themed Pajamas

There is nothing more relaxing than lounging around the house in your favorite pair of pet-themed pajamas. If you know someone who loves to lounge, then a set of pj’s with fun pet designs or silly sayings is the way to go. The Pajamas Company makes pajamas for people and pets alike. We sense a photo opp in the future! Your gift might even make an appearance on the annual holiday card this year.

Dog Shaming Desk Calendars

Everyone’s favorite dog shaming memes are now available in the form of a desk calendar -- and let us assure you, they are hilarious. This gift is sure to brighten up a boring day at work. We were particularly tickled by a photo of a Poodle who has a taste for facial tissue and a Great Dane who allows himself to be bossed around by a pug. Check out Calendars.com for this gift that will leave your favorite dog lover in stitches. It did us.

Spotify Gift Cards For Pet Lovers

Yes, you read that correctly. Did you know that you can find playlists for pet lovers on Spotify? That’s right the music streaming giant launched podcast playlists for pet lovers and you better believe it was a hit. If you know a pet lover that would totally dig this gift, grab them a Spotify Gift Card so they can listen to music, podcasts and more that will make them think of their favorite pet.

Pet Memorial Charms

Should someone you care about lose a pet, it can be just as devastating as losing a loved one. A pet memorial charm is a great way to help your friend memorialize their pet and have a keepsake of their pet memories for years to come. This is a very thoughtful gift that will show them that you truly care about them and their pet.

Custom Pet Collars

Cats and dogs will feel so proud when you gift them with a custom pet collar. There are so many varieties of pet collars on the market, it can almost be overwhelming to know which one to choose. We say choose one with a pattern or function that makes sense for the lifestyle that your pet lover and their furry friend lead. You can also choose a collar with owner contact information so that Milo and Otis can always find their way back home.

Pet Jewelry

For the pet lover that loves to accessorize, pet jewelry is the way to go. You can find anything from costume jewelry to pet jewelry with fine gemstones, like those offered by Kay Jewelers. We even spied jewelry for turtle and frog owners on their site. After all, reptiles and amphibians deserve love, too.

Poo Bags

Need a gift for the practical pet owner? It doesn’t get much more practical than dog poop bags. Poo bags are both popular and practical because let’s face it, they are kind of a necessity -- especially if you walk your dog in parks or other public places. It turns out that poo bags for dogs are so popular that even the New York Times wrote an article a review of their favorite poo pickup picks.

Dog & Cat Doodle Books

Adult coloring books are all the rage, and if you have a friend or family member that loves to both doodle and talk to their pet like they will respond back anytime, then a cat and dog doodle book is the perfect gift choice for you. These doodle books are widely available at major retailers like Target.com.

Pet Socks

If you truly love your dog or cat, why wouldn’t you want to wear pictures of their likeness around on your feet all day? Pup Socks took the internet by storm last holiday season, and it is easy to see why. Simply upload a photo of your favorite pet and they will make you a pair of custom socks that will enhance any attire. This gift gets our vote for being the most creative gift for pet lovers, hands down.

Netflix and Chill With Your Pet

Give the gift of relaxation when you give a pet lover a Netflix Gift Card so they can cuddle up with their pet in their matching pet pj’s and watch A Dog’s Purpose on repeat. It’s ok to cry. We did.

Pet Ornaments

Pet ornaments are the ideal way to trim the tree or just hang onto as a keepsake. Personalization Mall has hundreds of different pet ornaments that you can customize to bring a smile to any pet lover on Christmas morning.

Pet Carriers

Know somebody with a pet that loves to travel? Make sure they never need to leave their furry friend at home by giving them a pet carrier. Pet carriers come in all different shapes and sizes -- not to mention patterns and colors -- to ensure they will travel in style. You can even find pet backpacks for the friend who loves to hike (with their cat). Trust us, it’s worth checking out.

Dog Car Seat Covers

If Rover loves to go for a ride but is shedding all over the Range, a dog car seat cover might be just the ticket. These gifts are practical, thoughtful, and may also save you from getting dog hair all over your trousers when you carpool into work with your friend. It’s a little something for everyone really.

Travel Water Bottles

They say that humans should drink half of their body weight in water every day to stay properly hydrated, but what about dogs? A travel water bottle is a must-have for pets that go on long walks or car trips. Just make sure that everyone uses the bathroom before they leave the house.

Cat Condo

Let’s face it, cats kind of know how to live. They pretty much lounge around all day and boss their humans around. What better way to show a cat that you know they are the king or queen of the castle than with their own stylish cat condo? The best part is, sites like Wayfair.com offer loads of cat condo styles to suit any home decor, so both the cat lover and the cat will be absolutely pleased with your gift.

Pet Treats

We don’t know too many pets (or humans for that matter) that will turn down a little treat, so buying some pet treats is definitely the way to go if you are trying to win over a pet or their owner. This gift could be especially beneficial if you are dating someone and want a little quality snuggle time on the couch without a furball in between you. Bring Fido some treats that will keep him distracted while you cuddle up to their human. Need some treat ideas? NY Magazine’s The Strategist has some amazing picks.

Dog DNA Test

You’ve no doubt heard of human DNA kits, but what about DNA test kits for dogs? It might sound crazy, but these kits can actually be super useful in helping you better understand a dog’s breed lineage, along with potential health risks that pet owners can be proactive about. Companies like Wisdom Panel are helping dog owners learn more about their dogs every day.

Pet Tracker

Microchipping your pets is a great way to help them get back home should they get lost, but overtime microchips can stop working and often owners forget to update their contact information with the chip companies should they move to a new address. Whistle makes pet tracking devices that attach to your pet’s collar so you can track them via their app. It is a great way to make sure you always know where your pet is, should they wander off.

Pet Meal Service

Meal delivery services are becoming increasingly popular and widely available for humans, but let’s not forget about the pets! Pet meal delivery makes a great gift for pet lovers because it allows them to indulge their beloved pet with a tasty meal, while also having one less thing to think about.

Gift Card To A Local Doggy Daycare

If you have a friend or family member that has a very active dog, they would probably love a little break, but doggy daycare charges can add up quickly. Treat their pooch to a day with friends and give their human a day off from throwing sticks and tennis balls in the backyard. There are lots of doggy daycare facilities in every major area. Do a quick search to find one near you.

Dog Treat Maker

If you know a pet owner who loves to bake, why not encourage them to make some homemade treats for their pooch? Dog treat makers are very similar to waffle irons or sandwich pocket makers, but they make, well, dog treats. Most come with tasty dog treat recipes to try as well. Most treat makers are very easy to use and children could probably help make treats with adult supervision. This is one pet gift that everyone will have fun with - especially the dog!

Pet Bed

We can all agree that our beds need to be a comfortable place to relax and rest our heads. We wouldn’t skimp on our own comfort, so why should our pets? Pet lovers anywhere will love a pet bed that their cat or dog can cozy up in. It might also entice them to lounge somewhere besides the couch. Pottery Barn is known for their stylish decor, and fortunately, they also offer a stylish selection of pet beds too.

Pet Camera

Pet owners who truly just love their pets have a hard time leaving them behind when they go out. Give the pet owner you know the opportunity to check in on their beloved animal anytime they want with a WiFi enabled pet camera. Some cameras even come with the option of being an automatic treat dispenser too, so pet owners can talk to their pet through the device and “toss” them a treat to show them that they are loved, even when their owners are not home.

Amazon.com Gift Card

Still hung up on what to get? You can’t go wrong with a gift card to Amazon.com. We all know that Amazon carries a little bit of everything for everyone (and every pet), so a gift card here will always be a hit. You can also just type in “gifts for pet lovers” on the site if you need even more ideas.

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