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FEB 20 2024

The best prepaid card paysafecard alternatives

Looking for the perfect alternative to paysafecard? Well, you’ve come to the right place. You probably know about the main benefits of prepaid cards: total anonymity, no overdraft risks, no need for a linked bank account, and a built-in digital wallet for easy online purchases. No wonder many people prefer them for secure online payments without needing a credit card. Luckily there are lots of prepaid cards similar to paysafecard to choose from. Who knows, maybe these cards will satisfy your needs even better. Keep reading to find the perfect one for you!

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Why use prepaid cards for iGaming?

Love playing online at your favourite iGaming site or even multiple sites at once? A prepaid card linked to a digital wallet keeps your identity and bank details extra safe, so you can focus on winning. Digital wallets also make depositing and withdrawing your winnings a breeze. Check out these main benefits of using a prepaid card for iGaming:

  • No need to use your credit or debit card to play online
  • Total anonymity: your identity is not linked to the prepaid card
  • Financial security: your bank account is not linked to your gaming account
  • Many iGaming sites accept prepaid cards
  • Free wallet option for your deposits and withdrawals

Which prepaid card is best for iGaming?

The biggest iGaming websites accept prepaid cards, making them the perfect way to pay and play securely. The best options for secure online iGaming sites are:

Good to know: Neosurf Vouchers from £5 and AstroPay Vouchers from £5 are accepted as deposits on many iGaming websites in the UK.

The best prepaid cards for gamers

Are you a video game fan who doesn't have a credit card but still wants to top up your game accounts and extend your subscriptions securely? No problem! Some super-flexible prepaid cards allow you to use your credit as you see fit and without hassle. Get new games, subscribe to a pass, buy content and DLC, safely with secure gaming credit.

Why use a prepaid card while gaming?

The benefits of linking a prepaid card instead of a credit card or paysafecard to your gaming accounts are plenty, but let’s make it simple.

  • No need for a bank card
  • Possibility of taking out subscriptions without automatic renewal
  • Credit card not linked to your game account
  • Long validity of your prepaid credit
  • A variety of purchases is possible with your prepaid credit

Perfect prepaid cards for shopping and dating online

Need to keep some of your online payments or renewals discreet or hidden? Perhaps you’re tired of depending on a traditional bank with all its transaction fees and overdraft risks? Then a prepaid bank card is the ideal solution for you! Say goodbye to overdraft fees, as these cards are technically debit cards, so you can't overspend. Once the amount available on your card is spent, the card becomes inactive. All you have to do is buy a new prepaid card or top up it up whenever your funds run out. So your security is fully guaranteed.

  • For casual use, choose non-reloadable prepaid tickets like the VISA prepaid card or Mastercard Gift Card for more casual usage. These prepaid bank cards require no linked identity.
  • For more frequent use, try Transcash, or MINT prepaid tickets, they allow you to top up a prepaid debit card (virtual or physical) for everyday use.

Why use a prepaid card for online shopping?

It’s simple, really! Prepaid cards are ideal for paying online without worry. Forget fears of overspending or sharing private personal details. Choose how you want to share your funds, with total control. Here’s why prepaid cards are great for online shopping or dating:

  • No overdraft
  • Confidentiality
  • Guaranteed security, even on non-secure sites
  • Universal payment

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Prepaid cards for cryptocurrency users

Are you an avid crypto user or want to get into blockchain, and prefer to keep your traditional bank account separate from your cryptocurrencies? No worries! Specific prepaid cards make buying cryptocurrency easy and discreet. Prepaid vouchers like CryptoVoucher or Bitnovo coupon allow you to build up a diversified and confidential digital wallet with the utmost privacy and security.

Why use a prepaid card for cryptocurrency?

Getting into cryptocurrency or keeping up with the space is tricky, but using secure prepaid credit instead of traditional payment methods helps you stay in control. Keep your funds secure by choosing prepaid credit when topping up your crypto wallets. Check out the main benefits of using prepaid cards for cryptocurrencies:

  • Security
  • Confidentiality
  • Secure wallet
  • Variety of cryptocurrencies available.

Get all your prepaid codes safely on dundle

There you have it! The best paysafecard alternatives to fit all your online entertainment needs. The very best part? All of these prepaid payment options are available on dundle, based on your needs. Simply provide an email address and you’ll receive your purchase instantly! Want to find out more? Don't hesitate to read our articles on the different types of prepaid credit cards or how to pay securely online. With dundle, you are never short on information about all things prepaid. After all, our motto is "Pay smarter, play harder"!