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NOV 28 2022

The Best Free Christmas Gifts For Everyone

No need to break your piggy bank to have an exceptional Christmas! In a consumerist world, it's hard to imagine spending nothing for Christmas. However, the best gifts are not necessarily the most expensive. The experience, the sharing, and the time spent with a loved one is much more memorable than a physical item. So this year, don't go crazy with your holiday expenses. A little creativity is all you need to break the routine and make your gifts special. We'll show you that good ideas without spending anything (or almost anything) are the best.

Children’s gift ideas for Christmas with no cost

Children love Christmas for different reasons but the most important one is that they can spend time with their family. So the best gifts you can give them is to stay with them, play together and build memories with them.

Set up a scavenger hunt in the neighborhood. Be creative, write a list of tasks they will have to complete or specific items to look for. Add some quests to do, like "Take a selfie of you and Santa Clauss" or "Take a picture of the ugliest Christmas decoration,” just don’t tell your neighbor.

Organize a Christmas tree sleepover. They will love to wake up the next morning and discover their presents under the tree. Magic!

Upcycled an old key and make it a key to Santa. If you don’t have a chimney, you can ask your child(ren) to create a sticker to hold to a key with indications and a message to Santa Claus.

Present and read them your favorite book when you were a child. Can’t find it anymore? Have a look online, you will find it among classic children's books. If not, don’t worry, just tell them the story you remember.

Free Christmas gifts for teenagers

Think it's harder to surprise your teenager? Show them attention, and kindness. Share unique moments with them, all without spending anything. You will see, they won't stay locked in their room!

Create a family quiz. Don’t need to be a digital specialist. Some websites, like quizmaker, or apps, like Kahoot, will help you to create your own quiz in a few minutes. Make it Christmas-themed or about family memories and watch the whole clan get involved.

Show them your favorite game(s) when you were a child (digital or board game) and play together. In return, you can ask them to show you their favorite game(s). It will be a new favorite family tradition - exchanging each other's favorite games will forge a bond like no other.

Create a book with your favorite memories of the year, add pictures and write the funniest moments you spent together. You can even finish it all together by adding notes and illustrations.

Write and print their best qualities. Always rewarding and good for the self-esteem of a teenager. Even something as simple as saying you are proud of them can go a long way.

A couple hugging each other in the street in front of Christmas lights

Creative cheap Christmas gifts for your boyfriend or girlfriend

You don't need an expensive piece of jewelry or watch to please your soulmate! Scaling it back and putting in time and effort will be sure to mean more to your lucky someone. Here are the best free gift ideas to give to your boyfriend or girlfriend this year and become THE one:

Write a love letter and specify how and where you imagine you as a couple will be next year.

Draw a portrait of your loved one (even funnier with no artistic skills). Add a few specific details, like her/his/their favorite outfit, sneakers, necklace.

Create a Spotify playlist with the music you both love and pick the perfect name for it.

Create the best lists of things you did together. Movies, restaurants, and places you visited this year and present them to each other. You’ll be having animated conversations for hours as you travel back in time and relive the best of times!

Cheap gifts for friends for Christmas

You have a lot to share about your relationship with your best friend. You basically know all of their little flaws, silly things and best qualities. How to tell them that you love them more than anything? Here are the best gift ideas to give to your BFF for Christmas:

Create a specific cocktail or mocktail with the name of your friend. Write it down, illustrate and print it.

Choose a Christmas song and create your own lyrics about your friend. Make it funny, add private jokes, make rhymes with words that don't go together… Everything is allowed!

Personalize an old T-shirt or sweater with funny elements. Add pictures of his favorite singers, T.V. shows, stars, etc.

Offer your free services for pet-sitting, babysitting, house-sitting or even a shoulder to cry on. Write a coupon and sign it to make it more personal and cute.

Family Celebrating Christmas While Holding Burning Sparklers

Make Christmas memorable by spending time with them

Now you know that you don't need to fill your socks with lots of presents to have a memorable Christmas party. Spending time with your family, soulmates and friends allows you to build lasting memories and share unique moments. You'll definitely remember the laughter and the out-of-the-ordinary activities. If you live far away from your loved ones, don’t worry! Most of these free personalized gifts can be sent by email or by post. Now all you have to do is wait for Christmas to see your loved ones' eyes sparkle when they discover your beautiful gifts.