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APR 26 2024

What to Know About PlayStation’s State of Play

Gaming is fun, but staying up-to-date with the latest games can be quite a handful. There is just so much news all the time, who can keep up? Of course, if you have a favorite platform and franchise you follow, not all news matters. But you never know, you may find your next favorite during a State of Play livestream from PlayStation! It can be a lot of info at once and you may not know what to expect. So get ready because we have made your one-stop article for all you need to know about the State of Play!

What is the State of Play Event?

If you are a PlayStation Veteran, you know that State of Play used to be a part of E3. In 2019 Sony decided it was time to create their own event and State of Play was born! Every year since that launch, several livestreams were announced to show upcoming releases and new trailers of games set to release in the near future. Sometimes quicker than you know. Occasionally, a livestream is held to highlight a game with a close release date, like for example in the last State of Play, which was dedicated to showing and preparing fans for Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth.

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When is the next State of Play?

Even though we would love to update you on when the next state of play is happening, currently there is no date set for this just yet. The last one streamed on February 6, 2024. Sony always has a big showcase State of Play where they present new games, so if it is in line with previous editions, then we expect the next one to be somewhere in May or June 2024.

So, when will we know when the next PS event will be?

Usually, the date is announced on Sony’s official blog a few days before the actual livestream, like the first one of 2024. It was mentioned that the duration would be 40 minutes and that some news would be shared about Stellar Blade and Rise of Ronin. Looking at the history of the event, there are usually 4 to 6 a year, coming with a new State of Play every three to four months. Although we know that's no indication of when the next one will happen, but is nice to hold onto it as a reference.

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Answering any questions about State of Play you might have:

Where can I watch State of Play?

You can watch the livestream on PlayStation’s Twitch, YouTube, or Facebook account. You can also go to playstation.com or the PlayStation Blog.

What games will be featured in the next State of Play?

We would have to wait for this information until a few days before the next livestream, but this list will be updated as soon as the information drops! In the January 2024 edition, Death Stranding’s developer Hideo Kojima mentioned that the company is working on another game with action and spy elements so stay tuned!

How long is a State of Play livestream?

While there is no set time, on average a state of play livestream is 20 minutes long, while the showcase ranges from 45 minutes to 1 hour. Usually, the duration is also announced on the official blog of Sony.

Is there a specific theme for the livestream?

Not always, but sometimes Sony will announce a livestream dedicated to one single release, as we have previously seen with Hogwarts Legacy and Final Fantasy.

Will there be updates on previously announced PlayStation games?

Let’s hope so! At the beginning of 2024, a lot of information was presented about games set to be released in the upcoming year, and there were also a lot of updates and new trailers. We got to see a new trailer for the Silent Hill 2 remake and a trailer for Judas, although both do not have a set release date yet.

Get into a State of Play with PlayStation

We hope you are now fully updated on the how, where, when, and what of State of Play! If you’re craving more PS info, like smart spending on PlayStation for example, be sure to check out our general guide to PS Gift Cards or how you can allow safe gaming thanks to PlayStation’s parental controls. Catch you on our next article!

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