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JAN 13 2023

Our 5 Worst Games of 2022 - Video

While 2022 for video games was great, there were some (major) flaws out there we shouldn’t forget. We were excited for a part of these titles, as you can read in our gaming content on Dundle Magazine. Last year we produced more gaming articles, and now was the time to make the move to video. Besides our Top 5 Games of 2022 video, we hàd to make a 5 Worst Games video, our so-called Flop 5. Hint: they’re not all per se bad in case of gameplay or graphics.

The Games We Count As the Flop 5 Games of 2022, Combined in a Video

Sometimes we make a small mistake. We think a game will be awesome, but not everything can be golden. Some video games are just… not so good. Or rather, a flop. Some games like Saints Row, Pokémon Scarlet & Violet and Babylon’s Fall. Sloppy gameplay, uninteresting storylines or one big bugfest. But we should be honest here, because we didn’t only pick really bad games. A few of them have a good foundation, with nice gameplay or are full of great action.

Three characters from Overwatch 2 standing in an attacking pose with weapons, in a concrete room, with plusses above their heads.

The problem of these titles is, for example, microtransactions. That shouldn’t be the worst thing, although some developers made the purchasable in-game content sò expensive, like in Overwatch 2. Or what to think about franchises with a yearly release? Just small improvements and tweaks, FUT in FIFA 23 that doesn’t work properly, and bugs every year.

So, can you guess the Flop 5? Check out our video to find out: 5 Worst Games of 2022 on YouTube.