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FEB 1 2023

New Game Releases February 2023

Our New Year’s resolutions may be over before they have begun but the games releasing in 2023 mean the sofa has never looked so good! February is a great start to the gaming calendar with both high quality games and gaming hardware in store for virtual lovers.

Can you feel the magic in the air, well that’s because Hogwarts Legacy is just days away now! and if that wasn’t enough a new Company of Heroes is on your horizon. But we shouldn’t spoil the surprise! So you’ll have to keep reading to find out more.

New Game Releases for PlayStation in February 2023

A wizard from Hogwarts Legacy stands on a rock with a wand in hand, looking across a misty mountainous valley facing Hogwarts in the distance

Hogwarts Legacy

Accio! The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is back within touching distance. That’s right! The Hogwarts Legacy release date is not far now! The magical world continues with this game, just like the Fantastic Beasts film series, without Harry Potter and his friends. You get your hands on a new protagonist that you get to shape with the character creator. As a fifth-year student, you have been invited by Professor Weasley to start at Hogwarts.

You as a player also have the freedom to explore the magical world of Hogwarts. Getting on your broom and enjoying the environment from a higher perspective is obviously great, and we are really looking forward to it!

We are also very curious to see how exciting the battles with the wand are, how the mysteries within the castle unravel, and the Quidditch pitch. Unfortunately, we can't play the sport yet, but we hope to be able to later via DLC. All in all, we are very excited to shout Wingardium LeviosAH! Or was it LeviOsa after all?

Hype Meter: 4/5

The PlayStation VR2 glasses and controllers displayed on a blue background.

PlayStation VR2

I vividly remember when the first PlayStation VR launched in 2016. From jumpscares in Until Dawn: Rush of Blood and intense shootouts in The London Heist, to queasy aftermaths of RIGS: Mechanised Combat League. It was a revolutionary experience and, for me, a fine addition to gaming.

The PS VR2 is specifically designed for the PlayStation 5. The headset includes a 4K HDR OLED display, a major upgrade over the PS VR's LCD display. In addition, the new headset connects with just one cable and the new controllers are a lot more ergonomic. This includes haptic feedback just like the PS5 DualSense controller, plus four built-in cameras mean you no longer need an external PlayStation Camera. Get ready for a higher field of view!

Expect a hefty list of launch games from Sony and external parties. Think Horizon Call of the Mountain, Gran Turismo 7, No Man's Sky, Resident Evil Village, The Dark Pictures: Switchback and Cities VR. Bring on this piece of hardware!

Hype Meter: 5/5

  • Release date: February 22, 2023
  • Playable on: PS5
  • Developer: Sony Interactive Entertainment
  • Genre: Hardware
  • Trailer: PS VR2 | Feel a New Real

The protagonist Ryas fro Horizon Call of the Mountain standing on a rock, looking over a valley of mountains over a half snowy and half forest-like region. The image of large red bird in the background looks ominous at Ryas.

Horizon Call of the Mountain (PS VR2)

Last year we enjoyed the second Horizon: Horizon Forbidden West. A thrilling game that left us wanting more. Thankfully, our prayers have been answered with Guerrilla Games providing Horizon Call of the Mountain for PS VR2! This time in first-person and a new protagonist, Ryas. And as a player you are given some freedom to explore here and there which should be sick in VR.

If you’re a doubter, the gameplay footage will reassure you, as it takes place outdoors where you can also see into the abyss. This immediately made it feel open. What we’re particularly excited for is going into battle with bow and arrow and various other weapons, and these different elements come off well. It looks like Horizon Call of the Mountain is going to provide some much-needed immersion.

Hype Meter: 5/5

New Game Releases for Xbox in February 2023

Three characters from Destiny 2: Lightfall pose in a futuristic city with red and blue-it buildings in the background.

Destiny 2: Lightfall

The “Light v.s. Dark” saga comes to an end in Destiny 2. Travel to the secret, technologically advanced city of Neomuna where battles between the Guardians and Soldiers of the Shadow Legion will erupt. Explore a new environment, a new campaign story and exotic weapons among other new features.

By the looks of it, Lightfall contains a hefty dose of content for Destiny 2 and diehard fans can once again have their fun. For sporadic players, like me, this is yet another expansion that probably won't stay engaging long enough :(

Hype Meter: 2/5

New Game Releases for PC in February 2023

 Soldiers with bows and arrows, sword and axes on a hill in the attack towards a village in The Settlers: New Allies.

The Settlers: New Allies

Settlers have settled on The Settlers Online for long enough. It’s been 12 years since a fresh new game for fans! Now the series is back with a reboot called The Settlers: New Allies. We get to play with three factions: Elari, the Maru and the Jorn. The game starts in the classic way, where you start with a small group of people and have to grow your settlement by collecting resources, building farms for food and military buildings for an army.

New elements include an expanded economic system, customisation options, bandit camps and general UI improvements. After a considerable delay, I'm still a little sceptical, but that won’t curb by anticipation!

Hype Meter: 4/5

Three soldiers from Company of Heroes 3 pose with two wearing helmets and one with an army hat. Planes circle overhead while there is an explosion at the bottom of the image

Company of Heroes 3

Company of Heroes 3 marks the return of yet another franchise. The series has been away for a decade and is again appearing under the banner of Relic Entertainment and Sega. Relic has finally found time again for a new Company of Heroes, this time set in North Africa during the invasion by Germany and Italy in World War II.

What should you expect? Think a Tactical Pause system, which allows the player to pause a battle and queue up commands to be executed after the game resumes. The game also includes an advanced destruction system, beautiful graphics and a dynamic campaign, where the player's actions affect the story. Besides a single-player campaign, we can also dive into a Skirmish mode and multiplayer for significantly longer replay value.

Hype Meter: 4/5

Other Game Release Dates to Look Out For in February

A cold start to 2023 means that keeping warm and gaming indoors is all the more appetizing. Settle down for magical moment in Hogwarts Legacy and enjoy what is on the Horizion with PS VR2. February will be a great month for gamers. Pop back in next month for the March game releases article