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NOV 23 2021

How To Send Christmas Gifts Abroad

Christmas can be hectic, but add long distances to the holiday season, and it can become enough to drive even the cheeriest gift-givers to turn full Grinch in no time. Not being able to deliver your gift in person can add a complicated twist on choosing what to buy, especially when you have to navigate international shipping options to the destination country. But fear not, it doesn’t have to be stressful. Christmas can be celebrated together no matter where you are, especially thanks to this digital era we have found ourselves in. After all, Santa of generations past did not have the technical tools we have today to easily ship gifts all around the world! So how do you send gifts to someone in another country? We have two easy solutions for you.

How To Send Gifts Internationally And Cost-Effectively

n iPad against a white wooden background surrounded by Christmas gifts and Christmas tree branches.

Option 1 - Shop In Their Online Stores And Send Christmas Gifts Directly

The easiest way to avoid customs costs or shipping costs and wait times is to just log onto the online stores of the country you wish to gift to. Have a friend in Norway? Shop their local version of Amazon or Etsy, where small business owners create unique, handmade gifts. It works identically to online shopping where you are, but without extra shipping times or costs. Instead of checking out and shipping the gift after it is sent to you, have it sent straight to them. Many stores will even take care of the gift wrapping for you. Just find the popular stores in their region and get to online shopping; it's simpler than ever to find the best gift "locally" online and securely pay with your credit card. Remember to make sure the region in the URL is correct, so the catalog matches the items available for their location.

Option 2 - Send Someone a Digital Gift Even Without Their Address

If you don’t have their address, consider sending a virtual gift instead. Various courier services, like DHL and Fedex, get especially busy during the holiday season, so why not avoid the hassle of shipping services altogether? As an alternative to classic boxes, post offices and shipping labels, this one you just send via email. Many shops, Dundle included, even accept tons of various payment methods like PayPal making it an even more convenient way of doing your Christmas shopping. And if you want to branch out from Amazon, read on to discover a few more local sites to find the perfect gift ideas for those friends and family members abroad.

A Guide to Gifts For Friends & Family Overseas

First, let’s dive into the idea of cross-cultural gifting for a second. As with birthday celebrations, Christmas looks different all over the globe. From Australia to Canada each region and country has its own customs to celebrate and enjoy! This can make selecting the right present across borders a little confusing. Did you know, for example, that in Japan, KFC is the Christmas feast of choice? Or that the Danish traditionally give their pets carefully selected Christmas gifts? So depending on where your loved one is, gift-giving customs can be considerably tricky! Let’s learn a little more, shall we?

A young girl offers a gift carefully wrapped with Christmas wrapping paper.

Christmas Gifts & Traditions in Japan

Speaking of Japan, KFC is not all they indulge in during the holiday season. Gifting is taken very seriously. The presentation is almost as important as the contents, and they really step it up with their wrapping when Christmas Day or, Kurisumasu as it is called there, rolls around. Pricing is important, as something too expensive is not always better, and can lead to embarrassing the recipient. So keep that in mind! And traditionally, they place their gifts in stockings, so be sure your gift fits!

  • What can you give? Keep it small, keep it simple. Find the perfect Christmas gifts on amazon.jp for loved ones in Japan and send it to them directly. Or better yet, decorate and send them an Amazon JP Gift Card. Guaranteed to fit in their stocking!

  • How to say Merry Christmas in Japanese: “メリークリスマス!”

Christmas Gifts & Traditions in India

India is a vast country filled with so many diverse religions, so holidays are just as diverse. Since Christmas in India has little to no religious basis, it is more focused on a fun time to be had by those who choose to celebrate it. The streets and buildings are usually decorated with colorful lighting and paper decorations. While familiar poinsettia flowers make an appearance, the pine tree many may expect is replaced by fruit trees instead.

  • What can you give? Gift-giving may not be as huge of a deal on this day in India, but the food sure is. Feasts are shared between families and friends from breakfast until dinner. Send your loved ones some Flipkart credit, and they can shop online for the right ingredients or cooking supplies they need!

  • How to say Merry Christmas in Hindi: “मेरी क्रिसमस!!”

Christmas Gifts & Traditions in The Netherlands

Children in the Netherlands get a head start on holiday gifts. Sinterklaas comes to the Netherlands well ahead of the 25th many other traditions have to wait for. In the weeks leading up to the holiday, as soon as Sinterklaas arrives by boat from Spain, children leave their shoes out hoping to find small gifts waiting for them the next morning. On December 5th he visits households bringing pepernoten (gingerbread cookies) and chocolates as well as a gifts.

A Dutch child’s shoe with carrots surrounded by pepernoten and gifts awaiting Sinterklaas’ arrival.

  • What can you give? Similar to Japan, smaller gifts are more common in the Netherlands around Sinterklaas. Especially compared to the Christmas tradition in the States. What can you give someone in the Netherlands for Christmas? Well, Bol.com is known for its extensive toy catalog each year so a Bol.com Gift Card would be ideal! Need a seasonal gift for an adult instead? No worries! Bol.com has it all - just be sure to add a clever Sinterklaas poem!

  • How to say Merry Christmas in Dutch: “Vrolijk kerstfeest!” or “Fijne feestdagen!”

Christmas Gifts & Traditions in Russia

Know someone in Russia? Well, you have a little extra time to prepare because they celebrate Christmas on January 7th. And unlike the food-focus of India, some traditional Russians even fast until the first star can be seen in the sky on Christmas Eve. Now, picture Halloween in a Christmas setting - welcome to Russian Christmas. Fortune-telling, cool costumes and even a trick or two are popular this time of year!

  • What can you give? If you are wondering what to give someone in Russia for Christmas, keep in mind sending flowers is primarily for a woman giftee and cheaper gifts do not need to be wrapped. If you need an easy gift to send abroad, try a card to MEGOGO subscription service. Certain to keep your loved ones overseas entertained during and long after the holiday season.

  • How to say Merry Christmas in Russian: “C Рождеством Христовым!”

Christmas Gifts & Traditions in Austria

Speaking of Halloween at Christmastime, ever heard of Krampus? He makes his way around Austria this time of year as many dress like this beast-like character to scare children who may have been naughty throughout the year. Guess that’s one way to liven up the Christmas season! Similar to the Netherlands, Krampus joins Saint Nicholas and visits children’s homes on December 5th. But it is not all frights and thrills, children in Austria wait for the Christkind to bring them their gifts instead of Father Christmas or Santa - a little less scary. They exchange gifts on the 24th, deemed the “Silent Night” (also where the song comes from!). Austria also has some of the most beautiful Christmas traditions out there. Their incredible Christmas markets and decor are world-renowned and they have a strong cultural history of gift-giving as the practice is usually limited to close friends and family.

  • What can you give? Looking for Christmas ideas for friends and family in Austria? Shop on Amazon.de to send the perfect bottle of mulled wine or sweets to complement their traditional Christmas dinner. Bring the entire Christmas market to them with an Amazon.de Gift Card.

  • How to say Merry Christmas in Austrian: "Frohe Weihnachten!"

Decorative figures of the Three Wise Men.

Christmas Gifts & Traditions in Spain, Mexico & More

Hispanics are known for how late they start their meals and celebrations and, above all, how late they end them! Christmas holidays included. It is now common for Santa Claus to drop by on Christmas Eve with a gift or two, but the “main course” in Spain, Colombia and other Spanish-speaking countries is still the Three Wise Men. They arrive on camels from the Far East on the night of January 5th. In every city, parades are held to emulate the legend and leave the children bursting with anticipation. Then, while they sleep, gifts are left for them (and often for adults too) to be opened the next morning. Thus begins a national holiday in which the whole family gathers to eat the traditional sweet treat, Roscón de Reyes.

  • What can you give? Everything and anything. If you can't spend a lot of energy or time on a simple Christmas gift, buy a digital Amazon Gift Card for Amazon Spain or Amazon Mexico and just email it. It never fails! Make sure to select the shop of the recipient's country. But since you have a longer period to work on your gift, consider sending a care package or gift basket from your own country. After all, what the Wise Men are said to have brought to Jesus were scarce materials from the Far East.

  • How to say Merry Christmas in Spanish: “¡Feliz Navidad!” or "¡Felices Fiestas!”

Gift Without Borders And Choose Christmas eGift Cards

So no matter where in the world your loved one is, even if their location is not covered in this list, you can’t go wrong with a digital gift card. It is the perfect digital Christmas gift for expats, friends and family living abroad and is suitable for almost all gift-giving etiquette. After all, virtual Christmas gifts take the guessing game out of the shopping season without eliminating the thoughtfulness. Can you send gift cards internationally? Absolutely! On Dundle.com, you will find the right eGift card for any region. We hope this guide helps you narrow down that Christmas shopping list while also giving you an interesting insight into Christmas gifts in other countries. So take it from us - easily send Christmas gifts internationally this year with an eGift card. Santa, St. Nick, Sinterklaas and even Krampus would be impressed!

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