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DEC 29 2023

How do you Gift Robux for Roblox?

You are not the only one who wants to know how to gift Robux for Roblox. Passionate players want Robux so that they can buy skins for their avatar, limited edition items, Game Passes, and many special perks and abilities. Luckily, there are two possible ways in which you can gift Robux to someone. One is through the payment method that is linked to the app store on your mobile phone. The other one is a Roblox Gift Card. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. In this article, we show you both ways of gifting Robux.

First of all: are Roblox gift cards region-locked?

Roblox gift cards are not region-locked, but you do have to buy the right currency. As of 24th of April, 2023, Roblox redemption changed for many non-US countries. Make sure you buy your Roblox Gift Card for the right currency that matches the Roblox account or the account of the person you are going to gift it to!

1. Buy Robux directly in the mobile game

If you have kids: instead of buying a gift card, you can also buy Robux directly in the app. For that, you need to enable in-app purchases and link a payment method. If you do so you should make sure that you confirm every in-app purchase. If you buy Roblox Premium, you need to cancel it manually again. Alternatively, a gift card immediately stops after the credit has been used. So topping up your Google Play or App Store account using Google Play or Apple Gift Cards is a convenient idea!

Here is how to buy Robux directly in the mobile app:

  1. Open Roblox on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device.
  2. Tap the “R$” icon in the top right corner.
  3. Tap the amount of Robux you want to buy. Next to the amount of the in-game currency, you will see the price of each package.
  4. A pop-up will appear, asking you to confirm. If you want to cancel the purchase, tap “Cancel” on an iOS device or “Back” on Android.
  5. Follow the instructions to pay for your Robux. Once you tap “Purchase”, the currency will be added to your wallet.

2. Gift Roblox to a friend with a Roblox Gift Card

Getting your hands on Roblox Credit and redeeming it for Robux is quite simple. The answer? Gift cards. You can buy Roblox Gift Cards in various amounts online for a region of your choice. They are also available in stores, but online will always be the easiest choice. This code will be delivered immediately by email and is immediately redeemable on a Roblox account via any browser. They cannot be redeemed in the mobile app directly, but on the other hand, the Roblox Credit can be used wherever the gamer wants, be it in the app on a mobile phone, or a PC.

How to buy Robux with a gift card

  1. Go to dundle.com and select Roblox from the Gaming Credits menu.
  2. Select the amount, country, and/or currency in which you would like to buy the gift card from the drop-down menu as shown below.
    Note: Roblox Gift Cards are not region-locked, so they can be used everywhere.
  3. Pick the amount of your choice and click “Buy now”.
  4. Want to make it a gift? Click “Make it a printable gift”, choose one of our gift card designs, write your message, and click “Continue”.
  5. Click Checkout, and enter the email address where you would like to receive your digital gift card code.
  6. Choose one of our many payment methods and checkout to complete the online payment.
  7. Check your email and voila, there is your code. Now you can send the PDF as a gift or print it out for an even more personal gift!

Dundle page of Roblox explaining the selection of currency

How to redeem a Roblox Gift Card

Option 1: Transfer Roblox Credit through the “Buy Robux” page

The receiver of the gift can now shop and redeem the code in the game. Use the Roblox Gift Card whenever you want, just follow these easy steps:

  1. Log in and go to the Roblox Redeem page
    Note: Gift cards can only be redeemed in a browser - they can’t be redeemed in the Roblox apps.
  2. Enter the code and “Redeem”.
  3. Follow the instructions and the currency will be added to your account.
  4. You can use this balance to buy Robux!

Redeem gift card page for Roblox

Option 2: Redeem a Roblox Gift Card during checkout

  1. Log into your account on a browser.
  2. Go to “ buy robux”, in the top right corner.
  3. Choose the amount of Robux you want from the list.
  4. At check-out, choose “redeem Roblox Card”.
  5. Enter the code from the card and select “Redeem” to add the Credit or Robux to your account.
  6. A success message appears when you successfully add the amount to your account.

Payment methods page of Robux

Although gift cards can only be redeemed online in a browser, you can use any redeemed credit in a browser or the mobile version of the game.

New Roblox content is just around the corner

In just a few simple steps you give Roblox Credit to transfer into Robux to a person you love. Players of this video game can easily redeem their code, or you as a parent can help them, and get the Robux they want. Roblox is all about creativity, creating minigames, social play with friends, and letting imaginations go wild.

Roblox Gift Cards are the perfect gift and reward! If you have children, you can reward them with in-game credit when they help with household tasks or perform well at school. Plus with these gift cards, you can keep track of how much money is spent for this game. You make them happy, and you keep your wallet happy!