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AUG 2 2022

Gifting Minecraft Java Edition Made Easy

It is no secret that Minecraft has exploded in popularity since Mojang Studios released the game in 2011. All these years later and it is still ranked as one of the most popular games available, holding its own with nearly 4 million active players. Due to its simple yet addicting gameplay, vibrant colors, therapeutic background music and the creative freedom it brings players, it is not going anywhere anytime soon. And while the gameplay itself is minimalistic, the options are seemingly endless on what you can create and explore, leaving players with days, months, or even years of potential adventures to be had. Which makes it an ideal gift for boosting creativity and keeping gamers of any age entertained. So, if you know someone who has yet to join in and want to make their day by gifting the game, we totally understand! You do need an account to play, so you may need a little explanation on how to send it as a gift. But whether you are an active player who wants to gift Minecraft to someone else or find the easiest way to try it out yourself, we’ve got the guide to make it simple for any level of Minecraft fan.

Can I buy Minecraft Java as a gift for someone else?

Of course, you can share the best-selling game ever with another! Is your child begging to dive into the pixelated landscape along with their friends? Or are you dying to get someone to join in your favorite game with you? Luckily you have a couple of super convenient options for purchasing Minecraft for someone else. We will break it down for you. All you need to do is read on and your recipient will be mining, farming, exploring and more in no time.

How to gift Minecraft Java Edition with a Minecraft Gift Card

Now, the first thing to note is Java Edition is for computer gameplay only. Unlike the console versions of the game, this edition can be less straightforward when it comes to gifting, but many still want this original version of the game. While you can’t really buy a disk and wrap it up like the console editions, there are ways to share the Java fun. You can order a digital copy of the game from the official Minecraft website itself, create a Microsoft account for your friend and share the log-in with them or in an easier and more convenient way, just buy them a prepaid Minecraft Java Edition Gift Card! The gift cards are region-free, meaning you can redeem them globally, perfect for gifting Minecraft abroad. No matter where your recipient is, they can enjoy the code!

Digital Minecraft Gift Card for PC & Mac showing the Steve character surrounded by mobs like creepers and skeletons.

Where can you buy a Minecraft Gift Card?

A prepaid gift card is by far the quickest and easiest way to give someone else Minecraft Java. Now, Mojang no longer sells these gift cards directly, but they are out there ready and waiting for the perfect gifting moment. You can find physical gift cards at many stores, but a digital code is way quicker and more practical because you can get it from home. Simply buy a prepaid digital Minecraft Java Gift Card right here on Dundle and it will arrive instantly in your email inbox. Forward it on, or print it out and use one of our many gift card template designs to create a printable gift your giftee will love. Just note that these cards can only be redeemed to Minecraft accounts that are not already previously associated with a copy of the game.

The Minecraft official redeem page showing the steps to redeem a digital code.

How to redeem a Minecraft Java Gift Card code

So you’ve got the code, now what? If you are installing it for your child, or are the recipient of a gifted version yourself and want to download the game, the process is easy.

  • Visit the Minecraft website for your country (and card) and log in or create a Microsoft account.

  • Click “Redeem Code” on the menu bar at the top of your page.

  • Choose “Redeem Java Edition”.

  • Enter the code you received from us in the space given.

  • Choose your username or “Minecraft profile” and set off on your Minecraft adventure!

Redeem, adventure, craft and survive in Minecraft Java

Once you or your Minecraft gift recipient has the code in hand (or email) all that's left is to head over to the Minecraft redeem page, create an account or log in and enter the code to claim the game. And if you need any extra help with your code, everything is explained right here on the official Minecraft Help Page, so you can be sure your card will work for you or your recipient. There’s really no better gift for a Minecraft lover or newbie and no easier way to get it. Just get a code, redeem it and look out for those creepers!

Amelia Whittle