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SEP 8 2022

How to Buy V-Bucks Without a Credit Card to Control Family Expenses

If your child plays video games regularly, chances are they’re playing Fortnite. The back-to-school season is here and Fortnite is a perfect retreat from homework into a world of fantasy. Children may want to customize their character, as it is every young Fortniter’s dream to stand out from the crowd. But this usually costs money and with the new chapter of Fornite around the corner, it’s time to educate yourself about how to buy V-Bucks for your kids with a Fortnite Digital Gift Card. After all, they will want that Battle Pass and almost nothing will stop them from getting it!

Play Fortnite without spending a fortune

While Fortnite can be downloaded for free, it is difficult for young gamers to realize that they sometimes spend real money on in-game purchases. It is equally challenging for non-gaming parents to keep track of their children’s gaming expenses. Former NBA player Kendrick Perkins had a whopping $16,000 bill for Fortnite in-game purchases. This is not an isolated incident with many more accounts of children maxing out their parents’ credit card on Fortnite out there. It may be too late for some, but for you, you’re just in time! Continue reading to find out how to prevent unpleasant gaming surprises with simple prepaid solutions.

Where to buy a V-Bucks Gift Card?

Wondering where to buy a V-Bucks Gift Card in the middle of the night or at a remote location? Well, good news! You can buy Fortnite V-Bucks Gift Cards online! A fast and convenient way to curb your child’s spending habits. Various online retailers offer direct email delivery of digital V-Bucks Cards in many denominations. The choice is yours, select the amount of V-Bucks you want and the rest is history. If you’re wondering how much the Fortnite Battlepass costs, it’s 950 V-Bucks which you can buy with a 10 Dollar Fortnite Gift Card. Redeem this card directly on the Epic Games website and the V-Bucks will be ready to use on any gaming device or platform. It is that easy!

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How to gift V-Bucks in Fortnite?

While you cannot gift V-Bucks directly to another player within the game itself, you can buy a gift card corresponding to the platform the recipient plays on.

Of course, it may be difficult to be discreet about finding the preferred platform for your gift recipient. So why not grab an Epic Games V-Bucks Card? As it is suitable for all platforms.

PlayStation, Xbox, PC, Mac, and Android currently support the Fortnite Shared Wallet. Nintendo Switch is the only platform that does not support the Fortnite Shared Wallet. If you purchase V-Bucks via platforms that support the shared wallet scheme, you can use them on multiple platforms once your account is linked.

Example: 1,000 V-Bucks purchased on PC

  • PlayStation, Xbox, PC, and Android will display 1,000 V-Bucks available.
  • Nintendo Switch will display 0 V-Bucks available.

You can easily save yourself the hassle of making a mistake about their platform of choice and buy this one size fits (almost) all card instead. Convenient right? Still not sure what this means for you exactly. Epic Games has more examples helping you make the right choice!

This card can only be redeemed online. Keep that in mind if you’re ever gifting V-Bucks to someone else. If you do know the platform your gift recipient primarily plays on, you could also shop for a gift card for that gaming platform instead:

A gift card can also come with some perks, especially at Dundle, where you are rewarded with Dundle Coins for every purchase. When you have saved enough, you can visit Dundle World, choose an island and cash in on the product of your choice. This means you can keep your child happy with V-Bucks while getting them at a reduced rate.

Is your credit card linked to an Epic Games account?

If you want to check whether your credit card is currently linked to your child’s Epic Games account, you can do so in just two steps.

  1. Log in to the Epic Games account you wish to check.
  2. Click on the Payments tab.

It’s as simple as that. If you want to remove an existing payment method linked to the Epic Games account, simply click the trash bin icon next to the payment method and confirm the removal.

Buy V-Bucks once, use your items everywhere

It is good to mention that Fortnite allows for cross-play, which means you can play on different devices and platforms. If you buy V-Bucks on one platform and redeem them for the items you want, you can use these items on every other medium as well! Remember that while you can use bought items on all platforms, purchased V-Bucks are unavailable on Nintendo Switch.

A word on redeeming the Fortnite Gift Card

Thinking about how to redeem a Fortnite Gift Card on Xbox, Android or PlayStation etc. Thankfully, redeeming the V-Bucks Gift Card is easy, but you need to have the login credentials to the Epic Games account of the player. Once you have that, the Fortnite V-Bucks are just a few clicks away.

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Stay sane, save money & get them V-Bucks Cards

That's a wrap! You can save money, time and heartache with V-Bucks Gift Cards. Whether you are a parent of a gamer or a gamer yourself, you now know how to use a Fortnite Gift Card to curb the expenses V-Bucks can have on your bank account. Parents can have control over their children’s video game expenditure and parental controls on video game consoles are another excellent way to do this alongside prepaid options.

Fortnite developers, Epic Games, are very aware of the problem and have already taken steps to ensure a safer internet for kids. They teamed up with SuperAwesome to bring extra security measures but left many parents puzzled by the verification step, which required entering their credit card details. So, better be safe than sorry by making sure your credit card is unlinked from the epic games account and buying v-bucks with a gift card instead!

Ryan Kinlough
Written by Ryan Kinlough