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FEB 27 2024

How to Buy Flexepin with Phone Credit or SMS

Paying online can be done in various ways. From Apple Pay and traditional credit cards, all the way to PayPal and... your Phone bill. You read that right! Using your phone credit to pay for online purchases is incredibly handy. Even more so when it comes to your favourite payment card, like Flexepin. You can use your existing phone credit balance to purchase your Flexepin voucher in a few simple steps. No credit card or cash is needed. It’s easy, convenient, and best of all, it's accessible to everyone. So stay with us while we explain how you can use your phone to pay for Flexepin with a call or SMS!

What you need to know about paying with a phone bill or SMS

1. Make sure that your provider supports phone or SMS payment
This is very important so you know if you can pay with your phone credit. Go to the support or help page from your provider or contact their customer service to check if it is possible to make phone payments.

2. You can use prepaid phone credit or a monthly phone subscription
Mobile payment is available for both subscription holders and those who top up their phone with mobile credit.

3. It is more expensive than other payment methods
For SMS, your mobile operator may charge extra fees, and you have to send multiple messages. If you call, you usually have to pay per minute.

4. Make sure to find a trusted seller
We cannot stress enough how important it is to find a trusted seller. Visit the official Flexepin website and navigate to the "Buy Flexepin online" section. Look for retailers that specifically mention the option to purchase Flexepin with a phone bill, like dundle which lets you buy Flexepin with your phone.

5. Some mobile providers set limits for buying payment cards via SMS
Sometimes a larger payment is not possible. Make sure to check any limits with your provider before you buy Flexepin with your phone by reading the terms and conditions or contacting them through customer support.

6. Complete the full transaction
Important: If you stop calling or texting midway through the payment, the transaction will not be completed, and you risk cancelling your transaction and losing money.

Good, now that that's out of the way, paying with your phone is simple. Follow the regular check-out process on the reseller of your choice that accepts phone or SMS payments. Read on below to find out how.

Buying Flexepin with SMS in 3 simple steps

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1. Choose the amount of your Flexepin Voucher.
Denominations on dundle range from € 10 and go up to € 150.

2. Select the SMS payment option
Choose from options such as Boku and Onebip. You will be directed to the payment procedure you must follow from beginning to end. Be aware: You can lose money if you don’t complete the full transaction.

3. Receive your Flexepin voucher!
After completing your transaction, you will immediately see your 16-digit code on the screen and in your e-mail inbox. Spend your Flexepin directly using the provided PIN. Make sure you know where to use Flexepin and which websites accept Flexepin!

SMS payment options on dundle are BOKU and Onebip

Buying Flexepin with Phone Credit

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1. Choose the voucher amount you'd like.
Keep in mind that some mobile providers have a maximum amount of Flexepin you can buy.

2. Select phone bill as the payment method.
During the checkout process look for options like “Phone Bill” or “Carrier Billing”. Select the correct option and proceed with the Phone Payment.

3. Confirm the purchase
Afterward, review your order details and proceed to confirm the purchase.

4. Complete your transaction.
You may have several calls to make. Keep calling and do not hang up the phone as your purchase will otherwise be incomplete. You will see a handy progress bar on the dundle app that helps you track how far along in the payment process you are. So stay on the line until given the go-ahead.

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Choose the convenience and security of phone payment!

So, if you want a safe and secure checkout, using your phone to buy Flexepin is the way to go! No more stressing over a credit card – your phone is all you need. It's perfect for those without traditional banking services or who prefer card-free transactions. Rest assured, transactions are safe and prioritize your privacy. Buying Flexepin with your phone is the way to go for a safe, secure checkout! And it’s always possible to buy your Flexepin with PayPal if that’s what you prefer!

Mandy Meeuwsen