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FEB 28 2024

How do you buy an Astropay card with PayPal?

How do I buy AstroPay with PayPal? We got you! AstroPay is a digital wallet for secure transactions, that allows you to make purchases in your local currency with ease. AstroPay Voucher are an easy way to add some extra money to your account or pay directly on your favourite websites.Don’t have a credit card at hand or value your online privacy? Then PayPal is the way to go! We will show you how you can buy your AstroPay Voucher using PayPal!

What is AstroPay?

AstroPay is a digital wallet for safe and secure purchases and allows you to make transactions in local currency quickly and securely. You can use it to pay for online transactions. Add your virtual AstroPay card to Apple Pay on your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch in Norway, Italy, Germany, and the Netherlands. If you like to have a card in your hand, you can also request a physical AstroPay VISA debit card that suits your preferences, use this card anywhere that accepts VISA. With an AstroPay Voucher, you can top-up your digital wallet. Using PayPal to do so is quick and convenient!


Buying Astropay with PayPal in 5 easy steps

PayPal saves the day! Being one of the most convenient payment methods, buying your AstroPay Voucher with PayPal comes in handy.

1. Optional: create a PayPal account
No Paypal? No problem! Just make your account in a few clicks! It's easy and free. Go to the official PayPal website and follow the instructions.

Note: The voucher code will be sent to the e-mail address you use for PayPal.

2. Buy from a trusted reseller
Stay safe online and buy your AstroPay Voucher from an official online reseller. Look up: "Buy AstroPay with PayPal'' in your search engine bar and check the websites you want to buy from. Trustpilot reviews are a great way to see who is an official reseller! To help you out: dundle is one of those websites where you can buy your AstroPay Voucher safely and securely using PayPal.

3. Choose the denomination of your AstroPay Voucher:
AstroPay has a lot of denominations in different currencies like the euro, dollar, pound, and many more! There are currently 8 denominations to choose from on dundle, with values ranging between 10 to 100 in the currency of your choice.

4. Finish your payment with PayPal:
When you are ready to pay for your AstroPay Voucher, choose "PayPal" as your payment method. Follow the instructions and complete your purchase. When your payment is approved, you will see your voucher code on the screen and it will be sent to your email.

The checkout process on dundle when using PayPal as a payment method.

Tip from dundle: you can also choose ‘quick checkout’ on dundle when you are on the AstroPay product page!

5. Spend your AstroPay Voucher!

When you have your hands on your voucher, the only thing remaining is to spend it! Add it to your e-wallet or make your purchase directly on your favourite website that accepts AstroPay as a payment method!

What are the benefits of buying AstroPay with PayPal?

Let’s take a look at the pros and possible cons of using this popular payment method.


1. Private:
Your online payments are safe when you use PayPal to buy AstroPay.
2. Convenient:
Paying with PayPal is fast and easy.
3. Secure:
PayPal offers dispute resolution and helps you with any problems you might have.


1. Additional fees:
There might be additional fees when you use PayPal to buy AstroPay.
2. Risk of fraud:
With every online purchase you make, you have to be careful of scammers! PayPal and Astropay protect you in such cases. Always buy prepaid vouchers for yourself and never for someone you do not know.

Make online security your priority with Astropay!

Buying your AstroPay Voucher with PayPal is a seamless and secure experience for your digital transactions. With PayPal, the process is straightforward and reliable. PayPal's commitment to privacy and security, together with AstroPay's flexibility and accessibility, allows you to shop online with confidence. Make the most of your AstroPay purchases, knowing that PayPal and dundle have your back every step of the way!

Mandy Meeuwsen