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JUN 1 2022

New Video Game Releases June 2022

May was the perfect blend of action, thrill and even adorable when it came to gaming. Survival was the key element in the games we saw like Deliver Us to the Moon, Trek to Yomi and Evil Dead: The Game. Sniper Elite 5 took us to unknown territories of the WWll, while Vampire: The Masquerade - Swansong revealed the secret society of blood-sucking bureaucrats. Quite the variety if we do say so ourselves!

The Summer Gaming Season is Here

This time of year is all about enjoying yourself and going with the flow, but this month's game selection for the PlayStation, PC and Nintendo Switch requires a few more decisions and tactical choices. Keeping you on your toes this summer! Kick-off your holiday with an interactive choose-your-own-destiny game called The Quarry for the PlayStation 5, which is a teen horror flick full of Hollywood stars. And, the spiritual successor of Until Dawn is finally here! Speaking of choices to be made, Spellfore 3: Reforced, brings a nice blend of real-time strategy and role-playing elements to the table.

As for the PC fans, The Day Before is a zombie survival MMO here to entertain. And for something a bit less frightening, Tour de France 2022 is calling all the cycling managers out there to create the best team ever. Nintendo Switch fans gonna love the first e-sport-related Nintendo game, Mario Strikers: Battle League. While JRPG enthusiasts adore the characters of Fire Emblem: Three Hopes that arrive to make a splash. Want to grab one of these titles, or some other games? Check out our gift cards and game keys. Now let's dive right into it!

New Video Game Releases for PlayStation in June 2022

A group of youngsters sitting in a dark forest, near a campfire. With some heads of characters standing in the distance, and a creepy body behind them with the title The Quarry.

The Quarry

One of the most successful titles in the story-driven interactive genre is Until Dawn from Supermassive Games. The game launched back in 2015 for PS4 and was your age-old teen horror story featuring Hollywood star, Rami Malek as the main character. This year the developer finally releases its spiritual successor The Quarry. This game is ready to take us to another teen horror adventure with a twisted tale, romance, gore and almost unlimited choices to be made.

In The Quarry, the player controls 9 teenagers who try to survive one extra night after the end of the summer camp. Like its predecessor, the game features its own array of famous actors, such as David Arquette (Scream), Ethan Suplee (The Wolf of Wall Street), Ariel Winter (Modern Family) and many more.

Each character is a protagonist, and you as the player get to decide who will survive and who will die. Don’t take this lightly, every action has its consequences and their fate is in your hands. The creators made sure to create plenty of demises for the characters as their stories come to an end. Everyone can die up to 10 different ways during a playthrough, and there are multiple endings which gives an enormous replayability value. Supermassive Games listened to the fans and gave the possibility to play the game in local or online multiplayer as well.

Hype Meter: 5/5

Soldiers of Spellforce 3 Reforced with armor, iron weapons, bow and arrow, and magic spells, standing on a dark foggy battlefield, with lots of monster enemies around them.

Spellforce 3 Reforced

Spellforce 3 Reforced is the new and improved, polished version of the original Spellforce 3. It is a unique mixture of real-time strategy (RTS) and RPG gameplay elements with a premise of a high-fantasy tale. Mixing these RPG elements makes Spellforce III Reforced a truly outstanding game. The player not only has the chance to play as an adventurer but can also decide to play as the general, who is responsible for the decision-making that propels the game. Upgrade, level up and customize characters like in an RPG game or play as a general, who can mobilize troops to attack enemies, build structures, towns and even farm resources.

The main differences between the original and Reforced are that the developer reworked map scripts, fixed bugs and improved the game in many aspects. Think of a better campaign, improved mechanics and recalibration for controllers on consoles. We also get two entirely new game modes: Journey and an Arena Mode – free for all owners of SpellForce 3, Soul Harvest and Fallen God. If you’re a lover of deep and hardcore RTS/RPG games, then this one’s for you.

Hype Meter: 3/5

New Video Game Releases for PC in June 2022

A cyclist from Pro Cycling Manager 2022 with a helmet and sunglasses on, grabbing a water bottle, with a blurry background.

Pro Cycling Manager 2022

With Pro Cycling Manager 2022, the managing thrills of a cycling team is once again a good preparation for big events, like the upcoming Tour de France 2022. These games usually come out 3-4 weeks before this event, which is good for creating hype for the championship.

In the newest title, players can choose from 70 teams, and with the latest and updated scouting system, they can send scouts to different regions to discover the best talents. The cycling development system has been redesigned, so it's not just about getting your star cyclist in the best shape - you have to make sure he fits in the team. The relationship between the cyclist, the coach and teammates plays an essential role. Players will also experience a variety of races. This is because different scenarios can happen during a play than at actual events, where races can be action-packed even from the start. Definitely a must for cycling lovers who really want to get in the mood for the Tour the France 2022.

Hype Meter: 3/5

New Video Game Releases for Nintendo Switch in June 2022

Super Mario, Bowser and other characters of the franchise in fight for the ball on a football field in Mario Strikers: Battle League.

Mario Strikers: Battle League

While Nintendo is not particularly known for football games the introduction of Super Mario Strikers back in 2005 felt like a fresh breeze on the horizon of Nintendo’s sports game collection. Mario Strikers: Battle League is the next installment of the Mario football franchise, this time for Switch. The quick, 5-minute-long matches give a perfect amount of quirky gameplay, which can be satisfying, even for more practical players.

The game contains all the lovable Mario characters, each with a different set of stats. Attack modes like Hyper Strike, which create an almost non-defendable kick or Team Tackle, where you tackle the opponent with your actual teammate, are great additions and sure to spark the competition. There's even a little gimmicky mini-game where you can play as the goalkeeper using Switch's motion controls for a more interactive experience.

But Battle League's biggest selling point is the Striker's Club option. This initiation is Nintendo's first to join the world of competitive online gaming. In this mode, you can create or join different online football clubs with up to 20 players and compete against the rest of the world. Clubs gain points for their performance to put themselves on the online leaderboard and get the fame they want. So, eSports anyone?

Hype Meter: 3/5

Two fighters slamming their swords against each other in a purple and sunlight background in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes.

Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes

Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes is the new episode of the hack ‘n slash action RPG franchise for the Nintendo Switch. Three Hopes' lore can vary because it's completely up to the player to decide which family to join. Based on that choice, there are three overarching storylines with their own endings.

Besides the complex battles, the game consists of a hub; a castle where the player can train troops for battle. The 'army school' or monastery can be explored freely, but it acts as an upgrade and recruit place where the players can create their best possible army. It is also for bonding with characters which can alter the fate of the three storylines. Creating bonds can give a strategic handicap if a character reveals any weaknesses.

Equipping the right weapons, skills and classes against the enemy's weakness can give a huge benefit on the battlefield. There are just many possibilities to command armies to complete special missions and objectives. You just have to plan ahead and prepare for battle, by assigning elements from the predecessor Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Take advantage of crests or battalions and characters to further hone how you plan your approach.

Hype Meter: 4/5

Other Game Releases to Look Out For in June

As you can see by our list there is no shortage of games to get pumped about this June! We have high hopes for The Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle and look forward to some outrageous action with Postal: Brain Damaged. Not to mention, we can finally wreck some cars in Wreckfest on the Switch and we also release some rage with the new Cuphead DLC.

That’s all we have for now, but definitely come back in July and we will have all the games highlighted you’ll definitely not want to miss out on!

Mark Hanyecz
Written by Mark Hanyecz