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FEB 26 2024

How to buy Flexepin with PayPal?

Is PayPal one of your favourite payment methods to use when shopping online? Then of course you want to use it when buying your favourite online prepaid voucher! While you can get Flexepin vouchers in stores across Australia and Canada, in the rest of the world this is not possible yet. That's why purchasing Flexepin vouchers with PayPal is the natural solution! Luckily, many online official Flexepin resellers accept PayPal! So, if you want to know how you can use PayPal to buy your favourite voucher online, be sure to read the rest of this article!

What is Flexepin used for?

If you are a regular user of prepaid credit cards, then Flexepin has no secrets for you. It works just like any other prepaid card: when you buy your voucher, you get a digital pin. When you go to your favourite website and choose the payment method, you fill in the Flexepin code and pay in the way you want to! Choose an amount between € 10 and € 150 or £10 and £100 or any other supported currency you like. If you do not use the full amount, the Flexepin balance remains on the card. You can use Flexepin to purchase games, music, paid streaming services and to play online on many iGaming websites with complete privacy.

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How do I buy Flexepin with PayPal in 5 steps

1. Create a PayPal account:
If you already have a PayPal account, then you can skip this step. If you don’t, then you need to create one. It’s easy and free. Go to the official PayPal website and follow the instructions.

2. Find a Flexepin reseller that accepts PayPal:
To buy your Flexepin voucher, first, you need to find an official online reseller. Just type something like "Buy Flexepin with PayPal'' in your search engine bar, and you will get a whole list of online shops offering this service. One of the official Flexepin resellers where you can safely buy your Flexepin voucher is dundle.

3. Choose the amount of Flexepin you want:
Many resellers have denominations from € 10 and € 150 or £10 and £100.

4. Pay with PayPal:
When you pay, choose "PayPal" as your payment method. Follow the instructions and finish your purchase. When the order is approved, you will instantly get an email with the code!

5. Pay with Flexepin wherever you want
That's it! Once you have your Flexepin voucher, the only thing you need to do is go to your favourite online store and choose Flexepin as your payment method when you make your purchase.

What are the benefits of buying Flexepin with PayPal?

1. Confidentiality:
When you use PayPal to buy Flexepin, you can rest easy knowing that your online purchases are secure and private.

2. Convenience:
payments with PayPal are quick and seamless.

3. Security:
PayPal gives you protection during purchase and helps with any disputes you have with sellers.

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The disadvantages of buying Flexepin with PayPal

1. Additional fees:
There might be additional fees when you use PayPal to buy Flexepin.

2. Fraud risk
Scammers can use PayPal and Flexepin. To avoid being scammed, make sure to only buy Flexepin vouchers for yourself or someone you know!

Make online security your priority with prepaid credit!

Using PayPal to buy Flexepin is a hassle-free and secure way of getting your prepaid credit online. If you want to know more about online payments, make sure to check out 9 tips to pay online safely. Do not hesitate to reach out when you encounter difficulties with Flexepin! At any time during the checkout process, you can contact our customer support or visit the Flexepin FAQ. Want to know more about staying safe online? Make sure to read our articles on online safety.

Mandy Meeuwsen