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SEP 13 2023

AstroPay in Germany: Help, Information & Alternatives

Are you experiencing some trouble using AstroPay in Germany? You are not alone. AstroPay's services as a means of payment have been temporarily suspended throughout Germany. This is because of some legislative changes in the prepaid payments market there. Unfortunately, sometimes the last to know about it are the customers themselves. But don’t worry, we’re here to keep you updated as much as possible and offer you some alternative solutions to keep paying safely online in the meantime.

Why is AstroPay no longer working in Germany?

As of early September 2023, AstroPay informed its partners about the suspension of its services in the German market. This means merchants there no longer accept AstroPay as a payment method. In our experience, we often see that these things are almost always temporary, but can take some time. What does this mean for you, the user?

Effects on AstroPay users in Germany

Because German merchants are currently not able to accept AstroPay payments, avid users of the payment method may be understandably confused. While there is no date for when it will return, it is not a question of if, but when AstroPay will return. Sometimes, this can take a few weeks or months. But do not worry, because we will help you make it through with alternatives and tips!

Tips for German AstroPay users until its return

The temporary suspension of AstroPay does not mean that your money is lost. However, we recommend you do the following:

  1. Follow any official information and instructions provided by AstroPay.

  2. Contact AstroPay if you have any questions or concerns.

  3. Make your purchases outside of Germany. AstroPay is still available abroad, and you can conveniently purchase your AstroPay voucher via dundle.

Perfect alternatives to AstroPay

To get you through, we have some ideal similar payment methods available to keep you paying online safely.

  • Flexepin: With thousands of merchants worldwide accepting Flexepin, you are in good hands. You can enjoy worry-free and risk-free online shopping without having to provide personal, credit card or bank details. Try out Flexepin as an alternative to AstroPay.

  • CASHlib: You can also pay securely and anonymously when you buy a CASHlib Voucher. Whether for online gaming, shopping or entertainment website - There is guaranteed something for everyone.

  • JetonCash: Primarily aimed at online gaming and entertainment, JetonCash is handy for anyone who wants to keep their data private. Buy JetonCash now and keep track of your spending at the same time.

We Live Prepaid Cards

Hopefully, we leave you sufficiently informed about the current situation with AstroPay in Germany. Remember these things are temporary and we are here to keep you informed every step of the way. Stay tuned to our dundle Instagram for updates. For even more options, feel free to check out our article about all things prepaid payment cards.

Transcreated by Amelia Whittle

Tiago Mestre
Written by Tiago Mestre