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MAR 15 2022

Spring Forward: 6 Fashion Trends to Upgrade Your Closet

As the world wakes from its coronavirus lockdown slumber, spring weather is welcoming us all back into socializing and meeting friends and colleagues again. Pajamas have been our preferred attire for online events and zoom chats but we now have a whole new world to dress up for! If you are looking to give your closet a spring weather update then read on to discover how to bring spring colors from the garden into your outfits.

2000s revival trends

In 2022, we are all about social media influencers, but only two decades ago this wasn’t the case. Back in y2K (the year 2000) celebrities were on top of the fashion ladder and paparazzi followed their every step. Surely many of us remember all of the fun outfits worn by the hottest celebrities of that eraIn addition, beloved series and movies, such as “Gossip Girl”, “Legally Blonde” or “Mean Girls” majorly impacted style. And guess what? According to sources such as Thevou, after two decades the trend of is coming back stronger than ever before, reintroduced by Gen Z. Runways this year are full of shiny outfits, mini skirts, colorful hair clips, body cons and lots of denim. You can see them everywhere – both in the runaways and in stores. Among the 2000 comebacks, logo mania is rising. Versace, Gucci, Louis Vuitton or Dior’s logos are all over purses, belts and clothes.

Man sitting down on bench with his backpack, wearing a hat.

Preppy, classic and smart casual

The Blair Waldorf look is back! Preppy styles are making a comeback with more classic varsity and collegiate aesthetic influencing fashion. Smart-casual is becoming popular and many people seem to adore this high school uniform aesthetic. Mini skirts, blazers, cute tops and college jumpers are the way to go.

Neon lights

If you are looking for that vibrant pop of color to upgrade your fits, then worry no more! This year flashy neon shades are in style. Say “no, thank you” to naturals and faded colors. Spring is all about fuchsia, lime green, royal blue, cerulean, radiant yellow and orange. So don’t be shy and bring the rainbow into your closet!. If you want to go the extra mile, you can choose a crazy jumpsuit or a matching set in a single bright color.

Girl wearing neon colored outfit with a bright pink hat and yellow cardigan

Show off your assets

Minimalism is on its way out. What is in translates into “the sexier the dress, the better.” Asymmetric cuts, mini skirts, crop tops and transparent materials are everywhere. Designers weren’t afraid to show off more skin and considering how many items in this style we can find in shops, the trend may stay with us a for a long time. See-through dresses and tops are definitely the thing to go for.

Accessories are everything

And we mean it! Have you ever wondered how to bring some extraordinary vibes to your daily outfit? Well, the trick is to go crazy with your accessories! With this season’s trends it will be even easier. Colorful hair clips, extravagant clutches and platform shoes. Even butterflies were seen on catwalks! So why not go all out? Even the most basic outfit can become spectacular =if you add a little something extra; even if it’s just a pair of fun earrings.

Metallic shades shine

Shimmery fabrics are everywhere and we adore them. Metallic, reflective, glittery! Both in clothes and accessories or if you want to go the extra mile, even in make-up. They’re great for a night out, but can also work perfectly as a small addition to jazz up your daily style.

woman wearing metallic dress

Best spring 2022 fashion trends

No matter the type of shopper you are – brave color lover or preppy style fan – you will definitely find something within these trends for spring 2022! Seeing so many comebacks from the 00s, we’re curious to see what the summer season will bring. One thing is for sure – the streets will be brighter than ever before.

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Alicja Klos
Written by Alicja Klos