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FEB 4 2021

8 Great Gift for Single Friends on Valentine's Day

Being single on Valentine’s Day has never been easy, but the previous year has definitely increased loneliness for many people. This pandemic has not been simple for anyone, but people living alone probably carry one of the heaviest burdens. So, it’s time to rethink Valentine's Day and take special care of our single friends this year! Here's a list of great-yet-easy ideas to show your loved ones who are alone on Valentine’s Day you care.

Great Valentine’s Day Gifts for Single Men and Women:

1. Prepaid Cards for Dating Apps

The popular webiste reported that global online dating was up 82% during early March 2020, while the length of conversations increased by 10-30% on Tinder. So why not make it easy for your single friends to get back in the dating game? Most apps are available for Android and iOS, so a Google Play Gift Card is the winner for Android users, while the iTunes Gift Card is just right for iPhone fans. Another good option is a paysafecard, which is accepted on a number of dating services, numerous online shops, and even gaming and entertainment services.

2. Treats for Gamers

If you know their preferred console, the best thing to do is give them a corresponding gift card, be it for PSN, Xbox, or Nintendo. Are they a PC fan? The Steam Gift Card is a safe bet then. Check out all the possibilities that are just a couple of clicks away!

3. A Good Book

Because everyone needs some time away from the screen. Even if you're on a tight budget, there's no excuse here. Give away a hand-picked book from your own collection! In intensely digital times, the “old is gold” idiom is growing increasingly popular.

4. Months of Effortless Entertainment

If they don’t have a Netflix subscription yet, don't give it a second thought. Your single friend will get hours upon hours of entertainment with Netflix. And if you got it wrong and they already have an account, the Netflix Gift Card will delight them with some extra free months. It’s a guaranteed success!

5. Music

A timeless topic, but one that has changed a lot over the years! Depending on the degree of music obsession, we recommend two options: if the lucky person has a record player, buy a vinyl you know they will like. If not, be practical! A Spotify Premium subscription is perfect for nearly every young person, plus you can conveniently send it by email with a Spotify Gift Card.

6. Clothes That Fit For Sure

Let's face it, as our social lives have shrunk, we all have neglected our closets. But we can still look forward to better times. What are we going to wear when we go out again? Our tracksuit? Time to freshen up that wardrobe. To avoid size issues and hassle, the answer is the Zalando Gift Card.

7. A Classic - Chocolates

Why is chocolate a typical Valentine's Day gift? Historically, it has been assigned aphrodisiac properties. Everyone agrees, from the Aztec civilization to Victorian England. Though there is no scientific evidence to prove that fact, surveys do show that both men and women prefer chocolates over flowers as a gift.

8. Talk to Your Single Friends on Valentine's Day!

The value of a gift is not how much it costs, but how much it means to someone. Calling someone up is not much of an effort, but it can mean so much to them. So call your single friends this Valentine’s Day. Because neither texts nor voice texts carry the message that you care about them as well as a real phone call does.

Paloma Sevilla
Written by Paloma Sevilla