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MAR 15 2021

20 Mother's Day Gift Ideas Under $50

This list has everything you need to select the perfect gift for your mom this Mother's Day. The best part is it won't hurt your wallet! All of the gifts on this list are under $50. Mother's Day will be here before you know it. This is the one day a year that everything is just about moms. When they do so much for all of us everyday, it is important to make sure that their special day is a success. If you are hung up on gift ideas, you have come to the right place. We have curated a standout list of gifts and the best part is - all of them are at an affordable price point. Afterall, you don't really want to have to ask to borrow money from mom for her own Mother's Day gift. This year, get mom something she will love - and for under $50! Whether you are shopping for the mom who has everything, or the mother who rarely treats herself, we've rounded up plenty of great gift ideas that are sure to make her smile on Mother's Day. The best part about these gifts is that they are all available online, so you can shop in the comfort of your own home and deliver the perfect gift right to mom's door.

Mother's Day Gifts You Can Find On Amazon

Amazon is a great place to shop for mom! Better yet, if you have a Prime Membership, you can score free 2-day shipping. That perk alone is worth it for those who may procrastinate a bit. Amazon features thousands of gifts under $50. You can find something for your mom no matter what her interests may be. If you do get hung up on gift ideas though, you can always get her an Amazon gift card so that she can shop for herself.

Gifts For The Green Thumb

This is a collection of some of the best Mother's Day gifts for the mom who likes to garden, or has perhaps fallen hard for the current houseplant trend. Whether she loves plants indoors or out, these gifts are sure to inspire her green thumb.

12 Piece Garden Tools Set - Get mom all of the tools that she will ever need to make her garden grow. This handy twelve-piece gift set comes with garden tools, gloves, plant ties, a spray bottle and more, all with a convenient canvas carrying tote for transport around the garden. Mom can keep all of her tools in one place and never waste time searching for them when she can be out enjoying her garden.

Grow Your Own Bonsai Kit - If your mother is more of a gardening novice, or better with houseplants than the great outdoors, then this grow-your-own Bonsai kit may be just the thoughtful gift you are looking for. Bonsai means "grown in a container" and is an ancient Chinese tradition that was adopted by Japanese Zen Buddhism. The kit contains everything that your mom will need to grow four different types of bonsai trees from the seed. You never know, this gift may just help mom find her inner zen.

Deluxe Hand Cream Collection - After mom has spent a busy day gardening with her hands in the dirt, make sure that she can treat her hard-working hands to some much needed moisturizing with this deluxe hand cream collection, imported from France. Made with 20% organic ingredients, essential oils, and nourishing shea butter and argan oil, your mom will love the scents of pear, cinnamon orange and amber cashmere.

Gifts For The Fit Mom

This Amazon gift guide is designed with the mom who loves fitness in mind. Find the perfect gift that will show mom how proud you are of her commitment to health and wellness. These gifts help with hydration, ensuring she receives adequate protein and takes time for recovery.

Savvy Infusion Water Bottle - We all know that drinking plenty of water is super important for health and wellbeing, but it can get a little boring at times. This portable infusion water bottle lets mom add a little splash of flavor to her daily water intake with healthy and refreshing fruits and herbs. Strawberry and lemon is a popular flavor combination to try.

Medium Density Deep Tissue Massager - Foam rollers are the perfect way to roll out tense muscles following a workout or anytime your mom needs a little extra relaxation and TLC. Foam rollers have become increasingly popular in recent years for the positive effects they have on the fascia or connective tissue that covers the muscles. This foam roller is available in a variety of different colors and patterns and will be a long-lasting favorite in mom's workout tool kit.

Motivation Quotes Shaker Bottles - Does your mom love fitness shakes or smoothies? This is the perfect gift for her. Choose a shaker bottle with an inspirational quote that makes you think of her. Each bottle comes with a removable stainless steel action rod for efficient mixing, or leave it out and use it simply for a water bottle.

Gifts For Relaxation

Give mom the gift of relaxation this Mother's Day. No matter what she does, one this is certain - every mom is hardworking. Help the mom in your life unwind with a little self care. Amazon has some of the best gifts for relaxation. These gifts are going to let your mom know that it is ok to take some time out for herself and she is sure to appreciate that!

Essential Oil Diffuser - The Zen Breeze essential oil diffuser is a stylish and soothing way to add aromatherapy into your environment. The diffuser features multiple lighted color choices, or mom can opt for no color at all. With four different settings for diffusion time, mom can choose a quick dose of aromatherapy or she can add a relaxing scent to the house all day long. To use, simply add a few drops of your favorite essential oils to clean water and enjoy the natural scents.

Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager - Help mom relieve muscle aches and tension with this convenient shiatsu pillow. With an elastic strap and portable car charger, the massager pillow is a perfect gift for work or home. It straps onto a desk chair or she can use it in the car which comes in handy, especially if she commutes to work in a lot of traffic everyday. It is also great for laying on your back at home or while she is watching tv. The massage pillow is easy to use and with four different massage modes, your mom is sure to find the relaxing massage that works for her.

Luxe Bath and Candle Gift Set - This thoughtful gift is sure to help mom relax after a long day. She will have everything she needs to pamper herself with this bath gift box full of relaxing goodies like a luxury sleep mask, scented candle, chamomile and lavender mist, and a scented bath bomb. Pour mom a glass of wine and tell her to go draw and bath and relax.

Mother's Day Gifts From Her Favorite Retailers

Does your mom love to shop? Treat her to a gift from her favorite retailers like Nordstrom and Anthropologie and more. If you are not sure what to pick, choose an AMEX gift card and your mom will be able to treat herself to something nice. AMEX is accepted at retailers around the world or right in mom's backyard.


Kendra Scott Earrings - Treat your mom to a little bit of luxe with a pair of Sophia Drop Earrings by famed jewelry designer Kendra Scott. Available in rose gold or silver. These earrings are a steal at $50 and your mom is sure to adore them. These beauties are stylish enough to stand out, but subtle enough to be practical for everyday wear.

NEST Candle - If your mom is a candle lover, you need to introduce her to NEST. These fragrances are wildly popular for the subtle scents they add to the home. The best part is, they all come in a stylish design that looks like it was born to be on your countertop. Treat mom to the warm and cozy scent of Birchwood Pine or dozens of the other home scents by NEST. These candles burn slow and last for a long time, so mom can enjoy her gift in the weeks and months to come.


Rifle Paper Co. Garden Party Monogram Mug - Your mom is sure to love a monogram mug that has been thoughtfully designed by the woman-owned Rifle Paper Co. This collaboration has been another "anthro fav". Delicately designed florals, paired with a gold monogram and handle will ensure that mom enjoys every sip of her morning coffee or tea. In fact, you should consider pairing this gift with a bag of her favorite coffee or a box of specialty teas.

Woven Waffle Throw Blanket - Mom can cozy up in her favorite chair or sprawl out on the couch with this nap-worth waffle throw blanket from Anthropologie.com. Available in five different shades to compliment her living room decor perfectly, all mom needs now is a good book. At this price, maybe you can treat mom to two gifts this Mother's Day?

Uncommon Goods

Uncommongoods.com is known for offering an outstanding gift selection that is anything but boring. If you are looking for a gift for mom that is unique and different, be sure to check out this online retailer. They carry everything from fun and quirky gadgets to artwork and home decor.

Historic Women Who Dared Wine Glasses - Your mom is a stand out woman. Why not treat her to a gift that will allow her to raise a glass to other women who have made history? These standout wine glasses inspire the challenging of social norms and pushing for progress...all while sipping a little end of day wine. Maybe she can channel her inner Susan B. Anthony or Marie Curie. Here's to you, mom.


Your mother is certainly a one-of-a-kind woman, so maybe only a one-of-a-kind gift will do. Etsy.com features thousands of handcrafted and totally unique gifts that you can be assured not every other mom will be receiving this Mother's Day. Artisans and small business owners feature their goods on Etsy. It is an excellent way to support entrepreneurship while also scoring a special gift.

Stackable Sterling Silver Family Ring Set - We love this stackable ring set for Mother's Day. Customize the stack to represent your family and your mother is sure to get a bit emotional when she opens this unique and thoughtful gift this year. Customizable with multiple birthstones and monograms, this beautiful ring stack also comes in a variety of sizes. Just don't forget to include your siblings. Mom probably loves them too even though we know you are her favorite.

Great Gift Cards When You Can't Quite Decide

With all of these amazing gift ideas for under $50, there is no doubt that you will find something that your mom will love. But, maybe your mom is just a little bit harder to shop for, and that's ok too. Gift cards make an excellent gift option and sites like Dundle.com can even deliver them instantly, so if you are shopping just a little late this year, an e-gift card might be just the thing to make sure mom knows that you were thinking of her. We've gathered a list of five gift cards that will make Mother's Day a total success.

Visa Gift Card - Visa gift cards make an excellent gift for any occasion because they are accepted virtually everywhere. When you purchase a Visa gift card for Mother's Day, your mom can shop at any of the retailers above, even Amazon. So, whether she is looking for a new cookbook or maybe a stylish pair of new shoes, a Visa gift card will help her purchase the gift she really wants.

eBay Gift Card - eBay gift cards are the perfect gift for the mom who may love the thrill of an auction or perhaps is just looking for something that is hard to find anywhere else online. eBay offers everything from designer handbags to that obscure china pattern that matches the missing piece in your grandmother's heirloom set. This is a fun and interesting way for mom to have some fun online shopping and it may be fun to watch your mom's competitive side come out in those online auctions too.

Netflix Gift Card - If your mom is a movie lover or loves to just binge-watch her favorite series, a gift card towards her Netflix subscription is the way to go. Available in a variety of denominations, you can choose the card that fits your budget and mom's wish list. Netflix will allow your mother to stream hundreds of her favorite shows and movies, including their Netflix Originals which have received outstanding reviews and have become cult favorites. Tiger King anyone?

iTunes Gift Card - Is your mom frequently found swiping through her iPhone? Does she love keeping up with friends on Facebook or seeing the latest photos on Instagram? An iTunes gift card will make a great gift. Mom can download a variety of apps, music, movies or shows through the iTune store and enjoy them on her iPhone or iPad. iTunes gift cards are easy to use and you can download media instantly.

Uber Gift Card - Give mom the gift of a night out on the town. Better yet, talk to her spouse so that they can set up a surprise date night at the same time. They can pick up dinner, drinks and flowers. You can pick up the tab for transportation. Uber is a cost effective and safe way to travel. With Uber you get to choose your driver and see a photo of them along with their license plate number before they pick you up. No need to carry cash, you can tip your Uber driver directly through the app.

Don't Forget The Mother's Day Card!

No matter what gift you choose for mom this Mother's Day, don't forget to include a nice Mother's Day Card with a special note inside that lets mom know how much you truly appreciate all she does for you. A little personal touch will mean the world to your mother and adds something sentimental to any gift that you may choose.

Mom loves you no matter what, but with all of these great gift ideas (and all for under $50) you are sure to make it a Mother's Day that she will never forget. Just be ready to accept your favorite child award. It is going to look so nice displayed prominently on your mantle.

Looking for more gift cards? Dundle.com carries a huge selection of e-gift cards from payment cards and gifts to gaming cards. There is quite literally a gift card for everyone on your shopping list.

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